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  1. @RibsRgood I've used a taco rack in the past to hold a stuffed pork chop vertical while I cook it. Would this lt work as good, or better for that.
  2. Chef Tom from ATBBQ has a video on brining a spatchcocked turkey and then smoking it.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Do you cook on a kamado-style grill, or are you able to provide the home version to be cooked on a kamado-style grill?
  4. I've been looking at my Costco and have never seen a separated point.
  5. I'm very sorry for your loss. It is good that you have something to take your mind of the loss, even if it is temporary.
  6. I received this pizza stone as a retirement gift so I could do pizzas on a grill. At that time I had a gas grill and did not have a kamado grill. I have used this on my KJC and never had any problems with it. The top side seems to be glazed, so it is always up.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  8. Why not take everything out of the insides like you are planning, and then just leave it in the cart for the move? When I purchased my KJC it was the floor display. We moved it in the back of his pickup truck with everything in place and it sitting on the stand. No problems, just made sure that we had a lot of help to get it into and out of the pickup.
  9. My firebox looked like this when I finally replaced it. I would just go ahead and use it over the winter.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing what you cook for them.
  11. Here is the definitive guide for starting a low and slow fire.
  12. Golf Griller


    If a group lets me play through, the only way they will see me on the course again is if I am waiting on a group in front of me. I am still hitting some ugly shots, but not as many. I do not let them slow me down from my routine.
  13. Welcome to the forum. The monthly cooking challenge is a good place to get new ideas, and push your skills to create an entry. YOu also get to share the entry with everybody here.
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