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  1. LMAO. They weren't that big. I think I took a bad angle of the leg quarters.
  2. Finally got my first pic up. It came out tasting great. Nice and juicy. Doing a smoked pot roast and wings as we speak. More pics later.
  3. Thanks everyone. I think my lower vent is way too loose. I'm going to try the felt and cut back on how much lump I put in. I think I'm using way too much. I'll get it figured out some day. I'm having fun and that's what count right.
  4. I tried to make a brisket flat but the PIT BOSS started at 250 for a few hours and then started rising in temp. Eventually it got up to 400 degrees. I shut it completely closed when it got to 275 but could not get it to stabilize. Is there something I can do to fix this. I saw a video about putting felt around the top and bottom vent and I'm going to try that. Is there anything else I can modify to make this thing perfect. By the way, it turn out very tasty, just kind of dry. I'm going to make some soup and beans with it.
  5. Thanks. I did a burn last week. I thinking about trying something small today. Maybe a beer can chicken to test it out. I'm stalking the mailman waiting on the heat deflector.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. The basket came in today. Just need the heat deflector and its Q time. Pictures will be posted. OFF N RUNNING
  7. WOW!!!! Maybe you can help me out. What set up do you have
  8. I'm a new Pit Boss owner. Just got it for my birthday (Thanks RaiderQWife). I'm looking for help with mods, curing and positioning of the firebox. Kamado's are new to me so I need some expert advice. I'm really looking forward to my first cook. I'm waiting on my kick ash basket and heat deflector to arrive. I'm used to the Oklahoma Joe Highland for smoking. I'm not a pro and not looking to be a competition cooker. I just want the best backyard fun I can give to my family and friends. Anyone can give any tips on what I should expect?
  9. Hello Everyone. I'm new to the kamado world. I just got a pit boss 22" for my birthday. I'm looking for some advice on mods and temp control. I've only used offset stick burners so this is totally new to me.
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