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  1. 17 hours ago, Deuce said:

    The price just went up 100$ from 429 to 529. Of course there have been previous deals for 43$ off(10%) at retail launch April 1st-2nd and fir 50$ dollars of butcherbox.com meat April 10-13th. So right now buying equals paying extra 143-150$.


    Ah, that price is definitely going in the wrong direction for me - I'm actually really interested in one of these, but I told myself I would wait until the price dropped $100 or so before I would do it.  $529 is too much for me to justify, especially since I already have a Breville Smart Grill that does a great job already when I want to cook a steak indoors (although it doesn't work anything like the Cinder and is "Smart" only in name).

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