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  1. Thank you. I have a couple more pictures I posted a couple weeks ago
  2. $.99/lb for Boston Butts. I bought these 3 5lb butts and 2 more 10lb butts for a party coming up.
  3. Thank you. I have a divider for my surfaces in the big drawer(perfect fit on height) and the Kamado tools in the top drawer. Departing on adding hooks to the left side and a bottle opener to the front. Its also about to rain 3” so I get to water test it today
  4. Pecan top and oak everything else besides the drawers. Had some oak 4x4s that I cut down for the frame
  5. Good job. I agree. The extra work space is amazing.
  6. @BEER-N-BBQ by Larry How long would you estimate on a 250* cook? Could you make it to the foil point of a Boston Butt(8-10lb)?
  7. I get lost looking at all of BGE's accessories sometimes. I'm with @benniesdad on wanting the minimum accessories, but I suppose I can make due with a skillet like you said.
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed, but are there any plans to have a Jr. line of accessories?
  9. I'm close to building a table, but thought about something. Does anyone have any issues with mold or mildew from water that runs down the grill and sits on the surface the grill is sitting on? I'm assuming most designs don't allow a lot of light in there to dry it up after a rain.
  10. That seems to only mention while packaged, not after a cook. That is the impression I got after reading it. @bronson I noticed mine did that around the bone last time.
  11. It's a KJ @adam319. This is what I expected and got on my reply. @KismetKamado Here at Kamado Joe we have designed a multi-piece firebox that will prevent the typical cracks in the firebox.
  12. I was doing a much needed cleaning of my grill Saturday before a rib cook. I set everything off to the side and when I went to lift the firebox back up, a chunk broke off clean.(I'm glad it didn't happen while I was going from grill to deck) My buddy, who also has a KJ, brought up an interesting question after I sent him a picture of my firebox crack. Does BGE have the same issue? His broke earlier this year and KJ sent him the new firebox. I am sure they will take care of my issue, just wondered about other ceramic grills having the same problem.
  13. @Talbert You are exactly right on the customer service. The girls name was Tyler, she had the second grill sent right away and then offered to have a third send on a freight van. At that point though, I had to move on. @prowe The box on the first one had very little damage. None that would make you think it was broken on the inside. The second one had the handle of the KJ basically sticking through the box.
  14. John, when my Kamado Joe Classic came in, I was so impressed I almost kept the cardboard for wood working templates and tried to come up with other uses for the box. That is what shocked me the most. The box was the same quality, but there was no packing at all.
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