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  1. DrunkenMeatFist


    Very well.
  2. DrunkenMeatFist

    How to get a 45-day-aged steak in only 48 hours?

    I'd give it a shot if I could find it locally. I tried two Asian grocers today and struck out. I will try a couple more tomorrow. If I still can't find any then I'll probably breakdown and order it online.
  3. DrunkenMeatFist

    Reducing Bark on Pulled Pork

    Also agree with wrapping. I like bark so if I do wrap it is later on in the cook around 175-180. I would say to wrap by look. Once the butt has the color you like then you wrap.
  4. DrunkenMeatFist

    Vision S or Vision B?

    I own the B so I am partial to that one. The following will be biased so take it with a grain of salt. I have never used an S, but I don't see the lighter slot as a great incentive. I ordered a Party Q when I bought the grill because I saved so much buying a floor model. I have seen people complain about the leaking from the ash drawer on both. Personally I believe that the worries about leaking are a little overblown. I will get a little leakage from around the Party Q adapter, but I don't worry about it. I went with the B and I don't regret it at all so I would say that would be a good choice. Hopefully an S owner will give you their side of this.
  5. DrunkenMeatFist

    Soapstone Smashburgers

    I was googling soapstone and I cooked "smash burgers" today based on your previous posts. I found a 3/4" thick soapstone pizza stone, but I haven't ordered it yet. My "smash" burgers were premade brisket burger patties from Walmart done on Grillgrates. So basically I was envious of your burgers and did a poor imitation. Now I am even more envious.
  6. DrunkenMeatFist

    Been away for a while

    Some Elmer's glue and a little bit of duct tape and she would have been fine. Maybe throw on a little spray paint if you wanted to get fancy.
  7. DrunkenMeatFist


    I ended up grabbing a $10 cast iron pan and trying that. Tried a steak on it and I wasn't a huge fan. Still might grab a small section of GrillGrates. Appreciate reading all of the opinions from everyone.
  8. DrunkenMeatFist


    I am looking into getting these mostly for steaks. I have googled around and it seems like most of what I have found is from a few years ago. I know that some products can kinda be fads and it seems like this product is especially helpful for pellet or gas grills. Is this something that is really beneficial for a kamado? Can someone more experienced enlighten me on this subject? I have a Vision B with stock grates.
  9. DrunkenMeatFist

    Carne Crosta Ribeye

    I've bought and made a bunch of different spice mixes over the last year. Had a couple of the Oakridge rubs and they seemed pretty good, but this one was over the top good. After I finished the steak I ordered another pound for my brother. Its pretty good
  10. DrunkenMeatFist

    Help Identifying and restoring!

    I see everyone here has been avoiding the question, but I can't. Did you have more fun doing 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy or Blue Chips with Shaq? Both guys seems like real fine fellows and Eddie Murphy was still being funny when you starred in those movies with him. Do you have a favorite or is it too hard to choose?
  11. DrunkenMeatFist

    Carne Crosta Ribeye

    Got a pound of the Oakridge Carne Crosta seasoning in the mail today so on the way home I stopped by Sam's a picked up a pack of prime ribeyes. I dry brined this for almost an hour and then took it out of the fridge and put the Crosta on while the grill was warming up. Turned out fantastic, by far the best steak seasoning I have ever purchased.
  12. DrunkenMeatFist

    Drilling a fan port

    I have always wondered if people overreact to seeing smoke come out of somewhere that isn't expected. On my Vision I will get smoke coming out from where the temp controller attaches. I will also see some some coming out of the top vent. I just figured there is plenty of smoke in there so it wasn't a big deal. However, I always read about people going to great lengths to ensure there are absolutely no leaks anywhere.
  13. DrunkenMeatFist

    Cooking on which zone is best?

    I would say that it doesn't matter too much as long as you know what the temperature is at the grate the food is on. Personally I use the top grate because it allows me to put a foil pan on the bottom grate to catch the drippings
  14. DrunkenMeatFist

    Anova arriving this week...

    I will go to that site often if I am thinking about using the SV for something new. It is so simple its stupid, but the SV bacon is worth doing.
  15. DrunkenMeatFist

    BBQ for 2 on akorn jr

    I've stopped using my Jr. after not too many cooks because I couldn't get it hot like I can on my Vision. I think I was doing something similar to this method, but I thought I wasn't getting enough airflow through the thing. Might have to give it another shot now