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  1. grilling with the lid open?

    I haven't found a need to grill with it open so far. If I'm doing a steak sear or burgers, I wait for the temp to read out around 650ish and throw the burgers or steak on there for a few minutes, burp.. flip, close.. and wait another few minutes. I usually keep the Akorn filled with lump, no matter what I've got on the grill and it has no problem keeping temps at 650+ with the top vent halfway closed and bottom vent wide open. Burping really isn't an issue since I'm used to doing a similar thing with the old 22" weber I used to use.. you know repeatedly lifting the lid several times before finally pulling the damn thing off to flip whatever was cookin. For me, burping just isn't an issue. I saw quite a few posts when I was researching what to do, about guys almost burning their arms off and what not.. but I haven't come across that 'feature' just yet I guess.
  2. My father inlaw is coming to visit us in 2 weeks and he's huge on grilling but he is like how I used to be. We just used weber's 22" that we bought for 20$ at the end of season when target marked them down. They do fine job and all but holy hell I am in love with the akorn. Using no lighter fluid is a huge thing for starters. Not having that taste appear by wild accident is great. But then just the sear you get with the akorn .. that's a thing in it's own right. I grilled a #### ton before.. my steaks were good god delicious but with this akorn? 10x better easily. Much juicier than i could have ever hoped to get.. and on top of that if I want I can give the steaks a nice like charring sear while keeping it red and bloody? Yes pls, no one ever cooks it like that but it's how I prefer my own steak. I fully plan to convert him when he comes up here. Taking him to costco so we can get a huge selection of meats, as they will be here for a week and it will be 8-9 of us in total so plenty of people to cook for. By the time he goes back to florida im going to have him getting either the entry metal model or just splurge and get the ceramic they just released, or a vision depending on how the reviews for the new akorn pan out.
  3. Hello from Mobile, AL

    Hey there! Just left the other side of the bay 6 months ago, from Pensacola originally. You'll find a lot of great info here. Folks are super helpful and there's already a wealth of info available to sift through.
  4. Anybody know what this is?

    Best 300$ I ever spent.. and I used to hold our to spend 20$ on the premium webers when target would close out on them at the end of 'season' even though in Florida you were always in season. Never in my life did I see myself paying 100+ much less 300 for a grill but here I am, and ####ing loving it,... so much I think I'm going to buy a timberline or similar for smoking things since we often entertain friday nights and I need a much larger space.
  5. New akorn

    I will be interested to know how this compares to the Vision grills at nearly the same pricepoint.
  6. Yea, I'd had the temp where i wanted it for about 30-45 mins before I set the bird on. I guess that's one of the cons to the much cheaper akorn is that the temp fluctuations can be a thing depending how cold it is out. There wasn't any real chase just a few degrees up or down.. which tbh I just enjoyed. Used to smoke whole pigs with my gramps as a kid in alabama, and we'd be up at 3 in the morning keeping the fire going all morning and early afternoon, throwing on new hickory logs and fire wood on every so often. Hell, I may have even made excuses to go out and dilly with it lol. and thanks, the bird was delicious. Got inlaws coming up in 2 weeks and gonna have some costco ribs ready to go.
  7. Got my first butt going

    That;s gonna be delicious.
  8. The Morning After

    I think one of those plates may have been mine! haha I'm not a huge fan of lobster personally, way too rich for me. Crab is the richest I like to go. More irritated we didn't have the mind to save the steak we didn't finish so I coulda made steak n eggs this morning with some fresh hash. That woulda made a good hangover remedy but whatever. It was a good time, thats what counts!
  9. Cooking in cold weather

    That looks delicious.
  10. Cooking in cold weather

    My biggest concern is the metal cooker rusting out at it's weak points due to constant moisture exposure. Living in what basically amounts to a rainforest, it's impossible to keep the grill dry as I am often cooking in at least a drizzle if not a light misting shower. Having lived in the south all my life, I'd have never entertained grilling in the rain, but the torrential downpours down there compared to the misting showers up here.. grilling works just fine.
  11. New ceramic Akorn is here...

    Yea I was super excited to initially see this listed just now, but after looking at it more, I would not buy it. I wouldn't even entertain purchasing it. It's entering at a pricepoint where there is a ton of competition with literally 5x the warranty length with products that have been on the market for a reasonable amount of time to know what you're getting as far as quality. If I was in the market for an entry level ceramic grill, I'd be a Vision purchaser all day long. There is just no reason to go for the ceramic Akorn with its current speculative warranty. The more I look at it, this looks like it might be their 'premium' model with it having a larger grilling surface at a 20" grate compaired to the 18" grate on the metal akorns. It seems like there is an additional 18 sq in in this model over the metal models. Does that seem about right or am I imagining the metal akorn being 18" cooking area instead of 20"?
  12. Cooking in cold weather

    I feel like if I lived where it snowed like that, cooking, smokin, n grillin would be the only thing that got me through that craziness. It doesn't get that cold it seems in the PNW from what I've seen so far. High 20's is where we were the other day and I was happy grilling with the shorts n flops and a sweatshirt. It was perfect really. This was on a metal kamado, not one of the ceramics, which I keep hearing is hell to cook with in cold weather because of the insulation differences but I haven't noticed a problem at all but maybe high 20's isn't cold enough?
  13. So I know usually pics are posted of fresh cooks on the grill or in the process of coming off the grill but last night got a little crazy and I didn't get to catch any pics of how great the food looked before we mowed it down. Wife had some girlfriends over again from work last night, we picked up steaks, and they brought some lobster. So I threw on some smaller chicken tenderloins, some fat strips, and some lobster. Man the sear I got on those steaks was the sexiest thing ever. I cooked the chicken around 500 but then when I was ready for the steaks and lobster I fired it opened it up and let it go to 675. Absolutely delicious is what it was. The kids thought they were feasting like kings. I was a bout 2 strong white russians at this point and hadn't eaten much all day so by the time we sat down to eat i was drinking my 3rd dessert and completely oblivious to how great the food looked.. never-mind how great it tasted. The kids went off and did their thing and the adults moved off and did our thing.. I woke up and this is just a portion of what remains for cleanup after last night... totally worth it.. the food was fantastic, from what I can remember
  14. Man These Akorns seem to have a thing against you! That's some rotten luck. Mine is sitting on a deck about 25ft off the ground as our house is on a decent sloped decline/incline depending which way you're going and we have no real 'useable' yard to speak of so the grill stays on the deck. I don't have to move it too often but when I do it pretty much glides over the wooden planks. I did have a screw come out from under the table itself, but in that case I'm pretty confident I over-tightened it significantly because I was frustrated with other circumstances unrelated to the building of the cart. it fell out yesterday when I was re-adjusting to account for the insane wind we were going to have last night.
  15. Yea when I did the turkey on Christmas I just checked it every 10-15 minutes. Had a timer bugging the wife constantly b/c I wanted to make sure the first smoke was a good one. I didn't find the temp swings that wild but again I was checking it constantly.. maybe too much for some folks but I enjoyed the 'experience'. When the temp was climbing I'd bump the top vent closed a smidge, and when it went a little to low I'd bump it up an even smaller smidge than what I'd knocked it down with. Then I'd hit a sweet spot and it'd stay there for 30-40 mins and then the temp would deviate up or down again, and I'd play the smidge bump game again with the top vent. So far, after a few smokes and several grill fires I haven't had a time with the fire going out yet. Gonna keep my fingers crossed I don't come across anything like that as Im sure thatd suck the fun right away from it all. Hell, I reseasoned the grate yesterday before I cooked last night.. 7 hours later I come back to fire up the grill for dinner and there are still a few lumps that came back to life after i stirred the pile some to rearrange for the cook and add some more fuel since we were doing steaks. That seemed a bit nuts but I guess Ill keep in the good column for now until that finds a way to bite me in the ### lol