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  1. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    My Costco had it last week, but was sold out as of yesterday. They seem to be selling fast.
  2. Meat coma

    Got some family coming in from out of state, and I figured that I’d cook up some steak for the occasion. At Costco, I found this 17lb choice strip loin. Looking through the packaging it seemed better marbled than most choice I’d ever seen. I cut her down and got one monster 24oz steak (I like them nice and thick), and nine 18oz steaks. Even had a 3.7lb roast left over. Cooked three of them tonight with a reverse sear. temp’d out at 133. Nice mid rare. Super yummy.
  3. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Still $599
  4. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Just saw these at Costco today. They had 2 of the blue Kamados available. They didn’t look as ugly as I feared.
  5. Price match K24 costco - Lowes

    Both Kong and Louisiana Grills have free shipping. Kong I see only available at Grilla Grills. Last I saw, it was $799. I would definately prefer to have it shipped to my door than trying to bring it home from Costco. All have ave lifetime warranty on the ceramics.
  6. Price match K24 costco - Lowes

    Look at Louisiana Grills K24 and the Kong Kamado. They are all the same, except for model number. You can get a better price than even the Costco special, and end up with the same grill.
  7. Prime Rib the Easy Way

    Looks great. Curious, though, why not reverse sear at the end and really set off the crust?
  8. My K22 didn’t come with one. I bought one marked for Louisiana Grills K22. Grilla grills rebrands the same one also as the Kong but it is just a K24.
  9. They are the same except for the logos. Neither come with a deflector.
  10. Not all thermometers are calibrated. Especially the ones that come with your grill and your Kamado. Also, your grate probe is probably not at the same height as your dome thermometer. First check your thermometer meter to make sure it is calibrated. Then you can worry about the rest of the mind blowing issues that can cause problems such as disparate temp zones inside the cooker (even for probes inches apart). Air flow patterns, charcoal burn profiles, wood chunks on fire and grease fires... whatever you do, find ONE system that you find reliable and stick with it. Trying to use multiple temp readings from different places can make it even worse.
  11. Gasket replacement

    Thanks for the feedback. if I loosen the bands, I can get it to settle evenly. However as soon as I tighten them the problem comes back. I called in for service, and the guy I spoke with confirmed that there is no way to adjust the gap spacing. His recommendation was to shave some of the gasket. I did that and ran a couple low temp burn-ins and the gap is much improved. I’m assuming with more use the problem will mostly fix itself. With the multi hour burn-ins I’ve done the temps have maintained within 4 degrees, which resolves my biggest worry of air intake/escape.
  12. Gasket replacement

    I decided to replace the factory gasket as I was seeing areas where the gasket was flaking off. The new gasket is a bit thicker, though. Thick enough that I don’t get a complete seal. The area by the handle, and a bit to the sides doesn’t sit flush. Doing a dollar bill test, there is no friction at all. If I push down hard on the lid, I can get it to partially seal. The Back of the lid, where the hinge is at, seems to pinch the new gasket as there isn’t enough clearance. Is is there a way to loosen the hinge, so that the back half of the lid has a bit more clearance, and let the front half seal completely.
  13. here goes prime rib

    That looks yummy.
  14. Brisket disaster

    Interesting. I thought the brisket was supposed to go from the cooker right into the cooler. When you are letting the temp come down, I’m assuming you leave it unwrapped and exposed so that it cools off? Do you also wait for the temp to come down before you seperate the point if you want to do burnt ends?
  15. Brisket disaster

    I didn’t have any big temp spikes which would indicate a grease fire. Also I use a 15” pizza stone as a deflector, plus a pizza pan on top of the deflector as a drip tray, which more than covers the kick ash basket. I don’t think there is a way any of the brisket could be exposed to direct heat.