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  1. Item has been picked up. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, As a result of KJ awesome customer service I have a surplus Classic Joe vent cap and firebox. The vent cap, has peeling paint but is otherwise completely functional. The Firebox has a small hairline crack, but is in one piece and structurally sound. Free to good home. Located in SW Ontario. DM me for details.
  3. Thanks for everyone's input! Next time I try poultry I will cook at a higher temperature. Maybe 350 - 400. In the case I described above I did use a probe thermometer in the meat, and did not add any smoking wood. I did not do an initial burn off of the unit once I brought it home, but did cook some steaks the night before. I tried to follow the Cajun spiced smoked turkey recipe from Serious Eats. Now that recipe was for a kettle grill, although I'm not sure that should have made much of a difference. Cheers!
  4. Hi all, After picking up my new KJ classic on Sat. I cooked a spice rubbed Spatchcocked Turkey (11 lbs) for Thanksgiving. Cooked at 250 for about 3 hrs. I was a little disappointed in the taste to be honest. While I expected a smokiness there was also a little acrid taste as well. Before putting the bird on I made sure the temp was stabilized and smoke was almost invisible. I'm sure I can do better with this grill. Some thoughts I had about what may have went sideways on me: 1) cooked too long on too low a temp. I have read that poultry is particularly susceptible to smoke flavour 2) off bag of lump. Bought a bag of KJ Big Block lump when I picked up the classic. I might try other brand to see if it makes difference. I'd be interested in others thoughts. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, been lurking here for a while, since trying some food off my buddy's Akron.. Wife and I thought the food tasted fantastic. This past weekend closed on a floor model Kamado Joe Classic, just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. Spatchcocked Turkey came out quite well, although I was hoping for crispier skin. Maybe too much rub? Trying to post pics but can't for some reason
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