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  1. I’ve looked at the BGE & KJ side by side at my local Kitchen & Company store, no comparison for me, I prefer the KJ. I really want a KJ, especially a Big Joe but pricing seems to be the same (msrp or map?) wherever I look. It’s expensive especially when compared to a Vision but I feel it’s worth it. No road shows in sight for me in NH & not many dealers that are willing to work on price or even have stock so If I can find a deal I’ll buy the KJ but if not for the money the Vision is looking pretty good. Buy the grill you really want now so you don’t wish you did later is the best advice I can give.
  2. I wish my local Lowe’s had one of these in stock so I could see it in person. I really like the top vent design, looks like it would be perfect in the rain. The grates appear to be good quality as well.
  3. Surprised I’m not seeing more chat on this one? I bought a steel Akorn last November & it has changed my life (for the better of course) I’m selling my gas Webber as soon as the weather breaks. I can’t imagine going back to gas & with all the folks like me who’ve gotten bitten by the Kamado bug I figured there’d be a lot of discussion about this version seeing how it’s the logical next step up price wise.
  4. Fishwater

    Pit Boss K22 - $169 at Walmart

    So frustrating, every time I see one of these smoking deals they don’t apply in my local area. I don’t understand how a national chain like Walmart will run a clearance one region but not all? Oh well, glad someone got a deal, congrats!
  5. Fishwater

    New guy from New Hampshire

    Thanks guys, glad to be here!
  6. Fishwater

    Christmas Table giveaway winner

    Dang it, just saw this. Oh well, congrats to the winner.
  7. Fishwater

    Pork shoulder on Kingsford?

    I’ve cooked more butts than I can remember on Kingsford blue & white in my WSM as well as my kettle, it works excellent in those but I know lump is recommended in the kamado. I always preferred how consistent the blue & white bags are vs lump when using the Minion method for overnight cooks in the Weber’s.
  8. Fishwater

    Free Table Contest Update

    My fingers are crossed, if I win I’ll have to finally buy the Kamado Joe I’ve been eying since there’s no way I’d want to shame that fancy table with my Akorn. My wife will just love me even more once I explain it, ha!
  9. Fishwater

    Kamado Joe Classic I - $655 (Amazon)

    I checked it this morning when it was first posted & saw the $655 deal, didn’t pull the trigger of course but it was showing available.
  10. Fishwater

    Free Table Contest Update

    Wow, love the table with Blackstone griddle integrated, I might need one of those. Fingers crossed for winning & spending a little money!
  11. If they confirm for sure that the new hinge & gasket works I'm placing an order but I still understand that it's still in development. I also wouldn't worry about the new firebox & would add the kontrol tower if I purchased so once we hear on the band I'm good to go. The worry is that all the old units are gone by then....
  12. I have been staring at this for two days already & cant make up my mind whether I’ll be content with the “old” version or the new 2017 version since the upgrades are pretty substantial.
  13. Fishwater

    3rd Annual Free Table Giveaway

    Pretty sure I added my screen name, or at least I hope so!
  14. Fishwater

    Thermometer Probe Accuracy Question

    I shoot for a range now. In the past I was obsessive about maintaining that perfect 225 but now as long as I’m in the range of my target temp I’m good. Made myself stop chasing temps & my bbq not only improved (because I just focus on the food now) but my smokes are more enjoyable, win-win.
  15. That’s a good looking grate for reasonable money, thanks for the heads up.