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  1. I like Blue Ribbon on Austin in Oak Park. Jewel down by State and Grand cuts their steaks nice and thick (and often has great sales). Happy grilling!
  2. Hey there Chicago Rob - welcome to the forum. I'm just a stone's throw from the city - where do you typically buy meat for your Pit Boss?
  3. Mr Man


    Thanks for the suggestions. I picked up a low-cost instant read thermo (ArcleTek brand) that seems to work well for now. As winter approaches, something wireless might be worthwhile.
  4. Mr Man


    Thanks Philpom! I’ll check it out.
  5. Mr Man


    Thanks guys! I’ve done plenty of low-n-slow using some mods on my weber kettle. Also lots of Brazilian style churrasco. I’m now looking forward to getting a bit more technical with the Kamado Akorn. One thing I still need is a proper thermometer. Any recs for a high quality, low cost option?
  6. Mr Man


    Hi all, Just want to introduce myself. I'm located in Chicagoland and I've been using the Akorn for about 2 months now after having used a Weber for the entirety of my adult life. I've been mostly doing direct heat grilling, but now that I have a stone/diffuser I'm planning to do some more low-temp, big cuts this fall. What I've seen on this forum so far has been very helpful, so I'd like to than you all for cultivating quality info here! Happy grilling, Mr. Man
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