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  1. I either order mine direct from Fogo charcoal. When I do it's usually the 17 lb black bag or I order jealous devil from BBQ.Com. They ship for free. Sometimes BJ's just started carrying it has well.
  2. Nice entry In2. This is a pretty tough challenge.
  3. Grimaldi's sold its name again. And he reopened in the same spot under the Brooklyn Bridge and now he named it after his mom. Juliana's. Grimaldi's is now on the corner and run by different owners. As a matter of fact there are a few Grimaldi's throughout the city now. Not anywhere as good as the original Patsy Grimaldi owners. But the name brings in all the tourists.
  4. Congratulations on the new BGE. Sounds like the transition to the new kamado will go very smoothly.
  5. I'm in the same camp as you with the pineapple on the pizza. When it comes to Pizza I consider myself a traditionalist.
  6. Well well well well a perfect reverse sear rare cook. Perfectly done Glen.
  7. Looking forward to seeing that rotisserie chicken in action with the devices. I wonder how much more cooking time it will save you then without it?
  8. Love a thin crust. And is that pineapple on that pizza? I would have never pegged you for a pineapple pizza guy Glen. Unless maybe you're enjoying a good rum.
  9. Those ribs definitely look Dynamite! I'm sure after eating those ribs your daughter will be back real soon.
  10. Wow that is some large fish. Nice cook. Looks real delicious.
  11. Very nice cook. I just love chicken on the grill.
  12. Another restaurant looking meal Keeper. I could eat about a dozen of those lamb chops. Best of luck with your new Traeger.
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