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  1. Thanks guys and my wife is actually on her way home with a akorn for me right now. Wall Mart had it in stock and for 247. I'm pretty excited. Ordered a cover and smoking stone online. Also some of the felt gasket that was mentioned in the mod section along with some high temp rtv made for grills and smokers. Just so I have it all when I'm putting it together. Although even without modifications I probably won't know what to do with the chamber being sealed as well as it is compared to my old hand me downs haha. Looking forward to the weekend! Should all be here then
  2. Hi I'm new to the group and looking at purchasing a Char griller akorn to introduce my self to kamado. I'm not new to grilling or smoking but want to give kamados a try. I currently have a offset vertical smoker a webber kettle and a offset barrel smoker. All of which have pretty much been given to me over the years and have produced good tasting food! Mainly looking to kamado to drastically reduce charcoal and wood consumption and also hold more consistent temps for longer. What I have works but there all pretty wore out.
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