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  1. @FLgrill I was just on the Costco website and they have the Classic II for $999 for members only. Includes free shipping.
  2. You're not alone with that problem, but most people who have similar or larger collections of grills would not call it a problem.
  3. Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with your grill, but there may be some one on here that knows about it. What I've seen on here, the cooking on most kamado grills is similar.
  4. Looks like you got your sourdough experiment to work.
  5. I don't foil the ribs I cook for myself, but my wife likes them more pull off the bone, so I wrap hers in foil.
  6. Your list of woods available locally for smoking is the same as what I have locally. I found a site that sells smoking wood. I ordered some peach, grape, and olive wood from them to use in smoking. I really liked the olive. https://sharpegourmet.com/t/wood-chunks
  7. Simply Mama Cooks on YouTube has several videos on how to make tortillas. Here is the link to her play list with her making tortillas
  8. Congratulations on a successful first cook of ribs. It took me several tries before I got ribs to come out the way I like them.
  9. When I got my replacement firebox, I was expecting problems based on what I had read on this forum. When I installed it the sides did not fall back to the sides of the grill and I had no problem putting the ring on.
  10. @philpom Thanks for adding the additional information.
  11. Thanks for the tip on doing a reverse sear. I will have to try this since I have not had good results doing it the generally accepted way of resting the steak and raising the grill temp.
  12. Fill the fire box full and start a small fire in the middle. Then as the KJ heats up keep closing down the vents until they have a small opening. When you open the grill to put your meat in don't keep the top open for too long. Give the grill time to come back to the temp before you adjust the vents.
  13. Don't forget to post your money pic and a link to this post in this month's challenge.
  14. Go to the Kamado Challenges section. Where you post your money shot and a link to the Kamado cooking post. The additional pics and any instructions are posted in the Kamado cooking section. Here is the link with the instructions:
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