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  1. bthomps77

    New Kamado

    A little warmer this morning, just put the brisket on. The Akorn Jr is great to take, we usually take ours to trap shoots and have to share with the neighbors. Travel safe, and Happy Holidays.
  2. bthomps77

    New Kamado

    Awesome, I used to ride mountain cats in the Big Horns. Loved every minute. Stay safe!!
  3. bthomps77

    New Kamado

    Thank you, it is a little warmer this morning, just got the brisket on will post picts later.
  4. bthomps77

    New Kamado

    I have been patiently waiting for Christmas to come, my wife bought me an upgrade to the Akorn jr. that I have been using. Assembly went great, seasoned this afternoon, and brisket tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Would have liked to try it out on burgers but the 8 degrees outside was a bit to cold. Wishing all a Merry Christmas from Wyoming, stay safe and Happy Holidays.
  5. bthomps77

    Spices and Seasonings

    Nice seasoning drawer. I see you have Penzeys spices. Penzeys is all we use anymore, there products are great.
  6. bthomps77


    Yes we live east of Sheridan by about 140 miles. Sheridan is a great place, we enjoy the Sheridan area as well, mostly camping and kids go there for bb and vb camps.
  7. bthomps77


    New Kamado user from Wyoming. I have been following this site for a few months now and decided to join this afternoon. I have been greatly impressed with all of the cooking, smoking, and grilling information that has been shared. Thanks in advance for taking my game to the next level.