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  1. BrianAZ

    How do you get to 800F?

    Honestly, if I want my Kamado roaring hot and over 700 degrees, I find charcoal briquettes work better than lump. I just did pizza tonight night and I actually had a An easy time getting it over 700.
  2. BrianAZ

    2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Still $599 at my Costco. I talked to one of the managers. He said the manager of each store gets to determine when they are going to mark down items. Unfortunately my store has been selling these so well they don’t intend to mark them down. They only had had the display and one in a box left. I couldn’t get him to drop the price any.
  3. My Costco is on its third round of selling out. They just got another 3 in and there is no indication that they intend to drop the price as long as people keep buying them.
  4. BrianAZ

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    Cook it in an oven or crockpot???
  5. BrianAZ

    attaining 450 degrees

    If your charcoal is going in several spots, then close the lid and open the vents. If if I have 2-3 areas lit, I can get my Pitt boss close to 750 degrees in about 30 min. Id check the airflow. Make sure your air holes aren’t plugged, and the ash is cleaned out before you light. You can can also force/blow air into the bottom vent to give things a boost.
  6. BrianAZ

    Questions from a Newbie

    I just bought the smoke yesterday. Hope it gets here in time for the Memorial Day cooks. My second thermpro died again after 6 months.
  7. BrianAZ

    Beef Short Rips

    Sorry, but I have no clue what you are talking about. Chuck end just means the front of the animal, as opposed to the loin end. Chuck end short ribs are still from the short plate. The two basic rib types common in the US are short plate ribs, and back ribs. Short ribs are from the short plate, and back ribs are the ones attached to the ribeye section, and are obtained by separating the ribeye from the bones (like when you remove the ribs from a standing rib roast - prime rib). Short plate ribs have meat on top, and back ribs have the meat between the bones. So so what I said was correct. Get short plate ribs from the chuck (front) of the animal. The further back you go, towards the loin on the plate the less meat there is on top of the bones. Usually by the 5th rib back you are paying for more bone than meat. Look ok at the image below. The plate is highlighted in blue. The front of the carcass is referred to the chuck end by butchers, when each sub primal is broken down so they know which end is forward facing, versus reward.
  8. BrianAZ

    Beef Short Rips

    Tell him you want chuck end short plate ribs. Only the first four ribs from the chuck end are worth it. They loose too much meat after that.
  9. BrianAZ

    When to add wood/food for smoking

    Agreed with the above. Its not intuitive, but I’ve learned that too much wood is worse than not enough. Also, the food absorb sea less smoke as it warms. By the time it reaches north of 140, it really doesn’t take on much smoke. So basically, add only enough wood to give off smoke until that point.
  10. BrianAZ

    Tri-tip Help and Suggestions

    Some good advice in this thread.
  11. BrianAZ

    Smoked prime rib

    Just before the sear
  12. BrianAZ

    Smoked prime rib

    For whatever reason, I can’t add photos to the original, but can add them as a reply.
  13. Picked up a massive sub primal for a prime rib feast to honor my brother and his family while they were in town. Cut 14 lbs of it to cook as a roast and cut the rest into steaks. Cooked it to med rare, seared, and served with mushrooms and au jus. It was amazing. Doesn’t see that I can upload a picture or even use a link to one..
  14. BrianAZ


    I dont buy the pre-cut meats at Costco, which is the ones they mechanically tenderize. I stick with the subprimals and cut them up myself. Just picked up a double back of beef back ribs, and a 14lb rib subprimal. It sounds like the RD near you is better than mine. The ones in my area are notorious for poor quality. I don’t know anyone who buys from them.