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  1. Or the roast was not allowed to rest and have the carry-over cooking to raise the temperature.
  2. My KJI was the floor model and I got a good deal on it. I was happy that it was assembled. Saved me the problem of assembling it.
  3. I've cooked about 3 or 4, and just got 2 more from Porter Road. I cook them rare to medium rare. Make sure that you are cutting across the grain. If you cut with the grain that would make it tough. The grain changes direction around the middle of the tri-tip.
  4. I don't know why I said that either. Probably because the 2's are a newer grill (or brain flatulence ). I haven't been looking for a grill lately, but prior to Covid I would see the 1's at Lowes.
  5. Welcome to the Guru. Here is a useful reference to help with your cooking journey.
  6. Welcome to the forum. There have been several discussions on what kamado to purchase. If you can find a KJ Classic 1 that would be a good purchase. Here is a reference that will help you get started cooking on your kamado when you make your purchase.
  7. Welcome to the Guru @Phillip Sylvania There is a lot of good information and people here willing to help you. Have you seen this book? It has a lot of good information to get you started on the KJ cooking trail.
  8. Kamado grills are rock stars in rainy, windy and cool weather. The ceramics hold the heat and the weather does not affect the grill's cooking abilities.
  9. Welcome to the Guru. There is a lot of help here. Remember that the cooking on a kamado-style grill is generally the same for all grills. Have you seen this very useful reference?
  10. If you have something flat, (i.e. a table knife) you can move the ash around and it will go down. I wouldn't recommend that you use what I use (the ash tool) to move some of the ashes out. A table knife would work as well.
  11. My wife follows different items on Everything But The House. Today she saw a Black KJ Classic with a $45 bid. There are 4 days left in the auction. The grill is in Columbus, Ohio. Shipping would be $165. Here is the link to the grill: https://www.ebth.com/items/12541429-kamado-joe-ceramic-grill
  12. Welcome to the Guru. There is a lot of information here. Here is a link to the Vision forum: https://www.kamadoguru.com/forum/32-vision-kamado/
  13. @Beermachine That looks good enough to enter in this month's cooking challenge.
  14. Delicious looking meal. I was waiting to see if the scallops made it to your plate.
  15. Those ribs look great. Good job on first try at smoking ribs.
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