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  1. Google mini WSM, unless of course you're set on a Kamado style grill. Folks use a Smokey Joe and tamale pot to make a cool looking little smoker that reportedly puts out great results. Love my Joe Jr. but don't know if I'd want to travel with it.
  2. I had to member up to get mine, hopefully it’ll work out. I would happily head north thin weekend to let you use my card but I think I’m going to get stuck out of town for work. best of luck
  3. I have never smoked cheese in a Kamado, I use my propane tin box. I am throwing out a caution though. Even though that tin box has no insulation it is hard to keep the temperature down in the sun. I would imagine a Kamado would be even tougher to keep temperatures down. Good luck!
  4. Thank you, I'm very excited. As I was walking in there was a couple heading out with a flatbed cart loaded down with lump and two joetisseries I tried to work the rep for a free bag but since he knew I was sold on the JR when I walked up I was denied. Had to try though.
  5. Look what followed me home today! They were $399 at the show. I got it home and unboxed but won't be able to cook on it till next weekend. The Jr was my birthday present to me but the wife got me a Cajun Bandit rotisserie for our Webber kettle so it's chicken (hear favorite grill dish) in the spit for tomorrow's cook. Then I leave for the week on Monday. It will give me time to plan
  6. FYI They are at the Greenwood warehouse starting yesterday and going through next week.
  7. I youtubed a video that help me with the Papa Murphy program. Essentially put some corn starch on the stone, place the pizza/ pan combo on it and let it go for 2-3 minutes then pull the pan out. Keep an eye on the pie through the top vent is another tip I mined from the net. Good luck with the new cooker
  8. Good looking cook! I had never had buttermilk pie until a couple months ago at Marks Feed Store in Louisville, good stuff. We will be trying that soon. Who makes that second tier rack? I'm thinking I need one for my kettle.
  9. What do they usually charge for a Joe Jr. at the roadshows? There is one coming to Indy next month and a good deal may just find one in my arsenal of cookers
  10. Ouch! That's a drag. Hopefully another Primo owner will stop in and give you a tip on how to get that to work next time.
  11. Thank you sir. I'm more of a chicken leg guy than wings, more meat, less work. The guests made short work of them while mumbling approval
  12. I didn't get any pictures of the cook because it was dark out and it was 10 degrees with about a 10mph wind. Those factors caused me some grief with temperature control. But the results; Chicken lollipops and jalapeño poppers. I also did a Pappa Murphy's pizza but no pics
  13. Thanks folks, I appreciate the insight. When I first read those internet posts it seemed kind of dicey to me. Sounds like pizza once once a month or so is the way to go. I like it!
  14. As a new BGE owner thanks for this insight. I have heard on another forum of doing a vents wide open burn to cook residual grease. Have you or others done that?
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