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  1. Wow! That's some turkey. Not only the size but the $.039 per pound price as well. I doubt I can find a turkey out here on Long Island for that price. I was just in Costco and they had a Butterball turkey for $0.99 a pound.
  2. Ron5850

    The best beef ever?

    Wow! That's some marbling. I can't imagine how much a pound that may be? Looks like they have all their meat on salt blocks.
  3. Ron5850

    Same Day Olive Bread

    I love olive bread. If that taste half as good as it looks it must have been amazing.
  4. Ron5850

    New addition to the family

    Yes congratulations on your new kamado Joe.
  5. Ron5850

    Learnin' as I go

    Yum! Those pies look wonderful! I just love pizza on the kamado. Nicely done.
  6. Ron5850


    I've been using a rotisserie on my gas Weber for years. And love it. So when I decided to buy a kamado Big Joe the company I bought it from was offering a free joetisserie with the purchase. To me it was a must-have. It gives you another cooking option on your cooker.
  7. Ron5850

    BB Ribs

    Nicely done. Looks like people in your household had a real nice meal.
  8. Ron5850

    Drink Smoker

    Another nice cocktail.Enjoy.
  9. Ron5850


    This 6 lb brisket was just seasoned with salt pepper and Montreal seasoning. Smoked with hickory an apple wood for about eight and a half hours at 250 degrees to the internal temperature hit 205°f. It was wrapped in aluminum foil and sat in a cooler for about 4 hours. I have to say it's still was pretty hot by the time we ate it. This is the first brisket I've done in a real real long time and I feel it came out really great.
  10. Ron5850

    Drink Smoker

    What what what, did someone say Islay single malt scotch?
  11. Wonderful looking cook. I bet those potatoes came out fabulous in that cast iron skillet catching the wonderful drippings of the pork and bacon. I also love the idea of doing apple dumplings on the kamado.
  12. Ron5850

    1st time ribs In forever

    Looks like you guys enjoyed some nice ribs on a festive day.
  13. Ron5850

    Smoked + Sous Vide Brisket

    Looks amazing.
  14. Excellent cook. That's one hell of a nice money shot.. looks like it's right out of the little white box....... but better.