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  1. I just nestle a fire starter into the coals at the top.
  2. If I want something other than apple, cherry, mesquite, or hickory, I order form here: https://sharpegourmet.com/
  3. I've never had a lump of charcoal that size. The larger lumps get put under the direct side of the d&c and I cook wioth them. The next grill I use the ash tool to break up the larger chunks.
  4. When I do ribs, or anything else low and slow, I fill it full with charcoal and start a very small fire as @philpom said. It's the size of the fire and the amount of oxygen, not the amount of charcoal in the grill.
  5. I cooked another short slab low and slow and it came out good. I'm doing a 6.3 pound Tri Tip on the grill today.
  6. I've been known to have that as a dinner. Maybe substituting wine for the beer.
  7. Delicious looking meal. I would eat it.
  8. Why would an app for the signals billows need your location?
  9. @PeterRegan I've never cooked a beef, or bison brisket. When I was looking on-line to purchase some bison meat I found a web site that sold bison brisket. In the description of the product, it also had a link to a YouTube video on cooking a bison brisket on a Kamado style gril.
  10. The flat I got is definitely the flat without any of the point. It has a nice fat cap on one side.
  11. I would like to do a point, but I can't find a point unless it is attached to the full packer brisket. I'm trying that size brisket flat because it is just me and my wife that will be eating it.
  12. To add on to this topic. I found a 2.2 pound brisket at Costco yesterday. From everything I have read here, I know that it will be done when it is done. Since this is a small flat with a uniform thickness and a nice fat cap, what would be the general time that I might be looking at for it to be either close, or done cooking?
  13. Same thing has happened to me. I tend to stock up on beef and grill it quite frequently.
  14. Welcome to the forum. We have a lot of members from the UK.
  15. They all look delicious. Which ones did you like a little better?
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