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  1. Thanks guys. Might check and calibrate the thermometer this weekend. Not too fussed interns of pizzas, but I'll be doing another slow cook again this weekend so might go off the grill temp using a digital thermometer.
  2. I put the pizza in at just over 300C degrees. Which is around 500F. I had the heat deflector in and a pizza stone on the grill since start up. It took about maybe 8 mins, which could have been minute too long.
  3. Hi All, Just thought I'd post my first real experiences on the Akorn, and in charcoal cooking in general. Saturday night I cooked up a simple pizza, which came out a treat. I already had a go to dough recipie but decided to go with the sticky on this forum and use a basic 70% hydration dough. It was a great recipie. Next time I might take it out a smidge earlier, the base was very crispy which was good, but it would have perfect if it was just a tiny bit less so. Sunday I slow roasted a small brisket for my wife and I. I had a number of issues with temp control and have learnt to pay closer attention. The temp got to high and then I ended up killing it accidentally. Re lit the coal and I had to duck out to the shops and the same thing happened. Despite 4 major stuff up, it turned out bloody beautiful. Basically did a dry run and then put it in a covered tray with some beef stock. It still pulled pretty easily, and when mixed in the the leftover drippings and stock, was awesome for dinner in a roll with some coleslaw. All in all it was a good weekend with a few lessons but still some awesome food.
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Will be putting the Kamado to a the test this weekend (only got a chance to season it last weekend) I'll be doing Pizza on Saturday night and a slow cooked brisket on Sunday. That's the plan anyway.
  5. Thanks guys, and yes, there does seem to be a few Aussies on here, we so like to BBQ Managed to get it set up fairly easily o. Saturday, good quality build and pretty straight forward. Fired it up easily to season the grill. I was worried about not having a chimney, but it was really easy to get going. A small pile/volcano with 1 natural firefighter in the middle and that's all that was needed. Happy with how it all is going so far, so now just need to plan the next few cooks.
  6. Less stress is always good. As I have the day off work on the Friday, I think I'll cook it then and just refrigerate and reheat the next day. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. There seems to be different thoughts on freezing whole and pulling later...or pulling it when it's fresh. Have you tried either?
  8. Hey Antin, Yeah i'm out that way too. Well more East than south-east, near Ringwood. What's the source?
  9. Hi All, i'm new here and also to Kamado cooking (picking my new Akorn up tonight). I have my daughters 1st birthday coming up and i want to do a pulled pork for the lunch. I'll have a few opportunties between now and then to practice some cooks, but I'm not sure on the best way to go about the pork on the day. The issue is that the lunch will be at about 1pm. The way i see it (after doing some research on this site), i have a few options. I was wanting your opinions on what might be the best (in terms of ease and taste considering i'm fairly new) Do an overnight low and slow pulled pork Cook the pork the day before, reheating it on the day just before lunch trying to do a pulled pork in about 4 to 5 hours (i.e. start first thing that morning) My main concern with the 1st option is that I will literally of only had a few cooks in the Akorn before the party, so am a bit nervous about doing an overnight cook. What are peoples thoughts and experiences? Cheers, Phil
  10. Hi All, Just thought i'd introduce myself as a new member. I'll be buying my first Kamado tonight and putting it together this weekend. I'm not a big spender and I'll be getting the Char-Griller Akron Kamado. Never cooked on charcoal before and to be honest, I'm surprised to took me this long to make the switch as i do love to cook. I never really used my old BBQ that much as apart from extra cooking space, and cooking outdoors, i never really saw any benefit for using that over my stove/oven indoors a few metres away. Now that I've discovered the concept of cooking on coals, i see the potential for actually offering an alternative taste and and cooking options especially using a Kamado. Anyway, we don't have a dedicated Kamado forum here in Australia so i wanted to join up to this and have already used the site countless times in my research to buying the Akorn. So thanks for the info so far, and look forward to this new BBQ'ing journey Cheers, Phil
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