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  1. Wow! Stellar results ... looks new!
  2. Those look fantastic. I'm interested in the recipe also!
  3. TKOBBQ - I ran about 225 the whole time ... they were great. When I try again maybe I'll bump up a little ... should shave a little time off?
  4. Seemed like the cook technique was quite similar to a brisket (not quite as long), but for a lot less meat ... but, they were incredibly tender and flavorful. I think I'll try it again sometime.
  5. I've never smoked beef short ribs before but decided to give it a try last weekend. Got a couple of beef short rib "plates" from our great local meat shop (https://www.hirschsmeats.com/). Sprayed on some duck fat (I really like this stuff)... And seasoned with some Meat Church Holy Cow BBQ rub! Then onto the Kamado Joe! After 2 hours over mesquite and charcoal, I had to have a peek... After 3 hours, I wrapped and left on for a couple of more hours. Super tender and juicy! Supper time! Peas & cornbread, fried eggplant, salad and vino!
  6. Wow ... everything in this cook/cooks looks beautiful ... including the cole slaw!
  7. Hello John, I was really interested in this product and wondered if you've used it enough now to give a little follow up review ... would you buy again, etc. Thank you!
  8. That looks great ... ham, beans and cornbread ... hard to beat that (yep, country boy from Central Louisiana)!
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