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  1. DrunkenMeatFist

    The best thing about the Super Bowl...:

    I admire your ability to create uniform slices among other things.
  2. DrunkenMeatFist

    Wood-fired Beef Enchiladas

    I've got a brisket smoking now and I'm thinking the leftovers might become the beef for this recipe. Thanks
  3. DrunkenMeatFist

    Kamado Joe owner considering a pellet cooker

    I had been considering getting a pellet smoker for a while and was researching which one I wanted to sink some money into. Then I found a great deal on a Pit Boss Copperhead vertical. For $109 I was able to get one and see if I really like pellet smoking. I've only done a couple of cooks on it, but I like it so far. The smoker has a ton of space too which is nice. You can check the link below to see if there are any of the units on clearance in your area if you want to dip your toe in the pellet waters for cheap. https://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=876324460
  4. I have been using this particular brand of briqs lately. I was able to find another sale and I grabbed five more bags. Stuff is just fine for short cooks. It actually does burn about 50 degrees hotter than Western lump according to my dome therm. I have also been able to reuse some. I just throw some fresh on top and everything is good
  5. Also, from what I have read a main concern is the amount of ash that briqs produce. I will continue using lump for long cooks, but for quicker grilling projects I don't see why using briqs would be bad.
  6. Have you seen the sale that popped up at Home Depot on the Weber briqs? They were $3.90 for a 20lb bag. I picked up five bags on Friday and planned on testing them out Friday night so I could buy more on Saturday. That got delayed so I couldn't try them until last night. Made some wings on my Vision grill using a homemade "vortex". The briqs seemed to burn a little hotter than lump did using the same setup. Seemed to be just fine to me. Wish I would have grabbed more because Brickseek shows that the stores in my area are out now.
  7. DrunkenMeatFist

    The 'Thin Blue Smoke'

    I will get the coals going with a wax starter until the flame dies out and then throw a few chunks around where the fire is burning. Then I will put the deflector, grates, and even the meat in and close the lid. I have a temp controller so I will put that on and within about 30 minutes the temp is up to the 275 I usually smoke at. There is always plenty of white smoke coming out at the beginning. I don't know that I would suggest doing it this way, but I have never been told that the food I make is too smokey. It's just the easiest way to do it for me.
  8. DrunkenMeatFist

    Lump Charcoal

    I am at the end of a little over 200lbs of Western charcoal. No complaints here. Just wish I would have bought twice as much at that price.
  9. DrunkenMeatFist

    PartyQ sadness..

    I've had that happen to mine a few times right after I put new batteries in. I have given it a little more than a thump and it kicks back on. What will you be looking to replace it with?
  10. DrunkenMeatFist


    Maybe I have been duped, but I really like the rubs made by Oakridge BBQ. They are probably on the higher end of the price scale, but it seems worth it to me. I am not a huge fan of heat, but I will put their Habanero Death Dust on a bunch of stuff. Their Carne Crosta is hands down the best steak seasoning I have tried. They just released their version of SPOG that includes porcini mushroom and I will be trying that on a brisket point tomorrow.
  11. DrunkenMeatFist

    Flare-ups with Chicken Thighs

    I don't believe that it is very popular on here, but I would suggest looking into a Vortex for chicken cooks. I made a bootleg version by cutting the bottom out of a stainless steel mixing bowl and I don't cook chicken any other way now. The dome therm will read 400 and the skin is perfect every time. I cooked at the same temp with the regular indirect set up and never got the results I get with my bootleg vortex.
  12. DrunkenMeatFist

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    For beef tenderloin steaks I stick with sous vide for the precise control and ease. For ribeyes I go with reverse sear because the sous vide doesn't get the fat cooked the way I like it.
  13. DrunkenMeatFist

    probe thermometers

    Well the probe you had on the grate was closer to the fire than the dome therm so it should be reading higher. I was also worried about trying to get a specific temp in the past. However, if you threw that same prime rib in your over at 350 it would probably cycle 20 degrees in either direction throughout the cook. Of course you want the cooker temp to stabilize in a reasonable ballpark, but I wouldn't get too carried away with it.
  14. My Vision lava stone broke into three pieces last night while using it as intended. Luckily one of the pieces is about half moon sized so I will use it for reverse sear projects. I don't know if you would be able to do the same though.
  15. DrunkenMeatFist

    Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Bars

    I like to add 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract to the mix