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  1. Sound silly, but when I got my new “older version” classic (for 699 btw!) I obviously cooked on it first but then found myself just firing it up for fun even though I didn’t have anything to cook one night!
  2. Can say I had a different and great service experience. Called to ask about my cracked firebox and spoke with a human. Filed my claim on 1/26, claim addressed and new firebox shipped 1/29 scheduled to arrive 1/31.
  3. and as I am new, am now seeing this posted many times in the deals and sales board. Sorry for being a newbie
  4. The add to cart button is grayed out until you select a location for pickup. That was my experience, at least. Once it was ready for pickup, I went to my local store and arranged for the store delivery (yep, free for ace rewards members on all grills over $399)
  5. And, btw, did my first cook last night. Forgot photos, but was too excited not to fire it up. 25 degrees out in KC, my vegetarian wife looks at me like I’m nuts, but I just had to cook SOMETHING. simple enough, just direct heat chicken breasts, which were amazingly flavorful. I grew up eating food off a gas grill (my dad liked convenience and speed at home) but I’ve always preferred charcoal, and for sure natural lump now that I’m properly educated on the subject.
  6. I’m new to the forum but just picked up the KJ Classic (but with the black shelving and handle, not bamboo and divide and conquer setup, not the older triangle setup) for $699.99 + tax, clearanced from $999.99 with free ship to store and currently free assembly and delivery on all grills over $399 at Ace Hardware if you’re an Ace Rewards program member (free loyalty program). Haven’t seen the Classic anywhere else for less than $800-$900. I was about to spring for the Classic II, but with this deal at $500 less ($1199 seems to be the prevailing sticker for the Classic II) I decided I could live without the Air Lift hinge and Kontrol Tower (Think I like the cast iron with daisy wheel better for longevity, anyways). Anyways, here is the website, I imagine Ace is trying to clear inventory so they can sell some more Classic IIs. https://m.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42684056
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