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  1. BrianAZ

    The Stall

    It really all depends. Wrapping and cooking at 275 and higher will definately mitigate the stall. Generally, I do both for brisket and Boston Butts. For beef ribs, I don’t wrap. Youll just have to experiment and find and find out what works best for you in regards to taste, texture and time.
  2. BrianAZ

    The Stall

    Most it affects large pieces of meat. Brisket, Boston butt, and even beef ribs are usually most affected.
  3. BrianAZ

    When to add smoke chunks

    Soaking wood doesn’t really do anything. Dried wood when submerged in water doesn’t take on any water much below the surface. Soak a dried piece of wood, and cut it open and you can see how little the water has penetrated. I really have cut back on the amount of wood I use. Even if I put only a single chunk, it is not fully consumed after several hours. Even with super long cooks, like brisket, I only use two fist sized chunks at maximum. If using a deflector, I will get the coals going, and add my chunk on, or right next to the hot coals, before adding the deflector and getting the grill up to temp. Also for smoking temps, I don’t open the vents too much. It seems the fire stabilizes better, and I completely avoid the billowing white smoke with keeping the vents just a bit over what my settings are for my target temp. When I’m within 20 degrees of my target temp, I open the smoker to clean the grates, and dial my vents to where they need to be for my target temp. Within a few minutes, my grill is at target temp, stable, with very clean combustion and the meat is ready to go on.
  4. BrianAZ

    Questions about B & B Lump!

    I grabbed a bag of it at Ace a couple months ago. Burned cleanly, and all the charcoal was the right size. Only downside I sa was was that it really didn’t like to get very hot. I had a hard time getting it over 500 degrees for searing and pizza. For smoking temps, it was awesome.
  5. BrianAZ

    K22 lid will not stay open

    Call customer service. I wouldn’t try messing with the hinge mechanism.
  6. BrianAZ

    Brisket help

    You don’t need need to inject once it is on the smoker. After 3 hours, you can spritz and add a bit of liquid when you wrap.
  7. BrianAZ

    Brisket help

    YOU didn’t say what grade of beef this was. Anything below prime often gets very dry. An injection will help with this.
  8. Anyone seen any ill effects to their Kamado when cooking at high temps in the rain? I was cooking dinner yesterday at around 600 degrees. When I shut down the grill, I noticed some storm clouds brewing. I moved the Kamado deep under cover on the patio to cool down. When the rain came it was a microburst and tons of water came in sideways and everything on the patio got soaked, including the Kamado. Best guess is the Kamado was around 400 degrees when the rain came. I was was afraid of the ceramic cracking due to the cold water hitting the hot surface, but so far everything seems ok. Has anyone had any bad experiences with a hot grill and rain or snow causing problems with the grill? Or am I worried about nothing?
  9. BrianAZ

    CGS Adjustable Rig

    Nice. I wish they made it for the k22.
  10. BrianAZ

    How do you get to 800F?

    Honestly, if I want my Kamado roaring hot and over 700 degrees, I find charcoal briquettes work better than lump. I just did pizza tonight night and I actually had a An easy time getting it over 700.
  11. BrianAZ

    2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Still $599 at my Costco. I talked to one of the managers. He said the manager of each store gets to determine when they are going to mark down items. Unfortunately my store has been selling these so well they don’t intend to mark them down. They only had had the display and one in a box left. I couldn’t get him to drop the price any.
  12. My Costco is on its third round of selling out. They just got another 3 in and there is no indication that they intend to drop the price as long as people keep buying them.
  13. BrianAZ

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    Cook it in an oven or crockpot???
  14. BrianAZ

    attaining 450 degrees

    If your charcoal is going in several spots, then close the lid and open the vents. If if I have 2-3 areas lit, I can get my Pitt boss close to 750 degrees in about 30 min. Id check the airflow. Make sure your air holes aren’t plugged, and the ash is cleaned out before you light. You can can also force/blow air into the bottom vent to give things a boost.
  15. BrianAZ

    Questions from a Newbie

    I just bought the smoke yesterday. Hope it gets here in time for the Memorial Day cooks. My second thermpro died again after 6 months.