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  1. Ron5850

    Pastrami and Ribs

    Love the cook KK. It all looks fantastic. Pastrami is one of my favorite sandwiches. Oh yes! Pastrami on rye with some spicy mustard. Or with sauerkraut and mustard.................you got me in the mood for a pastrami sandwich now. I'm going to the deli.
  2. Ron5850

    Simply Sunday chicken breast

    Looks good BW.
  3. Ron5850

    Brisket and bits n pieces

    Looks truly wonderful. Another nice cook.
  4. Ron5850

    Peri Peri Roti Chicken

    Wonderful looking chicken KK! Love the color. I love using my rotisserie. I have and older one for my Weber gasser and a joetisserie for my Kamado Joe as well. Since I got my kamado the Weber one doesn't get much use anymore. I have to say they are worth every penny that they cost.
  5. Nicely done. Looks very appetizing.
  6. Looks like a true bbq plate. Nice cook.
  7. Ron5850

    Sunday Wings

    They look very flavorful to me. And a little heat on wings are always good.
  8. Ron5850

    Pulled Pork..... Loin????

    That pork looks really good to me. And I love how you used it for many different meals. I need to learn to reinvent what I have left over.
  9. Ron5850

    Best homemade pizza yet....

    Nice looking pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite things on the kamado. I also have never seen a 2017 kamado Joe in Black. I'm wondering if they only sell them out of the states. Enjoy!
  10. Ron5850

    Bone in Pork Roast

    Please don't be late.
  11. Ron5850

    Belated Thanksgiving Post

    That turkey looks fantastic. Love that mahogany color on the skin.
  12. Ron5850


    that duck looks wonderful! I love duck myself.
  13. Beautiful color on both the ribs and the poppers. Very appetizing Pesto!
  14. I saw this bone in Pork Roast at Bj's the other day for $20.00. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. So I picked it up and brought it home. I marinated it in fresh Sage,Rosemary, thyme, garlic,Salt and Pepper in extra virgin olive oil for about 3 hours. Cook it in directly on the Big Joe at about 375°f for two and a half hours. Until the internal temperature hit 140° f. It was worth every bit of that $20 and then some.
  15. Ron5850

    Napping on short ribs

    I came home from work early the other day. I had some short ribs in the refrigerator. And I knew the family wasn't going to be home till about 7 p.m. So I figured I had the time to cook them. I season them with salt and pepper and some coffee steak seasoning that I had. I preheated the kamado to 250°f. Place them on the grill at 2 p.m. with a little hickory smoke. Figuring it would take approximately 4 hours to cook for tenderness and internal temperature should be about 200°f. So I did some things around the house till about 4 pm. The plan was working out great until I decided to sit down to watch TV. The next thing I realized I was waking up from a really good afternoon power nap and it was 6:45 p.m. Well I must have ruined the ribs I thought. I ran outside and check the internal temperature of the ribs. They were already at 210 degrees. I have to say they really didn't to turn out as dry as I thought they would be. They definitely came out okay considering.