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  1. First pork spare ribs help!!

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with the popular notion here. I cook to IT with ribs. I have the needle probe from Thermoworks and it hasn't failed me yet. I prefer about 198, but if I am cooking for people that like "fall off the bone" then i will take them to 204.
  2. High $ Vision

    That does look nice, but $1700 is insane.
  3. New deflector plate

    If you are worried about airflow and you aren't going to use the bottom rack anyways then just put that pan on the bottom rack. That is what I do.
  4. New deflector plate

    Are you planning on using the bottom rack with this? I have the exact same set up and I don't put the pan directly on the fire box. I just wrap in in foil and set it on the bottom rack so there is no movement.
  5. Question about the Vision from Sam's Club

    Then the original question should have been "Does this grill have any problems choking fires out".
  6. Question about the Vision from Sam's Club

    No it isn't airtight. When the fan on my temp controller is on I can see smoke coming out from the sides of the drawer. I can also see smoke come out from under the lid as well. However, I don't see why this would be a deal breaker for you. Sure you don't want big gaping holes, but I don't see where the small leaks are a problem.
  7. Do you like the InstaPot?

    I picked up the little 3qt version off Amazon for $50. I live alone so I didn't think I needed a bigger one. Quickly cooking potatoes during weeknights was my main selling point. Either way it was only $50 so it won't kill me if I don't end up using it regularly.
  8. Vision Kamado or WSM for newbie smoker

    I was in the same boat as you just a couple of months ago. I chose the Vision because I got a good deal on it. Since you want to grill you should rule out the WSM. I use my grill several times per week since you can reuse the lump. Very pleased with my purchase.
  9. Anyone have pics of this?

    Handles are still on
  10. Anyone have pics of this?

    I have that and use it on the diamond cut B. If you cut the handles off it will not sit on the edge of the firebox. I just wrap it in foil and set it on the bottom grate if I am going to smoke something. I could be mistaken, but I don't see much use in putting it directly on the firebox because you will be putting the bottom grate directly on top of it anyways. I will add that if you have that pan and leave the handles on then you have to put it on the bottom grate at a certain angle and it is not easy to remove without taking both grates out of the grill. Just last night I did a reverse sear on a prime rib roast and I knew that after smoking it to temp I would want to remove the heat diffuser to sear the meat. So instead of using that particular pan I used a smaller pizza stone instead and it worked fine.
  11. Why would anyone buy a kamado Joe branded kamado?

    I picked up my Vision grill at Sam's and it was on sale for $400, but it was also missing a shelf so they sold it to me for $320. I was considering getting an Akorn at the time, but when I saw this deal I jumped on it. Really happy that I did because I think I got a really good grill at a great price. The price point of kamado grills always seemed too high for me and I don't know if I will ever plunk down the money for a KJ or BGE. I don't say that the Vision is better than any others, but I love that thing.
  12. Shout Out to Vision Customer Support

    They are some nice people. I believe it was Zach that helped me with my issue. I bought a floor model from Sam's a couple of months ago and it only came with one side shelf that was already damaged. I registered the grill and went ahead and sent them some photos of the damage. I somewhat fixed the damage to the one shelf I had. They were nice enough to send me a second shelf free of charge. It also got to me way sooner than I was told it would take.
  13. New B-Series Owner, couple of questions.

    I have the one and they are sending me the other. Thanks though. I got the Partyq in today and smoked a rack of ribs. Thing works pretty well so I am excited to do some overnight smokes without worrying about anything. Still trying to figure out how many wood chunks to use. I threw four small chunks on the coals tonight and within about an hour I couldn't smell the cherry wood scent any more. Afraid to use more though. Oh well, just have to keep experimenting.
  14. New B-Series Owner, couple of questions.

    I was looking to get a kamado to upgrade from my gas smoker. Almost pulled the trigger on an Akorn, but then I went to Sam's. They had a floor model B-Series Diamond cut marked down to $404. I thought about it for a night and went back the next day. I saw that one side tray was missing and the other was damaged. Spoke to a manager and got another 20% knocked off so I ended up getting it for about $320. For some reason it came with two separate ash trays that have different vent openings. Used the money I saved to order the PartyQ. I have cooked on it for three nights in a row now. I bought the 14" cast iron griddle from Academy to use as a heat deflector. Do most people use a water pan on long smokes in this grill? I never could do an overnight smoke with my gas smoker so I plan on trying this soon. Are there any essential tips that I should know? Anyone have experience throwing a thick steak directly on the coals?