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  1. Irish Smoker

    First overnight smoke

    I’ve heard of issues with the spring on the TTT getting gummed up from the smoke over time. Have you had this issue?... I’ve been thinking of getting one myself.
  2. Irish Smoker

    Stainless steel grate

    Nice post... I like the cast iron but prefer the small dia. stainless for burgers and steaks.
  3. Irish Smoker

    Got my first butt going

    Thanks skreef
  4. Irish Smoker

    Got my first butt going

    I thought about doing that but was scared it would dry out the meat, I will defiantly try that next time. Do you start out low and crank it up a few hours in or do you start that high?
  5. Irish Smoker

    Got my first butt going

    I was very happy with how it turned out.. great flavor and the texture was spot on. My original plan was to not foil but once it hit the stall at around 160 I had no choice but to foil in order to get it finished in time for the friends and family that were coming over. I would have preferred more bark so next time I’ll allow for more time. 10hrs was the total time plus another 1hr to rest in the cooler. Thanks for all the positive feedback I can’t wait for the next one.
  6. Irish Smoker

    Got my first butt going

    7hrs in and an IT of 155*, I open up for first time and give it quick spritz of apple juice. Akorn temp has been up and down between 230-260. Left the bottom vent alone at about .75 since the start and very so slightly tweaking the top about an 1/8” either way about once an hour. It’s gusty here this morning so I imagine that is contributing to the variances as well but hey what fun would it be if I couldn’t tinker with it right? Can’t wait to get this bad boy off later.
  7. Just under 11 lbs...Got it on just before 4am.. 29 degrees outside, more pics later
  8. Irish Smoker

    New Akorn w/table from HD

    Planning to do a Boston butt for 10+hrs in the morning on my Akorn.. I’ll report how things turned out and how steady it held temp.
  9. Irish Smoker

    New ceramic Akorn is here...

    Really interested to see how this compares to the Vision.
  10. Irish Smoker

    New Akorn w/table from HD

    Really?... From posts I’ve seen you make in the past you have seemed to talk favorably of the Akorn. Why the change in tune now?
  11. Irish Smoker

    New Akorn w/table from HD

    I got ya... yeah that wouldn’t work with the table, I’m sure there is something similar you just need to measure.
  12. Irish Smoker

    New Akorn w/table from HD

    This is the one I got off Amazon for mine a few weeks ago, I got the 30” dia. for $19 and the fit is excellent. It has a drawstring at the bottom to sinch up and prevent wind from getting under it. It’s waterproof and good material. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F8V2VIE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_j2doAbRFXDDF2
  13. Irish Smoker

    Got my First Ribs going

    Gotta say I was very happy with how they turned out. I kept it simple, about 4.5 hrs total @ about 250-265, no foil. Sauced at the end on high heat. They could have stood another 30 mins cook time but I can’t complain.... Now I’m hooked.
  14. Irish Smoker

    Got my First Ribs going

    After 3 hrs... getting ready to sauce
  15. Irish Smoker

    Got my First Ribs going

    Upstate near Spartanburg