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  1. You can cook at 225 just fine. It will just take longer.
  2. Nope, KJ lump. The pbc is designed, and tuned to function with briquettes. Its biggest downfall fall is probably having to clean out the ash at the end of the cook. Everything is at the very bottom of the barrel. I may end up getting an ash pan (or making my own) to see if that helps.
  3. I have been using Kamados and a Weber Smokey mountain for years with great results. Having heard that the pit barrel does an awesome job on ribs and poultry, I decided to add one to the cooker inventory. Today, I decided to put all three cookers in a head to head test to see which one would win. Most important factor was taste, but I considered moisture, texture, and ease of fire management to be important as well. All ribs were prepped the same way. The kamado: As we would expect, the Kamado is wonderful. It gives really great results and is super easy to manage temps. Put the ribs on, walk away for a few hours, wrap for another hour, and they are pretty much done. Weber Smokey mountain: I have never really enjoyed cooking on my wsm. Maybe my kamados spoiled me, but my wsm is never consistent. Some days it runs reallly hot, some days it runs really cool. Today it ran very cool. It didn’t want to get above 160 inside the cook chamber. I had to really work at it to get it just to 225. By then I had lots of billowing white smoke, and wouldn’t hold temps for very long before it would drop again. I was able to keep it within 15 degrees, but it took a lot of work. I also have tried hanging food in the wsm like a pit barrel using the gateway drum rack. Ive never enjoyed the food cooked like this. The flavor was a bit bitter. Ive tried multiple ways with different techniques, but it was never really a pleasant taste. Pit barrel cooker: I would say it is as easy as the Kamado. It’s designed to be management free. Not a whole lot to say about it. Dump your coals, hang your meat and walk away. It’s pretty much idiot proof (I like that). It does tend to cook faster than the kamados or wsm. Results: 3rd place: WSM. Taste was good. Not as much bark as the other two. Flavor profile wasn’t as deep. Excellent moisture. Took the longest to cook. 2nd place: Kamado. Ol’ reliable delivered again. Juicy, and flavorful. 1st place: pit barrel cooker. I was surprised. Best bark. Easiest cook. The flavor profile was both deeper and refined. Best bite through. Best pullback. Not a juicy as the other two but still plenty moist. Pics of of the winner and when I pulled them to wrap. The winner: Kamado ribs ready to wrap Wsm ribs ready to wrap Pit barrel ribs ribs ready to wrap
  4. Large cuts of meat at low temp go through a stall. It’s just evaporation keeping the meat temp from rising. It’s normal. Wrapping helps break through the stall, but you still need to take the brisket above 195 to start breaking down some of the collagen. I usually pull my briskets above 200, but I choose their doneness based of feel not temp.
  5. Only way I know to buy Pit Boss/LG products is via a retailer. Dansons is based out of Canada.
  6. I've never had a problem with KJ Big Block, and have used it exclusively for years. I currently have about 10 bags in storage, so I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with using it.
  7. There is no answer for that. There is no scientific process and only experience can teach what you are looking for. Each cook is different. The variables are too vast and include everything from cook temp, internal moisture content, cooker humidity, wrapping in foil, not wrapping, wrapping in paper, etc. I've had briskets that weren't "done" until 210, but most are "done" below that. I think you are really over thinking this. The focus should be on what is determining when your brisket is done. For me that is tenderness, so I only use temp as a guide as to when to start checking for tenderness. Once it is the right tenderness is done the goal is to stop the cooking and get the brisket rested without making the bark insanely tough. How to rest is dependent on how it was cooked, and most of the same variables apply.
  8. So, I've got a 36" blackstone that I use 3-4 times a week. I love it. I was looking at getting a 17" model for camping, but this one looks more versatile. Getting a griddle is never going to be a bad decision. They are awesome for doing things like smashburgers, philly cheesesteaks, stir fry, breakfasts, etc.
  9. Smoked and reverse seared tri tip paired with some shrimp and veggies cooked teppanyaki style on the griddled. Steak was paired with a chimichuri sauce, and Japanese yum yum sauce for the shrimp and veggies.
  10. That type of spider I could get behind. It drops much lower than the CGS spider. It's also much wider to allow the gratel to fit. The one from the CGS store has much less room between the legs. Maybe you should market it?
  11. When I seared on the Kamado, I would just rest the standard cooking grate on the fire bowl. The spider is only going to be 1-1/2 to 2 inches closer to the coals. Just have a full load of lump when you start, and you’ll be fine. Currently I sear on my massive gasser with Grill Grates. I can get them over 700 degrees in just a couple minutes. I don’t notice any flavor difference searing in a gas grill vs the charcoal in the Kamado. If if you went with the woo ring, it does the same job, and you could put a searing grate on the lower ring. It’s more stable too.
  12. If you get the adjustable rig, you don’t need the spider. That at being said, I have the spider for the 22 and it fits the 24. I used it until I bought the woo ring
  13. The Costco near me used to carry these, but stopped about a year ago. Talked with the manager of the meat section and he said he hopes to bring them back next month in time for snowbird season. Ive also seen choice grade at Sprouts. Seems like a hard cut to find locally.
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