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  1. Ghost peppers with sweet baby Ray.............niccccce. The whole cook sounds and looks really good.
  2. Great way to maximize what's in your refrig. Nice-looking cook by the way.
  3. The family wanted Pizza on the kamado for dinner. So for this pie I went to my local Brick Oven Pizza restaurant and purchased the dough from them. Came home and brought the Big Joe up to 600°. I actually picked up a soapstone to sear steaks on it but I figured since I had it I would give Pizza a try. I just loved how it came out. Better than my pizza Stone in my opinion. The crust was nice and crisp and the dough was cooked evenly in perfectly.
  4. Congratulations on your new kamado Joe III. Looks like you got it all under control on your first cook.
  5. Welcome and congratulations on your kamado Joe.
  6. Wecome! And congratulations on your first Kamado. You'll be hooked like everyone else here.
  7. I really like this cook KK. Would have loved to been on the taste test team. As always wonderful job.
  8. Yes I'll take the Japanese shrimp scampi and vegetables please. It looks like just another CK restaurant quality meal to me.
  9. Very nice cook. This is the first time I've seen a round zucchini like that myself also.
  10. I definitely could have gone for a couple of those fajitas with that glass of wine. Nice cook. That steak looks perfectly cooked. And that wine is very interesting.
  11. Really nice cook Scott. I love the idea of the injected puree salsa in the pork.
  12. Chicken cooked on the grill over vegetables it's just a wonderful meal. And so is that cook.
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