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  1. DrunkenMeatFist

    New Vision Owner

    IMO the first thing to get is a heat deflector so you can cook indirect. Vision sells their lava stone for $50. There are other options that will work fine, but I was happy to drop the $50 to get the stone and the rack that holds it.
  2. DrunkenMeatFist

    copper grill mat

    I got a couple as a gift. I used them once or twice to cook salmon I believe. Worked fine and made transporting the fish very easy. I have no other use for them though.
  3. I picked mine up this time last year for a little over $300. I would suggest registering it with Vision soon. I am considering picking up a WSM if I can find one on clearance, but I still feel like the Vision was worth every penny.
  4. DrunkenMeatFist

    Instant pot

    I have the 3qt Mini Duo and it is definitely worth the money I spent. Made grits in it just the other night. I would say it gets a lot more use in the colder months making soups and stew type dishes. I also make potatoes in it regularly. Sure some people have taken it too far and try to cook every single thing it it, but there are a ton of good uses for it. Just reminded me that I need to do a Mississippi pot roast in it soon.
  5. DrunkenMeatFist

    Mahi Mahi Acqua Pazza

    I think I might have a reading problem because I came in here expecting to see a fish pizza. However, I do not leave disappointed.
  6. DrunkenMeatFist

    Love hate Relationship with Grill Grates

    I've never used mine any other way than upside down. Never had bad results either. However, I use it extremely hot to blacken catfish and burn the Carne Crosta rub. Never had any hot spots though.
  7. DrunkenMeatFist

    New Orleans' BBQ Shrimp (on the Kamado Joe)

    So can you give up the recipe? I won't give it to anyone.
  8. This is not open for discussion.
  9. I am not a Facebook user either.Even though I've been here a relatively short time I learned a bunch and will be sad to see this go away.
  10. DrunkenMeatFist

    One thing I dislike about my vision

    I removed mine to help it seal better. Just have to remember not to drop the lid, but it is an easy thing to do.
  11. DrunkenMeatFist

    dry brisket

    The thinking is that if you immediately wrap it in foil and put it in the cooler it continues to cook and dries out. Letting it sit for 15 or so minutes before wrapping stops the cooking process, but allows you to "hold" the brisket and keep it warm. In my experience this is very beneficial.
  12. DrunkenMeatFist

    dry brisket

    Did you take it directly from the grill into the foil/cooler? I have made that mistake before and got dry results. Now I always let it sit unwrapped on the counter for about 15 minutes before I wrap in foil and put in the cooler.
  13. DrunkenMeatFist

    Yakitori Sunday

    Your food looks excellent. However, your choice to use a pepper with such vulgar language in its name is questionable. I'm glad the #s protect people from seeing something so nasty.
  14. DrunkenMeatFist

    Vision vs Pit Boss

    I didn't have the PB in mind when I bought my Vision last year. The Vision was a floor model bought at a discount. I did contact Vision and their customer service was good. They provided me with a side tray free of charge since the floor model was missing one. The one glaring difference appears to be that the PB does not have the removable ash drawer. I like the drawer, but some people seem to be obsessed with any bit of smoke escaping from the rig and the drawer is another place where some smoke can get out. If you have time to wait then I would suggest just waiting until you can find a deal on either one.
  15. DrunkenMeatFist


    I did end up getting one Grillgrate panel and I really like it. I exclusively use it upside down, but it is awesome for getting a good sear on burgers and steaks. Also do blackened fish on it.