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  1. DrunkenMeatFist

    Bacon and shrimp

    I did this and it worked out well. Here is where I saw it. https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/tips-tricks-the-world-s-best-bacon-cooks-allllll-night-long
  2. DrunkenMeatFist

    Brisket question

    Hey don't let my failures prevent you from doing what you like. The saving grace is that even if the flat is dried out it can be chopped and sauced with all that good bark for some good chopped beef sandwich. However, there's a good chance you have the grill skills to get what you want.
  3. DrunkenMeatFist

    Brisket question

    As a fellow Texan I am in the same boat. I like the bark. My instincts told me that no wrapping would likely be my way to go. However, I ended up with dry flats. I have tried several methods and I am still working on it. The only thing I know for sure is that I wish I could buy brisket points only.
  4. DrunkenMeatFist

    Weber Starter Cubes anybody use them?

    If I am going to smoke something I just put one cube in the middle of the pile and throw a couple of piece of coal on top of it. I'll use another cube or two if I want a higher temp.
  5. DrunkenMeatFist

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I went ahead and grabbed a bag today. I was extra lazy today because I went a little too hard last night. I didn't clear out the firebox, I just moved the old RO lump around to get the small pieces and ash to fall into the drawer and piled some of this new stuff on top of that. Smoked a rack of STL ribs and I didn't notice any discernible difference from when I use RO. It lit the same, I didn't have any problems holding the temp, and there was no difference in the taste of the ribs. There were plenty of good sized chunks in the bag. But I did notice a few cylindrical pieces that I haven't seen in RO. Since there was nothing crazy that jumped out at me I will probably go back tomorrow and grab another 4-5 bags. Hope today wasn't a fluke or my head wasn't clear because of last night. Basically cut the price of fuel in half with this stuff. Maybe someone more capable can provice a more comprehensive review.
  6. DrunkenMeatFist

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Nice! Thanks for the pictures
  7. DrunkenMeatFist

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Since it's $10 I will pick up a bag or two tomorrow. I got B&B when I first bought my grill and the very first cook (steak) seemed way too smoky. I am not certain what the actual problem was, but I never finished that bag of B&B and switched to RO. I'll give this a shot on something tomorrow and unless it is crazy bad for some reason I will probably stock up a little bit. Hard to beat that price.
  8. This stuff is on sale at Walmart. 30lb bag for $10. Anyone tried this? Reviews? Nakedwhiz gave it a bad review, but it looks like that was some time ago. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Western-30LB-Hardwood-Lump-Charcoal/375025590?u1=&oid=223073.7200&wmlspartner=PxE*ot9VSWM&sourceid=41438080593905385293&affillinktype=14&veh=aff
  9. DrunkenMeatFist

    Acorn vs The Others

    A good kamado will come with a good warranty. I think cracking of a ceramic is something that is few and far between. However, if you are looking for more of a portable grill then an Akorn would probably be the better option.
  10. DrunkenMeatFist

    Acorn vs The Others

    Really depends on what you are looking at. When I was looking for a new cooker I was leaning towards an Akorn, but found a good deal on a Vision for just a little bit more so I went with the Vision. It seems like many Akorn owners give the thing a shelf life of around 3-5 years based on how well it is protected. Ceramics should last longer than that. However, there are a bunch of variables. Metal Akorn's go for around 280, you can find a good ceramic grill for way less than five times that amount.
  11. DrunkenMeatFist

    Temperature controller

    Well that is a problem. I bought a floor model and for some reason I got two ash drawers. One with the screen and one without. Someone here was just posting about that issue, but I can't help with that.
  12. DrunkenMeatFist

    Temperature controller

    I've had the Party Q on my diamond series for about seven months and it has served me well. However, the last few times I have used it I noticed that the temp it was reading could get as much as 30 degrees off from what my Smoke therm was reading even though they were attached to the same area of the grate. It usually settles around the same as the Smoke eventually. Also that thing will go through some batteries. Overall I don't regret buying it though.
  13. DrunkenMeatFist


    Lately I've been reading about people smoking Tri Tip like you would smoke a brisket. Low and slow for a few hours until it hits 160 and then wrap in butcher paper until it hits 190. Anyone here do this? Honestly when I first saw this I thought it would just ruin a good piece of meat. However, after seeing the success of others I am giving it a shot today. Tri Tip has been on for two hours and it is sitting at 140. I will try to remember to post some pics along the way.
  14. DrunkenMeatFist

    Vision Newbie - Classic B - Heat Deflector Question

    When I first got mine I got the cast iron pan from Academy and just sat that on the bottom grate when I wanted to smoke something. Ended up picking up the lava stone a few weeks ago and I think it is worth it. For drip pans I just buy the aluminum pans from Sams.
  15. DrunkenMeatFist

    Vision Cadet

    I would keep an eye on that and wait for the end of the season. If it is still around you might be able to pick it up at a clearance price.