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  1. Well guys my bromingo came over and we got it so you take your wrench and hold the flat of the screw. Then you put your wrench on the bottom bolt and turn it clockwise
  2. Hey Ben. The manual isn’t much Help. As soon as I figure this out I’m making a video of it and will be a YouTube success
  3. I did that this AM. Just seeing reallly if anyone had any other suggestions
  4. It just closes will not stay open period
  5. I’ve been turning clockwise
  6. Burger, Do you have a big joe or a classic?
  7. Thanks for the response. That’s what I’ve been doing. You are talking about the top one? I’ve held the bottom with pliers and turn the top with a wrench and they seem to be getting closer to each other but nothing is changing
  8. I’m having this issue where my lid will not stay open. My joe is 2 weeks old. It’s the 2017 version. I’ve tried reading online to find a fix and I’m just stuck what I have tried to do so far is hold the bottom bolt and take the top but and screw it counter clockwise(doing it is just weird and awkward ). The top and bottom never touched but they got close. I figured I wasn’t doing anything when I noticed nothing had change. Can an anyone be if any help. I’ll even trade you one of my recipes
  9. Bbqguys.com will give a free jotesserie
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