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  1. Ron5850

    Vegetarian BBQ

    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this all turns out. I have some friends who are vegetarian and I would love to surprise them with some thing like that
  2. Ron5850

    Sausage crust pizza

    This is definitely on my to do list. Love it
  3. Ron5850

    Carne Crosta Ribeye

    That is one nice looking ribeye my friend!
  4. Ron5850

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Nice-looking pies KJ. That little bit of char really adds wonderful flavor to the pizza
  5. Looks like Brooklyn's in the house to me. Nice job
  6. My mom use to bread those zucchini flowers. Fry them for us and we would dip them in marinara sauce. All those years and I never thought of putting them on a pizza. Beautiful looking pie and great idea.
  7. Ron5850

    Fajitas and brats

    Well done. I love brats on the kamado. Especially with just a kiss of smoke
  8. Ron5850

    First fish cook on the Classic

    That fish and those carrots look wonderful! Enjoy those flowers while they last.
  9. I used to make these all the time with my mom when I was a kid. Thanks for the trip back! Nice job!
  10. Ron5850

    Just ribs

    You can say snooty. I say it all the time.
  11. Ron5850

    Just ribs

    I've looked high and low for this bottle for a long time and was never able to find it.
  12. Ron5850

    Just ribs

    Thanks KK. We always love company.
  13. Ron5850

    Graduation Party Pulled Pork

    Dido What Scott said.be proud
  14. Ron5850

    Just ribs

    I started out on Sunday making just ribs for the family on the Big Joe. A few weeks earlier I was in the local supermarket and I happen to see for the first time anywhere that blue bottle of Parkay I heard so much about. I bought it and figured one day I'll try it on ribs. This Sunday was the day. I did my normal routine with ribs and cooked it basically the same way except when it was time to wrap the ribs. I squeezed out a few lines of the blue bottle Parkay on the aluminum foil sprinkled some brown sugar and a small drizzle of honey. Placed my ribs meat side down in it. Wrapped the ribs up and put them back on the grill. I have to say they did come out very moist and flavorful with a little bit of tug on the meat. Most definitely going to use that blue bottle again if I'm able to find it
  15. Ron5850

    Bird on a Joetisserie

    I love chicken on the kamado. And even more on the joetisserie. Nice looking bird. Does that Joe basket come with something to lift the basket out of the Firebox to shake? I don't see any large handles on it to lift it out with your hands. Or do you just use those little rings with your fingers to lift it up to shake?