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  1. Looks like a Kamado joe hybrid. I see a fiberglass gasket and a latch. I’d be interested in seeing how the firebox is constructed and if it has an ash pan.
  2. In my store, they started carrying choice packers last year, but they were over 2x the cost of the prime packers. It made no sense. It was basically the same cost per pound of the trimmed choice grade flats. I wonder if they figured out their issue and recently changed their pricing.
  3. Had some leftover pulled pork and some bbq chicken. Decided to make some pizza with it, and threw in some pepperoni and mushroom. Love the leoparding from the Kamado.
  4. No idea on temp. I don’t check temp on beef ribs. Usually I know when they are getting close by how the bark begins to look. I just use water to spritz.
  5. Get bone in short ribs aka plate ribs. Got these from Sams club. salt and pepper rub or use any good beef rub. Cooked at 275 over oak. until probe tender. About 6 hours. 2 hours in, Start spritzing ever 30 minutes
  6. My favorite. Super simple and very yummy!
  7. Last Monday was national pastrami day. I forgot to post the image, but didn’t forget to make my pastrami. I used arecepie very similar to Johns and let it cure in the brine for 5 nights.
  8. For it's price, B&B is good. It's probably one of the best domestic lump brands. It's definitely better than Rockwood, Cowboy and Royal Oak. However, I don't find it to burn as long/hot as lump from South American hardwoods (KJ Big Block and Fogo).
  9. Cured about 10 pounds of pork belly to make some homemade applewood smoked maple bacon. I can’t believe how much better it is than store bought bacon.
  10. Costco has lots of great prime rib. Last time I looked my store had both bone in and boneless, in both choice and prime grade. rule of thumb is one bone for 2 people. For six people you would want a 3 bone roast.
  11. Doing a little practice for Christmas. Cooked at 275 over cherry.
  12. Sorry. I prefer an oil less fried bird (although I did smoke a second bird on the pit barrel).
  13. Your thinking is correct. As temp goes up, the time needed is less. Usually by the time you are at a temp range that is safe and measured in just a few minutes, you can easily exceed the listed timeframe before you get to a significant temperature increase. Once i I accepted that fact, I became comfortable pulling between 150-155. I timed it, and it generally takes about 10 minutes to get from 145 to 150. Plus do to carryover cooking, final temp will end up around 160 after another 20 minutes or so during the rest. Nobody has been sick using this method for several years.
  14. Best way to cure a case of the Mondays! 7 hours in and ready to wrap after 14 hours moist and tender
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