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  1. As there wasn't a whole lot to celebrate and enjoy this past year 2020. I'd like to sit back and enjoy one of my favorite Bourbons. And wish you John and all the gurus here a happy and healthy New Year.
  2. Congratulations on your new Joe jr. Sounds like it was a long time coming. Welcome to The Forum!
  3. Congrats! I've been wanting one myself.
  4. I'm all in on that dish. Nicely done.
  5. Wow! What an outstanding looking meal. All of my favorites. I bet you slept well that night.
  6. Your meal looks terrific! Also congratulations on your silver anniversary.
  7. Wonderful looking Seafood cook Glen. I'm sure you guys enjoyed it.
  8. Very nice looking roast and homemade baguette sandwich Rob. It's funny I'm not a really big coffee drinker but I really enjoyed a good coffee rub on beef. The flavors really blend well together.
  9. Welcome! Can't wait to see some of your Cooks.
  10. Is SK wearing that same outfit as the earlier photo and camouflaged against the wall like a chameleon. Now we have to try to find her?
  11. Looks like an excellent meal. All you need is a good ball game and a few beers. I've used that Kosmos Buffalo wing dust in the past. I like it as well.
  12. You may of just squeeze it in in the nick of time to make the challenge but it definitely looks like it was worth it. Very appealing bowl of soup.
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