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  1. Are there any good resources out there for dual zone meals or recipes? I am getting a big joe and want to utilize the divide and conquer as best as i can
  2. Looks great. Is that just wax paper that you put under your pizza?
  3. Those look amazing. Once I learn how to make wings like that I won't be visiting buffalo wild wings as much!
  4. I have seen the naked whiz review plenty of lump charcoal but I haven't seen much discussion on which brands have good reputations when it comes to chunk woods to be used in the kamado. Home depot sells royal oak lump charcoal (which I have heard is great), but their chunk wood for smoking is kingsford and weber? Thoughts?
  5. Any specific instructions on doing the burn-in fire without food on the grill? Is it true you want to start off with low temps before really ramping it up?
  6. Speaking of learning to control temp. how important is something like a flame boss 300?
  7. I'm new to kamado grilling as well as this site. I'm watching the "smoke" video that is pinned in the cooking forum and I'm glad I found it. Any suggestions for any "must watch" videos for a beginner?
  8. I'm getting my big joe on Friday. I want to practice on some easier types of meats while i'm learning my unit. Any guide on ascending difficulty as far as smoking meats goes?
  9. Hey crew, lots of great info here. I'm getting my Kamado Joe Big Joe on Friday and I'm excited to learn the art!
  10. Thanks for the advice. Amazon has the big Joe ii for 1833 and my dealer is giving it for 1200. I don't see how I can pass it up. I talked to a guy today who was under the impression that the sweet new hinge would be able to retrofit the older models so my fingers are crossed
  11. I have decided up join the club and get a big Joe. I like the features of the big Joe ii (2017 model) but a local dealer can get me the older model for $630 cheaper than the 2017. I can't imagine the new features being worth that much but I'm open to being convinced otherwise
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