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  1. Not really an update on restoration but it has been amazing. I have all the tiles that fell off but I think it will be okay until I get to it. Did a few pork butts and they came out amazing. I will share my favorite recipe. Open-Start Fire-Add meat-Go do something-remove meat-Enjoy Shawn Dub Nation
  2. Thanks everyone. I have a few questions. Is the part that goes on top of the burner , Stack charcoal on it just for starting? I assume the gas hookup was optional. Is this all that came with the original? Just the grill? It is a very nice grill by the way. I don't really see me hooking up propane for starting. If I take the burner out is making a cover plate the best option? Maybe over thinking this but are the holes in the table frames for an accessory like a beer holder? Thanks and I hope to stuff as much pork as I can buy for new years. Hopefully that will be another story. Shawn Dub Nation
  3. This all started in mid October. Northern California had some horrible fires and a family friend lost their home. Everyone got out with minutes to spare thank God. I helped for many weeks looking for anything that was left. The fire was crazy hot. Every bit of wood burned to nothing. All the walls colapsed making it a giant pile of roof tile, floor tile , cement , stucco , gooey gypsum , and appliance skeletons . After at least 6 trips to the site I noticed one small section of wall standing and wondered what was keeping this one wall up. I stuck my head inside and saw this. I was amazed what perfect shape it was in. I didn't have my sawzall for the wall so I had to wait until the next day. The site clearing crews were working next door and I knew it wouldn't be long before they level everything. Back the next day with help , we carefully removed the wall to uncover this beauty. The casters were shot , melted away except the cast iron and oilight bushings. The wall took out ONE tile on the lid. There was a propane regulator hose inside along with spiderwebs. It looked like this egg just came back from a sunny vacation. Side counter tops , lid lifter , thermostat , bottom door all worked perfect. Propane controller was shot. Now we had to move it. Swept the concrete and only had to go 20 feet to lift truck. Holy @#&< ! You can image. Straped in down and got it home to the driveway. Rested a few days and got it in the garage. During moving there was a couple of spots that lost tiles. Maybe 40 below and 12 on the lid. First up was repair the casters. Found a mean looking rear and a locking front set. Very easy after we got it on blocks. Casters Check Now the top vent. I have been reading anything i could find and I had a feeling I might need to replace it. I tried oven cleaner , heat , freeze off , thread chaser , double nut , even carefully tried pb blaster. Not budging. When torching , I did see a small amount of smoke come out the top so I knew it wasn't totally closed. Now its Christmas Eve and I am cooking a prime rib tomorrow. I also needed a cleaning run on my offset Landmann smoker and the webber. Quick trip to get combustibles and I fired up the egg and the smoker. Started great. Got up to maybe 300 and there was a little smoke coming out the vent. Because I was drinking beers all day , I decided to give it a twist. Bingo , it turns! All those hours of trying to get it loose , it just wanted some heat. Its been cold since the night of the fire. I played with the air flow for a few hours and knew it was ready to cook again. Prime rib with horseradish mustard , olive oil and Grunt Rub. I put a ceramic drip pan on the burner that is still in filled with carrots onions and beef broth. Note to self , use more broth to avoid carrot and onion charcoal. Grandson Mack was on temperature control OMG the thermostat works and its even close. Started at 400 and it slowly dropped to 350, pulled at 120 internal. Tossed in some twice cooked potatoes 3 different ways. Is that 6 cooked potatoes? Its a Christmas miracle! Turned out incredible. Next up will be burner removal and tile repair but it can wait a few cooks. I only wiped off some of the tiles and I know they will clean up. Gunna leave it dirty . Looks like a fireman after a 24 hour shift. First impressions is how well it holds the heat. It like heating oil. Takes time to heat or cool down . Gotta learn how to cool this monster down. Great excuse for cooking different meats.As much as I love my other cookers , this one is quickly become my favorite. Wind , cold , meteors, doesnt seem like it will phase it once its heated up and has fuel. I love the forum. I read many of the restoration threads and know I can keep this one going for years. Im sure you will hear from me when its time to do the tiles. Great day and the Warriors beat the cavs. Shawn
  4. Got it in the garage and am starting repairs. I will start a new thread in the other forum. Shawn
  5. Greetings from Nor Cal I started learning about ceramic bowl cookers about 36 hours ago so yes I am the newb of newbs on this. I have been helping a friend whose house was totally destroyed in the recent Northern California fires . I have been working at the site many times and just discovered this gem yesterday. It was buried under one of the few semi-standing stucco walls. I was amazed that it still looked in great shape. There was one tile knocked off the lid where 2000 pounds of tile roof and stucco fell on it. I called the owner and he says "you can have it". Got a truck with a lift and some muscle and it has made it to my front driveway. It has a 22" grate and a very nice dolly. It did get very hot and about 50 of the tiles fall off with a simple touch. The propane starter is destroyed but the side tables and lid lift work perfect. The dolly wheel bearings melted which really makes moving it a chore. I think this will be the first thing I fix. I know what I will be obsessed with until I get a pork shoulder in there. Shawn Hope I attached the photo correctly. I have many more but I'm tired and my back hurts for some reason
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