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  1. Great looking cook. I'll have to be a pole vaulter to meet that bar.
  2. Wings, Wings, and More Wings. This is the second full load of wings on the Big Joe.
  3. The exact same thing has happened to me on several occasions. Also happens when I take the grates out and divide and conquer assembly. And this is a replacement ring.
  4. I used this recipe that I saw DerHusker posted back in 2017. He originally used it for a tri-tip. Unfortunately tri-tip is not too common in my part of the woods. So I decided to try it on a London broil. And I must say it came out with fantastic results. I started out putting a light coat of Worcester sauce on the meat. Adding ground himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper as well as some Killer Hogs steak rub. I had some fresh Rosemary growing in the yard which I finely chopped and added to the steak as well. DerHusker recommended marinating the meat for 8 hours but I didn't have that much time and only marinated it for 3 hours. I set up the Big Joe for two Zone cooking. Cook the meat at 250 degrees on the indirect side with some pecan chunks added to the charcoal till the internal temperature of a London broil hit 112°f. Removed the London broil brought the kamado's temperature up to about 550° and seared the London broil on each side for approximately 3 minutes. Remove the meat from the grill and I let it rest for approximately 15 minutes before serving. Thanks DerHusker!
  5. I'll have to slice with the fresh basil please.
  6. I'm sure cooking it over wood must have brought it to a whole different level. I actually saw that episode on TV and always wanted to give it a try. Looks like and sounds like you nailed it.
  7. Looks very appealing. Something I would definitely order at a restaurant. Love the bourbon Cask balsamic vinegar.
  8. My absolute favorite rotisserie cook has to be leg of lamb. And yes even with the bone. It truly comes out amazing.
  9. Thank you Rob. I'm not usually a whole fish kind of person but I really did enjoy this a lot.
  10. I started off smoking these two bad boys with maple wood for about 15 to 20 minutes then grilled them to an internal temperature of a perfectly flaky 140°. I season the outside of the fish with a combination of salt pepper lime juice and olive oil. In the cavity was placed lime slices, fresh oregano, fresh dill, and fresh rosemary. The skin came out nice and crisp with that hint of chard taste from the grill.While the meat of the fish came out nicely and moist.
  11. Very beautiful looking pie. Would have loved to try a slice of that.
  12. Congratulations! Looks like you have a nice Army of kamados.
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