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  1. Wow ... everything in this cook/cooks looks beautiful ... including the cole slaw!
  2. Hello John, I was really interested in this product and wondered if you've used it enough now to give a little follow up review ... would you buy again, etc. Thank you!
  3. That looks great ... ham, beans and cornbread ... hard to beat that (yep, country boy from Central Louisiana)!
  4. Got a raw, brined ("pickled") ham at our excellent local meat market (https://www.hirschsmeats.com/). Seasoned with my homemade "keto" rub made with zero calorie monk fruit sweetener (in place of the sugar). Put on the Kamado Joe at 11:30 AM on Holy Saturday ... Checked at about 3 1/2 hours in ... Pulled and wrapped at about 7 PM ... After Church on Easter Sunday, got home and sliced and warmed it up to go with all the Easter dinner sides. We all thought it turned out great! Hallelujah ... He is risen!
  5. Not to overload y'all but I'm a few weeks late posting these ... finally got the pictures where I could upload them. My precious daughter (one of two precious daughters!) was home from college for Christmas. As she was about to head back to Houston (Rice U) after the holidays, it obviously became necessary to cook her some rib-eye (her favorite). Below is the photo essay .... Costco is awesome! Low with some Mesquite for a reverse sear ... Checking ... Pulled to rest while I fire up the Joe! Yep ... Back on for some sear! Pulled to rest ... Resting ... And a wedge salad ... And some Brussels sprouts ... And some flat bread ... And some baked spuds ... And some good vino ... and let's eat! The happy student! Juicy!
  6. I've been seeing your posts about pork belly and wondering what the big deal was ... well, now I know! I headed over to Costco and got one ... seasoned it up with my homemade rub. After about 4 hours of hickory smoke at 225 - 250 F, I pulled it off the Kamado Joe, rested it and cooled it. A few hours later when my better half made it home (I'm "working from home" for a few months) ... I sliced it and we heated the slices up on the griddle, and made some fried rice and "stir-fried" green beans with onions, almonds and mushrooms ... The final product was fantastic ... at least the family thought so ... and that's some spicy Korean BBQ sauce drizzled on the pork belly. Good times in Texas!
  7. Wow .. that looks great ... I've gotta try this!
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