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  1. She dropped it while i was showing her how it works. I guess i could claim it cracked under heat stress, but I'm just to damn honest. ( its a curse really )
  2. I received a Kamado Joe classic for Christmas ( from me ) My wife ( yes I'm blaming my wife ) broke one half of the deflector plate so when i went to smoke my next meats i used a ceramic pizza stone that was the same width as both halfs put together. It was twice as thick though. Im just wondering if anyone has any opinion on if thickness of deflector plate has any affect on results of cook.
  3. Thanks for all the tips....., kinda all over the map but I used a little of everything ( except for truck) and it’s home safely. Hardest part was getting it up 16 steps. Haven’t fired it up yet. I grill all winter long but it’s going to be 10 below and that’s just to cold to enjoy first cook.
  4. I just upgraded from my steel kamado to a ceramic (yeaaaaaaaah)! Its being assembled at the store i purchased it at, so how do i get my new baby home safely? I have a minivan and only live a mile from store. Any suggestions would be appreciated .
  5. not as pretty as yours but it holds coals to one side good enough for me. Having 2 zone cooking on kamado opens up a lot of cooking options for me. Id show picture but can't seem to upload anything. Thanks for pic
  6. thanks for pic! I'm heading to hardware store tomorrow
  7. I had the same problem with my first low and slow. I took it apart and put it back together, it seems to work a lot better. I held a 230 ( give or take a 5 degree swing ) for 4 hrs. Its not a set it and forget it grill, but i enjoy babysitting a little. The more i use this grill the better i get at holding temps. Im not that handy so i hope i don't have to go the route you did. For $270 i feel its well worth it. I like how it comes with diffuser. Thats why i actually got this instead of akorn.
  8. The ash catcher is above that bottom hole, and catcher is lifted up and out top. The bottom cap unscrews to let out any built up liquid or ash that fall out when taking out ash catcher.
  9. Bought one about two ago. I'd show some pics but IT WONT LET ME UPLOAD ANYTHING!
  10. Hello, just joined and been kamado styling ( i own a steel kamado) for about 2 months. The moment i fired up my char broil kamender i knew i loved this style of cooking and immediately started to save for something ceramic. Hope this grill lasts for at least 4 years. Im shooting for kamado joe or big green egg.
  11. I have a kamender steel kamado. The charcoal grate is just like the weber kettle, just bars are closer together so small pieces of lump don't fall through. Im looking at some way to keep charcoal on one side with some king of homemade divider. I tried using charcoal baskets but they are not big enough. And just pushing them to one side doesn't work well either. Just wondering if anyone has same grill or akorn and has come up with something.
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