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  1. I got the PKTX about six months ago and I use that little rascal more than any other grill/smoker I have ever bought. I got the GrillGrates and I somehow warped them even though I don't think I did any super high heat cooks. Have the SS replacement grid coming this week to change things up. That graphite looks sharp
  2. South American hardwoods??? Not even once.
  3. I know this is a kamado site, but a PK Grill sounds like it would perfect for what you describe. I have a PK TX and I use it daily.
  4. Sounds like you should just go ahead and buy a temp controller. I had the PartyQ for a long while and it worked fine. Replacing batteries was annoying though. I was gifted the Signals with Billows and that set up holds temps great and eliminates operator error on my part.
  5. Academy sells a round cast iron griddle. Price must have went up because I swore I only paid $14 dollars for it. I first used the tabs to rest on the top of my fire bowl. Then I decided to take a hammer and knock the dadgum tabs off to sit in a cradle lower into the fire bowl. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle#repChildCatid=27890
  6. I bought a Dalstrong chef knife and I liked it just fine. Eventually I found myself using my Victorinox chef knife way more. Liked the Victorinox so much I picked up their semi stiff boning knife. I also picked up the Ken Onion Worksharp a little over a year ago. That joker can get any knife razor sharp.
  7. I think I remember watching something that showed that a bunch of engineering went into the Slo Roller. One would think that putting a diffuser over a metal cone would have been figured out without the extra engineering work. I only have experience with the Vortex though. I know people say it is only for the Weber Kettle, but I have used it on the kettle and on the Vision B. The Vortex in the Vision beats the kettle when it comes to end product, but the kettle obviously has more room
  8. I used it again yesterday, but not on the kamado. I have a Barrel House Cooker and since it only cost me $45 I put a hole in the side big enough for the Billows. I haven't had any connectivity issues since the initial set up. I haven't really messed with the graphing portion of the app, but it has stored data from my first two cooks. Never had any problems with ash blowing on the food with the PartyQ or this new gadget. You can also do more than monitor the cook with your phone. You can adjust the temp of the Billows on the app so if I am elsewhere and I want to increase the grill temp I can jack it up on the phone.
  9. I got a Vision B a couple of years ago and I went hard on that little booger for over a year. I have since bought other smokers so the Vision hasn't been used too much. However, I just got a Thermoworks Signals with Billows for Christmas. That set up will work best on the Vision and being able to check in or monitor a cook with my phone is really cool. Vision will be getting more work over here.
  10. I got the Smoke and loved it. I also got a PartyQ because I wanted to do overnight cooks and also get some sleep. The PartyQ was okay, but running off of batteries was a pain. I got the Thermoworks Signals and Billows as a Christmas gift. I was a little leery at first because I had read where some had trouble connecting to the Wifi and Thermoworks wasn't great with the customer service. Maybe they updated the software to fix the issue because I didn't have a problem connecting to my Wifi. I only used it for a bit last night, but that really seems cool. Of course you should learn how to use the grill without a fan, but having one is really nice. The ability to monitor or alter a cook while I am at work or anywhere else with my phone is a game changer for me.
  11. I picked up a Pit Boss pellet cabinet marked down from $460 to $109, a Barrel House Cooker for $45 from $200, and a Weber premium kettle for $40 in January of this year at Walmart. Looks like this will be sold at Wally World too so I will keep my eyes peeled for it to start dropping.
  12. I picked up a Vision B on clearance at Sam's two years ago this month. I've had a blast cooking. Since then I have added about six more grills/smokers. Drums, kettles, pellet, and an offset. Hoping I might get a PK for my birthday and if not I will probably gift that to myself. I still like cooking on the Vision though too. It is my go to for wings. It is a fun hobby. I have a feeling you'll really enjoy your new grill. Congrats!
  13. It doesn't look like loading pellets will be very easy.
  14. I've had a Vision B for a couple of years now. My advice would be to not worry so much about a little smoke leaking out.
  15. I wouldn't worry about it. I use the dome therm as a general idea of what the temp actually is for a high heat cook. If I am cooking less than 350 then I put a probe on the grate.
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