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  1. Easter Bunny Delivered This Year

    Got the egg cleaned up this weekend. Replaced the gaskets and did a higher temp burn. Had trouble getting to 650-700. Must not have had enough lump in there. Ignore the wagon, the Primo is getting a table soon. In the process of building.
  2. Primo Grills Satisfaction Survey

    I purchased a LG Oval just before Superbowl this year. Upon assembly I noticed that the firebox grate, when moved forward and back would fall into the ash cavity. I returned to the promo dealer and their LG Oval on display did not do this. Also, I have the same drip pan rack problems as stated above. The drip pan fingers barely sit in the grooves put into the firebox. If the are move forward or back more than a half inch, the fall into the fire box. Initially I talked with primo just after getting the grill, sent them measurements of the firebox grate, they said all was normal. After visiting the dealer and discovering that their firebox grate did not behave as mine did, I reached out to Primo again. They are sending me a new firebox grate and drip pan racks, which is nice, but I feel the problem is in the firebox itself. Hopefully it all works out as I love the grill. I have made some damn good food on it, but it's frustrating that the grate falls in when stirring the ashes. I guess worst case I can buy some ash baskets.
  3. Easter Bunny Delivered This Year

    I just gave it a good brushing with an aluminum foil ball after taking all the components out to inspect. Good news is, all the components are intact. No broken ceramic. I still plan to do a high heat burn to clean it out a bit. Since I was not the original user, dont know what all he burned in there. I talked to him a bit and he said he never used lighter fluid and ran cowboy brand lump in it. It came with coals still in it. There were bricketts and what looked to be inteorior trim pieces in it. I saw inside his house when there and it looked to be the same. I feel I good hot burn will do the grill good as I now don't know what has been used as a heat source.
  4. Easter Bunny Delivered This Year

    Also need to replace the gasket. This one is about toast. Plan to replace after my clean-out burn. Will 600 for roughly 30 min be sufficient or too much?
  5. Found this used Medium BGE on facebook last week. Just purchased a Primo LG Oval but could not turn down the $180 price. Overall it is is good condition, a little weathered. Plan to replace the wooden slats with some left over ash boards I am utilizing to build a table for the Primo. Question is, there is a lot of buildup inside the grill, is it safe to do a burn off as is or should I try and clean some of the buildup off before I do a burn off? Don't want a grease fire. Very excited to play with this grill too.
  6. Second Hand DEMO Primo

    I think aluminum would be cool but probably more expensive than ceramic. Only reason I suggested steel over ceramic is because my friend has tons of plate steel and a water jet. He builds offroad buggies
  7. Second Hand DEMO Primo

    Thanks for the heads up. Will skip it. Do you think these will work or should I just pay the money and get the ceramic plates? Performance should be the same correct?
  8. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    Suppose that would work. I also have a ton of brick stacked up. Could set those up level and put a board out back up the the spring to keep it from falling over. Can't believe I missed the side skirts either. Love how understated the bullitt was.
  9. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    Local Primo Dealer called and offered me the LG 300 for $895. Hopefully get it home before the SB. Got to figure out what to put it on while I build my table. Already drawing up some plans in CAD.
  10. Second Hand DEMO Primo

    Any body have or know the deflector plate dimensions for the LG 300 Primo? My buddy is going to water-jet some plates. What are your thoughts on Powder coating them if they are only used for low and slow?
  11. Second Hand DEMO Primo

  12. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    so envious of that 2001 cobra bumper. I wanted to put one on the bullitt and they now bring over 1100 since they have been discontinued.
  13. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    Love all of them...is that Zinc or screaming yellow? A coyote swap in that 70 would be awesome.
  14. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    That would have been an awesome tour. The company I worked for in Columbus IN is an OEM exhaust manufacture. The prototype shop there built every single exhaust for the GT (everyone was hand built). Ford was nice enough to bring down a car and a driver and gave anyone that wanted a ride on our test track. Pretty cool. We also had one in at Brenspeed when I worked there. It was a group of older gentlemen, that were at some point a racing team. They had it dyno'ed then added headers and a pulley to the supercharger. It is a nasty car. I had a 2000 V6 auto car in college. My brother in law and I did a full GT transplant on it. went from a 17.3 sec 1/4 mile car to an 11.90 car on the spray. Can't wait to get another one. With a toddler and an infant, I am happy with my expedition for the time being. That new ranger is very tempting though.
  15. Never been used Vision Classic M-Series

    The crowd of people standing in front of my house was insane. One of my neighbors asked me where I put my new car several weeks later. He had no idea that GT was worth 450k. That GT is timeless. It still looks new even though it's 12 years old.