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  1. Jesus that is mouth watering. I remember the first time I had a Reuben. It was like heaven. Man I like food too much. Food is a hobby right? it's an ok hobby to have?
  2. That looks absolutely delicious. Man really craving asparagus now. Guess I know what I'm doing Friday night.
  3. That was hilarious. I'm sitting here reading wondering what in the world this can be, getting irritated it isn't said yet. Then boom, winner winner. Rainy, slow cook days leave room for a lot of forum lurking lol.
  4. @ShowMeSmoke 22" original kettle this is the particular weber I have referring to when I say they rust out within a year in Florida elements. We had to buy a new one every year when we lived in Florida since I started grilling on my own in 2000. 20$ a year though wasnt bad at all of course, but they don't cook like an akorn or any similar kamado or the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. It's just not the same and the build quality certainly isn't similar at all. I mean they clearance them down to 20$ for a reason for sure. It rains more in Florida where I am from, than it does in Washington.
  5. 100% this. It's a huge thing in its own right, the cost savings on charcoal used. That deserves to be pointed out as well.
  6. This is where my problem is going to be for sure. I don't have an issue with the water getting in to the ash pan itself at all. It doesn't seal 100% on the base and the rear portion of the pan where it contacts the main grill is where the rust is becoming evident. The water thjat collects, is like you said, gathered in that void between the pan itself and the base that holds the pan. those 22" kettle webers that you can get at HD or target for 20$ at the start or end of the season always lasted 1 year for me when exposed year round to the Florida elements. They sure don't cook like an Akorn though.
  7. Im on month 5 of mine, getting it right before the rainy season hit in the PNW. I've used it pretty much 4 times a week since then. Assuming 4.2 weeks in a month and i cooked 3.5 days on it each week, that's 73.5 cooks - of ribs and hams and turkeys for many hours, many cooks of burgers and steaks and bbq chicken for shorter times at 'nuclear' levels (600-700* sears are so delicious). It's definitely showing the heavy wear and tear in those 5 months in 2-3 months of non stop rain and snow. The bottom that slides in and out has significant rust on the back side forming on the top of the seal. and there are a few spots where small branches and cones have fallen/blown down and dinged the shell a few times. I bought a cover for it with every intention to keep it covered after use, but cooking as much as I have with this thing.. it's almost pointless to cover up a majority of the time. A bit frustrating no doubt, but I'm pretty confident that some love during the summer when the rain disappears and the sun is doing its thing, I'll be able to clean up some of those sad spots and get a few years of use out of it at least. Right now I'm on track for about 180 cooks for the year on it. if I get 2 years of use out of it at 300$, and 360 cooks total, I'll be more than happy with my purchase.. hell I already am. 20$ 22" weber grills never gave the flavor I can get on this thing. Hom,e burgers rival any restaurant we've been to in town. Yea, I love this grill man.
  8. I just want to add, for anyone who ever searches the Akorn subforum trying to gauge whether they should get one as their first Kamado... I can't recommend it enough, I thought it was excessively over priced.. hell I thought any grill over 20$ was over priced considering what I used to do with those basic 22" webers they sale on clearance at target. I cook on this thing at least 4 times a week and every cook is as good or better than the last. This grill has changed my mind, and my wifes. If I had ever mentioned spending 200$+ on a grill before I woulda been laughed at. Now she's lookin at big smokers for me, and we're thinking about upgrading the kamado to the Big Joe after we get a larger smoker. If you're looking at a budget Kamado, and on the fence, just go ahead and jump on off and grab one the next time you see one on sale, or if you can't wait til then.. GRAB ONE NOW!
  9. .. was full of cuss. But that's ok we're gonna work with what we got tonight and thats what counts! On the lower level where we have the stone diffusing the heat, baked beans are cookin n catchin that beef back love. Then we have a slew of beef back's just cut. Next we have some sweet peas gettin some smokey flavor love from the hickory and apple wood chunks. This is the most packed I've gotten this thing so far, thanks to some educating I got on how barrel cookers work today, realized I could make that bottom grate work in my favor. I'm sure a lot of you already knew this/ do this but I somehow missed it. Really want a bigger smoker just for my smoke cooks but in the mean time, I'm gonna keep makin this akorn show me what she's workin with ;D Hope you guys are having a great week. Hump day's tomorrow and then it's all down hill! Will post some pics post cook if I get the chance!
  10. Hey neighbor! Just south of you here in Oly. We got an Akorn back in november and it's pretty much all I've cooked on since we got it. Hope you enjoy the kamado as much as I have up here. It's the perfect all year cooking tool. Nothing beats bringing in a few stacks of beefback ribs st louis style when there's a few inches of snow out there. We made some stuffed burgers last night and the wife wouldnt stop with how much she loves that flavor the burgers get cooked in a kamado. She'll never let me get a 'standard' grill again. I bet yours will be the same!
  11. Well just got back from the Wallyworld where they supposedly had 3 OKJ's and their computers said they had 3 OKJ's but they could not find 3 OKJ's. Irritated because at 135$ it wasn't a bad bill to burn if it didnt go too well. That said, I'm just going to cut the racks in half for Friday and put them in a rig I made for the Akorn to stand them ont he sides and make maximum use of the dome in that thing. I think what I am going to do for the sides is drop the baked beans down below the ribs on top of the pizza stone. I'll be able to get some bbq drippings in there as well and flavor them up some. Not what I wanted to do but gonna make it work. May just have to tell the ladies theyre gonna have to suck it up and have stove cooked sides unless they want to chip in for something bigger, ha. @slap1914 Thanks for the thoughts. I'm newish to smoking things, just starting back in November with the Akorn.. been smoking and grilling on it 4 times a week through rain or snow, sun or wind since we got it. You're probably right that an offset for a larger cook right out the gates is likely begging for trouble but I'm pretty fond of taking on too much at a time. At this point I'm just gonna hold off it looks like til next season until I can afford the yoder I want and not deal with some of the headaches involved with the cheaper stuff Thanks again for the thoughts and suggestions guys. Really wanted to make that OKJ work out but oh well.
  12. I dont want to do the chargriller but it seems like the only option meeting all the criteria within the specified price range. Im replacing a dishwasher, and a hot water heater this month and just those two things are going to be close to 2k$ Then I've got other stuff we have to get done for the kids rooms still, new dressers and shelves, and what not. It's an expensive year never mind the fact we bought(washington) and sold(florida) our house in August and all the appliances we had to replace.. You know the drill. But I need something to get these large cooks done. These barrels you folks are suggesting, how is that going to help me with smoking large side dishes? I may just be an idiot here and missing something stupidly obvious? Like I mentioned before, or maybe I didn't the Akorn is able to do what it seems like these barrels do, except I can cook 1 side dish on the top 'warmer' rack while I smoke the ribs where it seems I don't have any recourse there for the side dishes.. except for the fact I need to basically double up on the amount of food I'm currently cooking which isnt possible with the Akorn As far as labor intensive goes, that's not a huge concern, though I do agree I'd appreciate having that luxury. I'm a stay at home dad with my youngest being autistic so I don't get out much anyhow. Cooking and grilling is my 'therapy'. That OKJ is smaller than the chargriller by a bit but it's on sale at the price you mentioned, locally. I'm gonna run by there this evening or tomorrow and see if they still have one. That would definitely be better in the short term I think and get me by until next spring when funds are more fluid.
  13. Way too much for what Im looking to spend, which is around the 300$ marker. I just need a years worth of cooks out of it, after the home renovations and improvements are done this year I'll be able to pick up a yoder Wichita or YS640 or the timber 1300 to get a more quality. A big part of my current problem is when we relocated I had to leave a lot of tools back in Florida. We didn't have the space in the mover after the rest of the house was loaded up. All my stuff is still sitting in the inlaws garage in Florida. Re-buying all my tools would be the cost of a small traeger, probably. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Right now it's looking like that char-griller with about 50$ worth of mods is my best bet right now. No one locally carries the pecos which is what I'd go for instead of doing the chargriller mods, and the Cooker just doesnt have the space Im looking for and the Copperhead is in that midrange price category that im staying below. Ive got 9 babyracks for this friday and plan to cook more sides with them on the smoker, large saucepan with baked beans, mess of sweet taters and corn. That's a bit of real estate. I could cut the backs in half and prop them in the Akorn and then do all the sides inside on the stove/oven but everyone has gotten pretty damn addicted to that smokey flavoring these last few months and you can see the sadness when I say I didn't have room on the Akorn to smoke the sides. I know, I'm wanting it all and not wanting to put down the change needed to really fulfill what I want to do. It's a unique position but I know it's only an issue for this season, like I mentioned in the original post. Anyhow thanks for everyone's insight. I guess it pretty much confirms what I was seeing already, that I'm gonna have to suffer some build quality to get the real estate I need at the price point I'm willing to go to right now. In was hoping someone knew of something I hadn't looked at yet, and that pecos was a close one but literally no one within 200 miles that I can tell and I don't have the time to wait for shipping.
  14. Awesome thanks for the info. Was aboutg to head out to HD to pick up that chargriller, lol. Gonna look over these suggestions you have and do some due diligence. Thanks a lot
  15. Afternoon folks! Chilly as hell at that. Recently got in to grilling way more than we ever did before, and have found my cooks getting a bit more cumbersome as we tend to cook for a few folks on Friday evenings. I'm really enjoying the Akorn I got a few months back. In fact doing some burgers on it tonight and smoking some ribs tomorrow but that's where my problem comes in. I've got 9 racks of babybacks I was supposed to cook Friday but I can't figure out a feasible way of making 9 racks work, unless I cut them in half maybe and rig of my own rib stand.. which I may end up doing in the end. But that gets me to where I'm at now. I'm looking for a solid smoker that can last a year before I can get something like a timberline or yoder. We just purchased our place back in October and there are some things still that I need to put money towards like appliances and a new picket fence for the Mrs and some new plants and trees which are a lot pricier than I planned on them being. I don't 'need' a smoker but I NEED a smoker lol. The Akorn is great for small smokes for the family and especially grilling but for entertaining purposes, Im really limited. I'd love some suggestions on decent sized smokers that may not exactly be a long term commitment but at the same time have the price that reflects that. I was in HD getting some bags of royal oak today (they had it down to 8$ a bag for anyone looking) and saw some of their cheaper smokers like char grillers.. this is the one I was looking at. Char Griller 1012 sq in Competition Offset I haven't looked for prices lower than 299$ yet I've never used a smoker like this, specifically with an offset. It's going to be a learning experience for sure but that'll be fine. I'm mostly just wanting to know if this is something that will hold up ok over a years time in the pac NW with it constantly wet. It's hard to keep covered as it doesnt matter if its raining, snowing, sloshing, or slooshing I'll grill and smoke no matter.. as a result keeping a tarp or cover on it is proving basically impossible as far as the Akorn goes. Is there a smoker comparable to that char griller in terms of size and price but maybe better build quality or some other perk that I wouldnt know to think or ask about? Thanks for your time if you're able to suggest anything!
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