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  1. Thanks for all the replies -I like the engagement here on this forum, good stuff!


    Bottom line: It was definitely MY fault. I had never used one of these -I loaded it up, walked off (actually took about a 15 minute powernap, bad idea) and the thing went to hell..almost literally! Had no idea this thing would heat up to the temps it heated up to. That's actually encouraging to me though, it's definitely a good thing...if used properly.


    On that note, I'm going to keep it. Aside from aesthetics, it's not in terrible shape, just need to replace the gaskets. Nothing melted, handles and everything else attached to it, including the vent, are still in perfect shape.


    Yeah, it's ugly for a brand new grill but it was bound to get that way sooner or later, I was just hoping for later. And it certainly won't be the ugliest outdoor cooking unit I own :)

  2. 6 hours ago, John Setzler said:

    This is one problem I have with the Chargriller.  The grill is capable of self destructing.  It doesn't take much to bring that grill up to nuclear temps.  That's what happened here.  You can literally get that grill to grill damage zone in 10-15 minutes or less with the vents open.  It has no thermal mass to protect from that.  This grill is only damaged aesthetically.  It's still functional unless the gaskets melted off.

    I agree and as I said in a previous reply, just gonna keep it and move forward with what I've got. It was user error and it's mostly aesthetics. New gasket won't be a problem. Paint...maybe, maybe not.

  3. 12 hours ago, adam319 said:

    Just asking. Did you use a charcoal starter and throw a bunch of screaming hot charcoal into the acorn? These things don't take much to get up to temp. If you had a whole starter full and threw that on a load that was in the acorn...you for sure got wayyyy to hot. if it was dark out that thing prolly would been glowing.

    No charcoal starter. I used a chimney starter and filled the grill not quite half full. And I will say -it got way hotter than I imagined it would, real fast and apparently stayed that way longer than I would've thought. I learned the hard way.

  4. 58 minutes ago, 540perry said:



    Sorry to see this!  Many of us have taken Jr temps way beyond recommendations, but we've never seen damage like this.  Dumb question, you did have the inner fire bowl installed, right?


    In any case, definitely e-mail the pix to CharGriller customer service, I would think they'd be interested whether they can do anything for you or not.

    Hahhhaa -not a dumb question I guess but it wouldve been a dumb move to have NOT installed the inner bowl ;)

  5. 22 hours ago, ckreef said:




    That got crazy hot enough to burn the seasoning off the grate. Nothing to do with the insulation.


    Most Akorn users at one time or another allowed their Akorn to go nuclear. I once  went so hot in an Akorn Jr it turned 1/2 the gasket stark white (posted on here some where). It only takes a few, unattended minutes, to get out of hand. I'll say it again,  the total loss of seasoning on the grate tells the story. 


    And it looks like briquettes. Bad idea. Yea that's a controversial topic but, without digging out the manual, I believe lump charcoal is recommended. 



    You are correct sir on the lump charcoal, which is what I used mostly. I had a handful of briquets left in the bottom of a bag that I threw on top.

  6. So I am literally 3 hours into Akorn Jr ownership, finished assembly, loaded it with some lump charcoal to season (per the instructions), checked on it some 20-30 minutes later and the rim around where the lid meets the base was black. I opened it and noticed the paint bubbling/cracking off. Needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed. Anyone else have this issue? I did search and found a few topics but no real clear answers on the issue, like should I send it back, call the company, deal with it b/c the co. won't do anything about it?...


    Editing to add pic. This is brand new, never cooked on.I cannot say that it didn't go over the recommended 400 degrees for seasoning but still, I wouldve used it to sear or bake at a much higher temp than 400 at some point. 



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