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    Scrap reacted to Deuce in Cinder Grill First Looks   
    Same here Scrap, pretty interested but the price going up isn’t favorable.
    I am pretty cautious with Kickstarter/Indiegogo as just like happened with the Cinder because of bankruptcy it can end up becoming vaporware. Which then later Desora bought them and filled the orders. I have read reviews the app side was still getting worked out (like anywhere near accurate cook time predictions and disconnects.) Those may have been worked out or not as it hasn’t had an update in over a year (iOS). That is the other thing you see often is that a piece of tech that gets a lot if it’s added features from an app that no longer has app support.
    So I was just waiting to buy till the product/company behind it got what seemed somewhat stable. 
    Also as I asked John (but he may not have spotted the post) I am wondering if it is just a one trick steak pony as that is mostly what gets reviewed. I am also curious how is fares with burgers, chicken etc.
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    Scrap reacted to keeperovdeflame in Vision S, better sealing of ash tray area?   
    Welcome Ox and Captain, glad to have you both with us. Interesting that you both have pretty much the same situation and questions. First off the Vision Pro models are great grills and will most definitely cook your socks off. I know from experience because I learned to cook on a Vision Pro C. My ash drawer assembly leaked a bit from day one. I just cooked on it and found that it definitely held temp and shut down, and in short performed all the tasks a kamado should. Lots of folks get caught up in the need to make their grills as air tight as they can, and talk about all the mods to do that. I just cooked on mine and I turned out a whole bunch of great meals. My advice to both of you is to do the same, just cook on it. If you come across a problem that stops you from doing that, then I would address it, but until the grill prevents you from cooking, I would just cook. And Captain, yes, it is my experience that food off a kamado is better than anything I cooked on other grills. After I cooked my first spatchcock chicken and a pan of potatoes, carrots, celery, with Simon and Garfunkel herbs, my wife said in a questioning voice, "You really cooked this all by yourself". Gives you a good feeling and makes the family happy and expectant when they see you putting lump in the grill. By the way, both of you, please stop by the introduction forum and make a post to let our whole membership know who you are and such. Not everyone reads each individual grill section. Thanks, and Happy Cooking to both of you. 
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    Scrap reacted to HotRodTractor in 2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold   
    Big Joe III in the wild. Just delivered yesterday.

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    Scrap reacted to jame2017 in Vision Grill B Series Signature Series Handle.   
    I was looking at a few of the kamado grill for sometime now but due to over budget price...i wait...and  wait until last night sunday.
    went on my shopping at Sam's and come across this Vision Grills on clearance. This was a store display fully assemblers grill ready to go.
    got it for $240 with a friend Business membership with tax exempt.....

    i knew  it was a steal.......
    I know this is a Classic B Diamond Series with Ash Draw....but the Handel read " Signature Series" is this normal or is this something of a hybrid between a B and Signature Series...
    Any one has ideas"  or did they just send in the wrong handle with this B series?

    anyway B series or Signature....it was a steal deal done by Sam's on this last display grill....just got it all registered out and send in picture of receipt for warranty through the manufacture site.

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    Scrap reacted to keeperovdeflame in Cold Brew Coffee from a Nitro Tap   
    While in Portland, Oregon at Starbucks I tried a cold brew coffee from a nitro tap for the first time. This reportedly is a new thing at Starbucks and I really, really, liked it. Think Guniess texture with coffee flavor, served cold and it even has a head like beer.  They cold brew the coffee for over 20 hours and then put it in a keg and pour it from the tap  like a draft beer. I am hooked, wonderful taste and texture. It is pretty strong in terms of the caffeine rush it gives you. I was told they are putting taps in select Starbucks. I am hoping we get one. 

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