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  1. Those look like some mighty fine Pizza pies. Nice cook.
  2. Looks and sounds like a perfect meal. I just love lamb.
  3. Looks delicious. Lamb is one of my favorite Cooks the kamado.
  4. Wow! Now you have a beautiful place to stay when you buy your next grill and Mrs ck throws you out...... All the best! It truly looks amazing.
  5. Definitely good sandwich bread Rob. Would have loved to try some.
  6. Very nice looking plate. The Yorkshire pudding looks very tasty.
  7. Very nice. Looks very appetizing.
  8. I was at my local BJ's Wholesale Club today and noticed that they are now carrying the kamado Joe I. I wonder if Costco will no longer be carrying kamado Joe. I tried looking up on BJ's Wholesale website just to see if they are going to have kamado Joe Roadshow but there was nothing on the site about that.
  9. I also have the kamado Joe ll. I had the same issue with my tower control vent. They covered it under the warranty. The replacement I had lasted about a year or so and the same thing has happened to the replacement. I justed wire brushed it and kept on using it.
  10. I was looking for a different way to make short ribs than to just slow cook and smoke them. I came across John Setzler's video on Texas short ribs and thought I would give it a try. Well I have to say the ribs came out excellent. They looked, smelled and tasted amazing as well as fall a part tender. Thanks John.
  11. That's one real nice-looking steak Glen! Really nice photos and your video is as entertaining as always. Now I'm in the mood for steak and scotch.
  12. Two slices of pepperoni and a pint of Sam Adams, please. Really nice-looking pies Brandon. Looks nice and crisp. .
  13. Boy, does that look Good.
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