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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question...I appreciate the kindness.
  2. I apologize if this was silly question (it must of been judging by the number of replies) but someone on another forum suggested the KJ firebox would fit and since it is already split, it seemed like the risk of cracking and so forth might be minimal. Still if someone knows one way or the other, I would appreciate an answer...just to put this notion to bed.
  3. and if so, what are the chances of finding a used one that is intact at a decent price? (mods if this is in the wrong spot please feel free to move it...
  4. Which pizza stone do you use?

    Well, I defer to you...and/or @John Setzler if that is indeed his position. I am no expert and an absolute clueless newbie when it comes to pizza on the kamado. That said, my wife has been making pizza in a regular oven on a regular basis for over 40 years. And we get a crispy crust (and one that stays crispy) every time. We attribute it to a pizza stone we had thrown for us that self same 40 years ago. We have tried steel pizza sheets (the one with all the ventilated holes) and it's just not the same. (oh and she also uses a pretty generous amount of sauce...which in my experience can contribute to soggy crusts...and "sprinkles" EVOO on the top during the cook.) FWIW....
  5. Which pizza stone do you use?

    The thing about the steel or a CI griddle for pizza is, as @John Setzler said, is that a pizza stone will "pull" a little moisture out of the crust...making it crisper. For those who like a crisp crust (and dislike a soggy crust) a pizza stone is the way to go...IMO.
  6. Manual Can Opener

    We have one of those that cut into the sealing band from the side, leaving a smooth, safe edge. Once we got it, we never looked back. Best investment ever--open a can of beans, or a can of dog food, whatever, take out what you need, put the lid back in place and wrap a rubber band over the can vertically. Put the can in the fridge--it's near-as-nevermind sealed as well as it was before the can was opened. And if you're particularly thrifty, you can use the can again...once you wash out all that fruit cocktail, that is.
  7. Stainless steel grate

    Do you have a pic of your "2 stone method" for the Akorn? I want to do pizza frequently and I like CI for most other cooks so... PS...I have the smoking stone. Will your two stone method work with it?
  8. I am about to purchase a pellet tray or tube for cold smoking. I have an Akorn. So far so good. But I read on the Egghead forum that when cold smoking with the pellet tray, the vent cap is entirely off and the bottom vents wide open. It would be inconvenient, to say the least, to un-bolt the vent cap on an Akorn and take it off. Obviously just opening the vent cap all the way is not the same, in terms of air flow, as taking the cap entirely off. Does the vent cap on the Akorn open wide enough to not restrict smoke? I'm interested in the practical mechanics of this and wondering how the Akorn performs with a cold smoke.
  9. Title says it all... I don't know how many times during the years i have grilled brats or burgers or even steaks with the lid open at least in some portion of the cook. Seeing as how the dome has to be burped every time you want to "get in there" how practical is it to grill with the lid open. What's the pros and cons.
  10. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    Thanks. The fire grate on the full size Akorn is 12" in diameter so even the 5" x 8" pellet tray will fit. But I think the 6" x 6" tray might be perfect. Or a couple of 12" tubes.
  11. WTB: lg. BGE parts

    ^ Thanks for taking the time. Been there, done that. Somethings I will probably be forced to get through a dealer. What I'm looking for are used parts--salvage or warranty replacements that are still functional.
  12. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    Thanks, I was just wondering about physical dimensions and how the 6x6 tray would fit in the bottom of the Akorn firebox. I suspect that the charcoal grate is just about 6" in diameter (the rig is in the shed and a little hard to get to--I didn't measure the grate exactly). Can't decide on the tray or the oval expanding tube. I was figuring that I'd try to do a seasoning this weekend and then maybe some smoked cheese.
  13. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    @K'man Your avatar says you have an Akorn. Have you used that pellet tray in the first post in the Akorn? Will it fit? What size is it? Or is a pellet tube enough to smoke cheese? How long a tube will fit? Thanks
  14. WTB: lg. BGE parts

    I have a lg BGE (inherited...no warranty) that I am looking to refurbish. My firebox is in many pieces, the fire ring is cracked, the hinge band is old and tired. I have no rain cap. I have no cooking grid. I have no therm. I am wishing for a coneggtor/plate setter. I need a cover. Ultimately, I want usable, functional parts but don't want to spend big bucks until I am sure I can get this rig up and running and feel comfortable with kamado cooking. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks. I saw that my Cg Smokin' Pro has something similar. But it's not really what I had in mind. I want a rack for the Akorn that will allow different level of cooking. Specifically to raise a pizza stone a very little bit further up into the dome, for instance. Something like this: https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/big-green-egg-large-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store/products/large-adjustable-rig-pair-crossbars-bge I suspect that with a couple of half moon potters kiln shelves you could set up an indirect grilling situation very nicely.