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  1. Big Joe transportation size/Costco Roadshow

    Uncrating it for loading is not that bad. Besides, these things are so heavy trying to move a crated KJ was tough enough. I wouldn't want to try to move a crated BJ without a lot of help and hopefully no hills like I had. If you can get delivery and set up where you want that's great, otherwise I wouldn't hesitate about unboxing a unit at Costco for the ride home.
  2. Big Joe transportation size/Costco Roadshow

    As far as question 2, my experience is that Costco doesn’t always know they have Kamado Joe there. I did that before I bought mine, I called the Pentagon Mall Costco asked if they had Kamado Joe there and I was told no. They looked at their paper of vendors and no kamado joe. It turns out that kamado joe goes by another name officially and that’s what was on the paper. I don’t recall what that name was. I know because I skipped that weekend and before I went to another I called kamado joe direct to be sure. That’s when I learned they were indeed at the other location, but they use another name on the itinerary that Costco has. Maybe someone else knows that name.
  3. Costco Roadshow March 2018

    Nicely done. I’ve been waiting months for my next roadshow, which is next weekend. Nothing sexy like your purchase though, just 8 or 10 bags of charcoal.
  4. Kamado Joe Classic II Repair Thread

    Stating a fact isn't bragging, except in the presentation potentially. I'm curious to know just in case I need future repairs. You took a risk and if it works out well then I'm happy for you at whatever price you got. Might encourage others to be creative as well.
  5. It took me a few tries before I got a really good pizza. My three biggest recommendations for a good kamado pizza are: 1. Give plenty of air and time to heat the kamado up. 2. Use John's Pizza 102 dough recipe. 3. Let the pizza stone rest directly on the smoke deflectors during heat up. Before you start putting the pizza together raise the stone up with the spacers. I've found that this is the best way to ensure that the stone gets properly heated and is more in tune with the dome temp come pizza time. My wife went from never eating pizza (she's Asian and didn't grow up with pizza) to her now wanting it every weekend for one of our lunches.
  6. Umai bag in garage fridge

    I took my Coscto Strip Loin out of the Umai bag yesterday after 30 days of dry aging. It went into the bag at 13.6 pounds and came out at 11.3 pounds. I cut the steaks first then trimmed the bark. Even with light trimming I had 3.25 pounds of bark. That’s okay though, a third of that is already simmering for Pho for lunch and the rest is in the freezer for more stock later. I was left with 15, 1” thick steaks about 8oz apiece that were dark red and firm. I got the kamado to 600, seared each side for two minutes, then moved them over the divide and conquer space to come to proper temp. Mine was medium rare and my wife’s was medium. I tossed a chunk of hickory on the coals just before I put them on to get some added flavor. They were very good. Firm, but tender. No hint of funk, just good steak. I may try 35 days next time just because I can.
  7. Umai bag in garage fridge

    A follow up now that I'm back. The Strip Loin looks like it is aging the way it should. There was a mild beef smell when I opened the refrigerator door as seems to be common. The salt I had in the glass dish under the meat was rock solid. We got hit with the 'bomb cyclone' the day we left and the weather reports showed a week or more no higher than the 20s. Before I left I put a thermometer in the fridge that also recorded the high and low temp records, and it stayed between 31.7 and 37 degrees during the 3 weeks I was gone. I'm glad I added the fan and salt as insurance, but there's no way to know if they were really needed or not. The meat will be about 30 days aged on Saturday and that's when I'll take it out of the DryBag, clean it up and fire a couple steaks up on the Joe.
  8. Sourdough 101

    Thanks guys, I will have to try it again.
  9. Sourdough 101

    That looks beautiful. Was it oven baked or kamado? I would like to do sourdough, but don’t care for the keeping and feeding of a starter. Am I right assuming this one has a starter that you ought to keep going? good job..
  10. Duck

    I’ve tried duck twice and haven’t got it right yet. When you rotisseried your duck did you have a drip pan under it, or bank the coals?
  11. Umai bag in garage fridge

    Thanks, that’s good to hear. Happy New Year.
  12. Umai bag in garage fridge

    Hi all, I thought I was being smart and doing everything right as I prepared to start dry aging. I could use extra freezer space so I decided to get a mid size fridge that would give me freezer space and fridge space to dry age. I found one on sale and it showed up yesterday and it’s humming along in my garage. My Umai bags are also here. Then I do more research and find out that Umai and garage fridges don’t do well together in the winter. BTW I’m in Maryland and we are at the edge of the current frigid spell. Teens at night and about 30 now, but single digits next week. My my garage gets to 50 during the day but down to 47 at night, probably lower next week. I’m not worried about the temp of the fridge, I’ve read enough to know that it will be okay. The only thing in the freezer is an 18 pound turkey I just picked up at Walmart for $7. I’m not worried about it thawing in the freezer. My concern though is with airflow and moisture control in the fridge. With it it being so cold the fridge won’t have to work much to maintain a good temp, and without it working normally I’m concerned that there won’t be enough air movement to help absorb the moisture loss from dry aging. To help that I’ve added a glass brownie dish with two pounds of coarse sea salt on the bottom of the fridge. I also just put in a computer case fan that I have on a timer to run for an hour, off for an hour, 24x7. The fan is on the bottom as well facing across the salt. Once the winter breaks I shouldn’t need this, but to get through my first dry age that’s my plan. Any thoughts from those who’ve been there, done that? Thanks.
  13. Jerky Question

    I’ve always heard to stay away from pork as a jerky meat. Maybe my info is dated (Boy Scouts is the 70s) but Trichinosis in pork is only killed by heat.
  14. Umai or not to Umai

    I’m starting my first Umai tomorrow in a new fridge that’s going in my garage. I’m wondering how much of your results are due to not using a bag versus going for 42 days instead of say 28 to 35. Since I’m leaving for three weeks next week I’m hoping that set it up and forget will work okay. I will have 4 days before I leave so I can open the door and let the major moisture out. I hope your next try goes better.
  15. This is why your pizza bombed

    It's 350 grams. You use the same dough mixture for both the quick and the 2 day process he describes. I can vouch that everything that John says about pizza is right on the money. Pizza has been the most pleasant surprise and most commonly cooked food in my Kamado Joe.