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    skeet and trap shooting, woodworking and food!
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  1. Rob Welch

    Kamado Joe - Gasket Replacement

    Anybody replace the fiberglass gasket in the 2017 Classic? Mine needs to be replaced (received damaged and waiting for parts) and sure would like to see what others may have done or better yet what mistakes to avoid.
  2. Rob Welch

    New User intro

    Yep, can't start anything until I get the new fiberglass gasket. Hoping they get back to me in the next couple of days with either a new gasket or complete top lid. If it's just the gasket I'll document the replacement and post it to this forum, should make it easier for the next guy/girl.
  3. Rob Welch

    New User intro

    Thanks for the welcome. Anybody else have this problem? I've looked at the KJ wire mesh replacement and am not sure after reading the posts.
  4. Rob Welch

    New User intro

    Just found this forum and have already found a wealth of info. My new Kamado Joe Classic just arrived and sadly was damaged during transit (poor packaging) because when I opened it the upper fiberglass seal was worn thru! Oh well, had to happen to someone. The BBQ Guys are (hopefully) sending out a new gasket set so I can start smoking!!