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  1. Clinton

    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    Thanks mate. I usually go to Farro, but good to know what else is out there. great tip on the brisket. I've been struggling to find that and it's on my bucket list. Yeah, I don't like buying imported meat.
  2. Thanks guys. Very useful advice. I think I might go with something like the fire board so I can add fan control later if I want to. Part of the fun will be learning how to control the temp! And yes it's addictive! Cooked both days in every weekend so far. No disasters yet but ribs always seem to be a bit over.
  3. Clinton

    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    Now there's a challenge! Not sure we have too much that you wouldn't be able to find. Lamb maybe for the North Americans?
  4. Clinton

    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    Thanks. Ha, I'm in Mt Eden too. Favourite place to get meat?
  5. Hi, I've had a kamado joe big joe for about 4 weeks and I'm thinking of buying an electronic grill thermometer with meat is probe as well. The Smoke by thermoworks looks good. I was wondering whether it's worth getting something with a fan controller as well. Any thoughts on whether the extra $ is worthwhile. If so, any recommendations? Many thanks.
  6. Hi, I bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe about 4 weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to picking up lots of tips.