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  1. I have an A-Maz-in smoker tube I use to cold smoke cheese. Can salmon be smoke the same way? And how long typically? Does it need to be brined or rubbed?
  2. Thank you...that's good info about holding temps. So if I start with one Royal Oak starter cube right in the middle of the top of a full firebox, and run both vents wide open till, say, it reaches 400° and then shut most of the way down, letting the temp rise to approx. 475° and then shut down both vents to 1, I should be to maintain that 475° without much further adjusting? Or is there a better strategy? Follow up question: How long do you need to hold at a specific temp, before you know it is stable?
  3. Has anyone used refractory cement to patch or repair chipped fireboxes or plate setters, etc? What is a good product brand that is safe for high temp cooking...and strong?
  4. Bump...just need a starting setting
  5. Looking to do my first pizza on the Akorn. What are suggested vent settings top and bottom for 450° - 550°?
  6. I thought I had read somewhere here on this forum about a fairly inexpensive SS grid that fit the Akorn? I see 19-1/2" inch grids on Amazon (although they are hinged) but I also see reviews that say 19-1/2" doesn't really fit securely. Anyone have any idea for a SS replacement cooking grid for the Akorn? I want to do pizza and don't want to burn off the seasoning on my CI grid.
  7. DWFII

    Pizza Ring

    I'll be interested in hearing your experiences. I looked at that and thought it was a good idea. Too bad it doesn't have a sliding "door" or something
  8. Anyone have a part number or a suggestion for an unhinged SS cooking grid to replace the CI grid on the Akorn?
  9. DWFII

    pizza stone

    Thank you--that looks amazing. It's more than a little bit pricier than I was expecting but not totally out of the question.
  10. Looking for some recommendations regarding pizza stones for the Akorn. I need one about 15" (or 16") in diameter. I was thinking cast Iron but a thick ceramic or cordite (?) might do--I would like to avoid cracking. Presently I use a sourdough that is high heat enough to cook in a 450 degree oven. I saw a cast iron on Amazon but it had handles that must add another 4" in diameter. All advice appreciated.
  11. What's the Weber part number for that grate, if I may ask. what's the size?
  12. DWFII

    The random pictures thread...

    Commercially manufactured shoes.
  13. DWFII

    Pizza Stone Where? and Pizza Sticking to stone

    From what I understand the diffuser can be place on the "firebox" or the grid but either way there must be a space between the diffuser and a second stone or steel. I haven't done a pizza yet but I understand the concept...which is consistent across many boards (forums) talking about cooking pizza on a kamado. And it helps if your dough is a "high heat" dough.
  14. Why do you put the smokin' stone on the main cooking grid? Just so you'll have a stable platform for the copper coupling? Or does raising the diffuser up and closer to the pizza stone help in some way?