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  1. I’ve tried multiple methods. Currently using a harbor freight heat gun to light the center for low and slow. For hot cooks like pizza, I use a chimney starter and spread the coals.
  2. You guys are killing me. Mommy store still doesn’t have any out. They have all other grills, pool stuff, and summer items, but no Kamados.
  3. Well, look at what just showed up on the Costco website: https://www.costco.com/Louisiana-Grills-24%22-Ceramic-Kamado-Grill.product.100459311.html Same grill as last year, but they are using the Louisiana Grills brand (same actual grills from Pit Boss, Kong, and some Vision).
  4. Just stopped by my local Costco this evening, and they didn’t have any Kamado on the floor. Just the same gas and pellet grills they have had for several weeks. Nobody had any idea when they might come in if at all.
  5. I’ll have to check it out. They still aren’t on the website. Last year our local Costco’s didn’t put them in clearance. The manager I talked to said it was up to each store manager, but they were selling too well here for anyone to consider it. What color are they this year? Black like previous years or blue like last year?
  6. I’m serious about the crock pot. My mom used to make them this way when I was a kid. Either smoke them first, or just put them in, but they will be 100% fall off the bone.
  7. Just did a 19lb prime brisket. After wrapping, it stayed in the stall for an addition 7 hours. Longest stall I’ve ever seen. Usually it’s not more than 3-4 hours. Turned out out to be the best brisket I’ve ever made.
  8. Cook them all the time. Just did a 19lb one two days ago and it was awesome. Prime is a a higher grade than choice, so I’d definately prefer it.
  9. Do you think we will see a Costco Pit Boss model this year? My Costco already has the grills on the floor, but no Kamado. I don’t see anything on the website either. I would love to pick up a 24” model this year.
  10. knowing where your vents need to be set to hold a target temp is key. The only way to learn this is by practice. At the beginning, you may may need to open them a bit more than what you would normally have them set to. As the grill comes up to the target temp, dial them to where you found is the correct placement from your practices. Your kamado will naturally stabalize as long as your vents stay static. If you are constantly changing them the oxygen/fuel/heat ratio will get out of balance. For low low and slow, my method is this. fill the basket with charcoal. Open Vents at 100% light in the center with a starter. Lid stays up once the starter has burned out and the lump has started, add my wood and deflector. Close the lid, and place the vents close to target settings (maybe 1/4 of the way open top and bottom) when the Kamado is with 25* of target temp, set the vent to where they naturally hold target temp with that method, my fire never gets way out of balance with heat/oxygen and doesn’t really put out a white smoke for very long for my Kamado my 225* setting is bottom vent is about 1/8” open and top is just slightly cracked For anything above that (up to about 300*) I can add just a bit more bottom vent I can go hours with no more than a 3* temp change at grate level once the vents are set those settings are for me, and each cooker is different. You’ll need to figure out what works for you.
  11. You’re listening to stick burners who describe a hot fire. They aren’t using charcoal. Apples and oranges. You want a stable fire with complete combustion. On a Kamado, this is achieved naturally by properly setting the vents. However, if you give it a massive influx of oxygen (say by keeping the lid open too long), it will go unstable as it now has one more of the tried than the others (oxygen vs heat and fuel). It will naturally try to balance itself out.
  12. First, it sounds like you had way too much smoke wood there. Usually, I won’t use more than two chunks of wood, and may go to three for a brisket. Once your our cooker comes up to temp, you need to stabilize at that temp for a while before you put your meat on if you follow the traditional method of opening the vents all the way first. The method I use ensures I always have a stable fire and don’t have to wait for the cooker temps to stabilize. Using a single starter cube, light in the center of the pile of lump. Leave the lid open until the cube is burnt out and the coals are established. Add the smoke wood just outside the glowing coal bed. Shut the lid, and set the top vent towards its lowest setting. Set the bottom vent to just a bit higher than cooking temp setting. The heat will build just a bit more slowly than with the vents wide open, but it keeps it easier to control. About 20 degrees shy of cooking temp, set the vents to target settings. By the time you reach target temp, you won’t see any smoke at all and the food is ready to go on.
  13. Not in my experience. In my pit boss, if I don’t spritz, and I don’t wrap with some liquid over the top, my brisket bark gets so dry and tough you can’t cut through it. Believe it it or not, your meat will absorb some liquid when you spritz. I showed my wife when I did beef ribs. When the ribs were done, I gave a single light spritz on top. You could literally watch the bark suck in the moisture.
  14. Are you spritzing during the cook? also wrap it when the bark is set, with some broth, and it should be far more moist and delicious
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