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  1. That's more gasket than I have on my KJC of the same age. Looks like you also have the original firebox.
  2. I remember @John Setzler talking about this on one of his ManCave Meals live streams.
  3. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of people on here who will help you with any questions you may have. Here is a good reference to get you started on your kamado cooking:
  4. @CentralTexBBQ I finally got the pictures uploaded from my phone from this weekend's cook. Last January I purchased a package of dino ribs at Costco. I was trying to decide what to grill Sunday. My wife suggested that I do the dino ribs in the freezer. Here are the ribs seasoned up and put on the grill. Ready to come off the grill after about six hours at a solid 250*. And of the grill. Probed super tender. They might have been ready at five or five and a half hours. Plated up on the fine china. I also gave my neighbor a plate like this. Monday night I cubed up the third rib and and heated it up in the microwave with a carne asada marinade. The street tacos came out great, sorry no pics.
  5. Great looking meal. I did dino ribs Sunday. Still need to upload pics to my computer.
  6. I was able to download the pdf file from this post, which is on this page of the discussion.
  7. I just got home from Costco. While I was there I saw that they have a KJ Classic 2 for $999.99.
  8. Welcome to the Guru. Here is a great reference to help you learn cooking on a Kamado grill.
  9. Welcome to the guru @georgec. Here is a good reference to help you with Kamado cooking.
  10. What are you using to access this site? Is the device logged on to a Google account? If so, that might be why you are getting the ads. Like @adm, I am on a Mac. I do not stay logged in to my google account.
  11. When I am logged on, I don't get any ads.
  12. Yes, it is a "wave" pattern Damascus.
  13. My HOA was having a community garage sale today. I just stopped by to see how what we had donated were selling. While I was there I saw a small knife sharpener, but this was underneath the sharpener. I paid $5.00. Does anyone know what series this knife is?
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