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  1. I used 2 mesquite chunks for my last pulled pork cook. I'd like to smoke a turkey tomorrow and ont my turkey too smokey. However I can't find the chunks. At what point do my chunks become charcoal and not produce a bunch of smoke?
  2. Anyone know what's the largest size spatchcocked Turkey I can fit on the Akorn?
  3. Add my name to the Royal Oak list of favorite lump charcoal. I've tried other brands and they're decent, but find that pieces from RO to be a good size and has little dust and powder. I'm not sure if it really helps but I like to pick the prettiest, least smashed bag from the top. I'd advise against cowboy lump, the bag i received had inconsistent sizes and a lot of powder and debris, but YMMV. Also had good experience with Kingsford competition briquettes which I bought on summer clearance for 10 bucks.
  4. Ebay still has their 20% off coupon for labor day. So potentially you could find a seller with free shipping and no tax. I think I saw the Char griller Akorn w/ cart for 299 so thats 250. Or the one without the cart for 245 so it'd be 195.00 Also Amazon is running a special on Kamado Joe for 697! Worst case you could see if any of the stores price match the online prices..
  5. FYI, 15% off everything on ebay (100.00 max discount) using the code PREGAME15 . IE at 299 Char griller Akorn (or anything else you would want) would be 255.00 with free shipping!
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