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  1. Ron5850

    Nothing but WFO money!

    How did I miss this thread? Wow all those cooks and pizzas look phenomenal from your oven If I saw those at a Buffet I would have to be a glutton and try every one of them.
  2. Ron5850

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Timberline 850

    Man do those things look golden. I bet you they taste even better.
  3. Ron5850

    Pizza kinda night.

    Tasting looking pizzas no matter how you slice it.
  4. Ron5850

    Big Joe Pizza

    Nice looking pies. I use either semolina or cornmeal on the bottom of the peel and on the pizza stone so that way it slides on and off very easily. It works like little ball bearings I love doing Pizza on the Big Joe. I would make them almost everyday if my family would eat them.
  5. Very nice cook. That's one beautiful looking plate.
  6. Sofrito Grilled Swordfish with Mixed Grilled Vegetables I started out making my rendition of Sofrito with a barbeque twist. The Sofrito consists of fresh cilantro, red onion, lemon juice, garlic, salt/pepper, evoo, smoked pepricha, and cayenne pepper for spice. Grilled the swordfish that was basted with the Sufrito for 4 to 6 minutes each side. Grilled vegetables were also basted with the Sufrito.
  7. Very nice plate. Looks and sounds marvelous . I don't think I've ever eaten dragon fruit.
  8. Ron5850


    Seafood paella is probably one of my favorite dishes. You definitely did that dish Justice.
  9. Amazing looking plate. I love that shrimp and risotto.
  10. Ron5850

    Surf and Turf and Surf

    You supposed to make food that the family likes . Whether you like it or not. It's in the fine print of the wife / mother contract. Page 202 paragraph 1. You must have forgot that line when you were signing the contract. wonderful looking cook by the way.
  11. Ron5850

    Hot pretzels

    Homemade dough. It was a recipe I believe I've gotten from a newspaper about 20 years ago. I would make them in the oven from time to time. Thought I would give it a try in the kamado. When I was a kid and I would go to a sporting event they always sold pretzels on a charcoal grill outside around the stadium. It was funny they had a shopping cart full of pretzels and the grill laid across the top of the cart.They would take the pretzels from the cart place them on the grill and you would have that Smokey bbq taste on the pretzels. They were fantastic.
  12. Ron5850

    Hot pretzels

    I believe Larry and his other brother Larry definitely seen their last pretzel.
  13. Ron5850

    Hot pretzels

    I definitely like the way you think.
  14. Ron5850

    Hot pretzels

    After shaping the pretzels I did dunk them in a bath of shimmering hot water and baking soda. Place them on the screen and salted them. Next time I'm going to put them directly on a pizza stone or on the pizza screen with parchment paper. Some of the pretzels did stick on the pizza screen.
  15. Ron5850

    Chicken pot pie

    Boy does that look good! They definitely wouldn't last long in my household.