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  1. Hello all, I was just wandering what people do with their hot deflector plates when removing them in order to crank up the grill for searing. I've been placing mine on a cement area below my grill, but this isn't ideal for various reasons. I'm also going to be building a table in the next month or so and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on anything I can add to that for this scenario. Thanks! Justin
  2. @MichaelS I did indeed. I was able to beat a few wives to the deal whose husbands had sent them to get it.
  3. I’ll probably end up doing a butt to start with. But is there any season process I’ll need to do first? Or can I just start smoking with it?
  4. I've been waiting for the Costco roadshow to come through my city for about a year now and it's finally here. I was also able to get there early enough to get the demo deal. I got the classic 2 for $970 and they threw in a bag of lump charcoal, a cast iron dutch oven, a cast iron reversible griddle, grill cover, and a box of fire starters. Now I just have to wait until next Sunday to actually get this beauty. Any recommendations on what to do first? Do I need to run it for a bit to burn any factory gunk off at all, or am I good to cooking right away?
  5. How hot did you get your KJ up to before searing?
  6. Good call on using a divider to conserve coal. That makes a lot of sense!
  7. Hello all, I'm ready to purchase my first Kamado grill, but am torn between which size to go for. I have several friends who own the standard "Large" size Kamados (brand doesn't really matter), but they've all said they wish they would've gotten the X-Large one because it would be nice would cooking for larger gatherings. This obviously has me leaning towards the XL size, however, the majority of the time that I'll be using this will be for my family of 4 so I'm wondering about the amount of coal that I'll be using. This might be a stupid question, but keep in mind that I've yet to own a Kamado so I really don't know. If I go with an XL model am I going to be using a significantly larger amount of coal when doing some quick burgers for my family that I would be with a "Large" sized grill? I currently use a gas grill that I grill on around 2 or 3 times a week so it'll be getting a lot of use. Thanks!
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