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  1. Thankyou KK. I don't know if it's a New York / Italian bakery thing. But I remember being a kid and going to the bakery with my mom and the woman behind the counter would either give me a cookie or a chocolate bread roll. I've only seen them in small football-shaped rolls never in a loaf. We had friends over the day I made it. And that and the provolone cheese with port wine was a big hit. There was nothing left for the next day.
  2. Beautiful looking pastrami. I know what I'm going to be getting for lunch tomorrow.
  3. Very nice entry. That bread looks delicious.
  4. I have been wanting to do bread for such a long time, but I kept putting it off. This challenge forced me to stop procrastinating and finally make some sort of bread. This recipe originated from Addeo Bakers on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, NY. However, I modified the recipe somewhat. I started off with three cups of bread flower and added a half cup of cocoa as well as a half cup of sugar to the mixer. Once mixed, I added the dissolved yeast and egg yolk. I kept it in the mixer until the dough became tacky. At that point, I added my Grand Marnier soaked raisins. Once the raisins were in
  5. I just love cinnamon rolls. I can't walk by a Cinnabon store in the mall without picking up one. Yours looks extremely delicious. Very nice entry.
  6. Garlic bread with mozzarella.......... whats not to like. That bread wouldn't have made it to the dinner table in my house.
  7. I bet it did taste fantastic because it absolutely looked fantastic.
  8. Very appetizing looking ribeye.
  9. For the dough I started with my go to dough. Ken Forkish bar pizza dough which I made 2 days ago. Assembled the pie and tried to get the dough is thin as possible. Now ready for the launch. super thin. and cheesey as well.
  10. Yes I agree 100%. Pizza on a kamado is fantastic. And it truly isn't that hard to do. And if it was up to me I'd cook it to three times a week. By the way you're pie looks delicious.
  11. Very nice marbling on those steaks. And the final outcome looks fantastic. Nice job with the steaks.
  12. I have done two chickens on my big Joe many times. If you are concerned about space instead of putting the rod through the birds cavity why don't you put the rod through the side of the bird so the bird is vertical instead of horizontal. That should give you plenty of room for two birds.
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