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  1. What's that grid the cheese is sitting on?
  2. Does anyone use a smoker tube and pellets to cold smoke cheese? What do you do when you have a firebox full or half full of lump? Do you take all the lump out? Can you put the tube on top of the lump or on the plate setter?
  3. @K'man Thanks. I thought the cherry would just be a good all around mild smoke...even on beef in a pinch (I love pulled beef...almost as much as pulled pork). Seems like I saw a video or post by John Setzler (?) that suggested you really didn't need much, if any, wood with kamados and lump. Something along the lines of "the lump itself will provide all the smoke flavour you need or want."
  4. I hope that I did not make a mistake in purchasing 10 lbs. of the cherry and apple blend. I do like cherry, esp. on poultry, and I think it will be good on pork, so I'm sure it will be used.But I didn't anticipate the question generating so much helpful and generous advice (..."if past is prologue"...) and got impatient. Thanks for the help...
  5. Hello from Missouri!

    Welcome. FWIW...I grew up in Rolla. In the 40's and 50's.
  6. I'm not sure what you're saying. These pellets are made specifically for grilling/BBQ. Specs on the pellets are this: Lumber Jack Fruitwood is 80% Sweet wild cherry and 20% apple to provide a sweet, fruity smoke that leaves a nice rosy color on your food.Good with pork, seafood, poultry, or game birds.No oils, sprays, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients! Made from 80% Cherry and 20% Apple Wood Trees, not just residual wood. Made using the bark and cambium layer of trees. This is the area where the most flavor in a tree resides. Made in a smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area. 80% Pure Cherry and 20% Pure Apple Wood Easy to Carry Made in U.S.A. The link to the product (Fruitwood Blend at the bottom of the page) is : https://bbqpelletsonline.com/index.php/products/our-pellets/lumber-jack-bbq-pellets Having said all that, I go back to my original question: What do you recommend? What brand and what wood?
  7. @K'man Thank you. You always take the time to respond, even when my questions come out of left field. I appreciate that. I didn't know what kind of further response I was going to get here, so today i ordered a ten pound bag of Lumberjack Fruitwood Blend--80% cherry and 20% apple ($15.99). It is not flavoured. It is 100% the wood indicated. Which I am told some pellets are not. While I'm at it...I can call A-Maze-N, if no one knows...I am wondering if I can fill my tube smoker and toss it in with my lump during a low and slow? I suppose I would have to light it same as if I were cold smoking --separately from the lump, in other words.
  8. I thought i would go with apple, I'm not sure. And I don't want apple flavoured, for example (hate that idea) and I don't think I want a mix of apple and some other wood. So I'm looking for advice...including a brand. I have an A-maze-n tube smoker. Somewhat worried about keeping it lit, I read somewhere that some brands, and maybe some woods, burn better or longer.
  9. One of those wheels (the one opposite the latch and handle) is relatively very small...and also has a locking mechanism. If you're moving an Akorn over uneven ground or onto/off a patio, it only makes sense not to "plow" that small wheel through the grass. For small moves...like a foot or so...all three wheels down is OK but for larger moves it's simply not efficient. It's like a moving dolly--it's meant to be tilted back over large wheels to distribute the weight evenly and to navigate uneven ground or even stairs, etc.. I don't know, the mechanics of not tilting the grill over the big wheels when moving it, just doesn't make sense to me....
  10. A little OT but the design of the latch is severely flawed on the Akorn, IMO. Not so much the sealing or lack of it, but the business with the lid "flopping open" I know of one instance with the stand -alone Akorn where the lid was accidentally left unlatched and the whole bottom half crashed to the floor when the Akorn was tilted over the wheels to be moved. And the owner was left standing there holding the handle, and the lid at about waist height. From what I know of this incident the whole bottom half was bent so severely that the grill was unusable. I noticed that the latch on the Akorn-on-a-cart has a somewhat improved, spring activated latch that, theoretically at least, latches itself. But, ironically, it is not really needed on the cart version. But when the Akorn is mounted on the three legs with the wheels under the handle, it's a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. Kickash basket

    How did you make the template? How did you put it together? SS wire? Welding? Do you have photos?
  12. KAB on Akorn

    I understand. That said, think of how much easier it would be...and cleaner, and tidier...if a guy could just lift a basket full of lump out of the Akorn, set it aside for a couple of hours (maybe shake the ash off at the same time) smoke some cheese and then set the basket back into the firebox/bowl, all in one or two motions. And one more motion to simply light the coals for another cook. I have been thinking that if I were really adventurous i could make a firebowl insert of expanded steel and stainless steel wire to do the same thing. [shrug]...not "needed" for sure but maybe real convenient.
  13. KAB on Akorn

    Geeze, I thought I posted an answer to this question a day or so ago... But if this question was for me, I haven't started to cold smoke yet although this is ideal weather. But I have an A-Maze-n expandable pellet tube smoker device...and a firebowl full of lump.
  14. KAB on Akorn

    Expensive they are and perhaps not really needed, I don't know. My thought was that it would make taking the charcoal out of the cooker easy, and potting it back in even easier. I would like to cold smoke cheese in-between regular cooks. But that means removing the charcoal from the Akorn firebowl...only to put it back in several hours later. If the KAB fits into the Akorn well, it might be a good solution.