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  1. Golf Griller

    New Kamado Joe Owner with a few questions...

    I load my wood for smoking when I add the charcoal. I put chunks throughout the charcoal sot hat they don't all burn at once.
  2. Golf Griller

    hello all newbie here from ohio

    Welcome jeffro45159. As others have said, there is a lot of information and help here. I am in the Cincinnati area, just across the river.
  3. Golf Griller

    Chewy steak

    Here is a YouTube video on hbow to grill the perfect steak. While he does not use a kamado style grill, it is very informative and entertaining.
  4. Golf Griller

    My KJJr. Pedestal

    As I remember from Geometry, three points defines a plane; therefore, you only need three points (legs) to make it level. With four legs that may not be all the same length only three of them will be touching the ground at any time (think wobbly table in a restaurant).
  5. Golf Griller

    How to use an electric stove?

    We do have a gas line to the house. Just not to the kitchen. One can dream. Maybe after we get the last couple of house improvements completed.
  6. Golf Griller

    How to use an electric stove?

    I also have a glass top electric. Would like to change to gas, but not sure what would be involved in adding the gas line to the stove.
  7. Golf Griller

    How to use an electric stove?

    We have electric, and I have found that if I need to get something on a lower heat, I move the pan to a different burner that is set for the temp I want. Electric does not cool down as quickly as gas.
  8. Golf Griller


    Welcome. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum and I'm fairly certain that one of the knowledgeable members can identify the grill for you from pictures.
  9. Golf Griller

    Breakfast of Champions

    All the YouTube videos I've seen taht do cave man steaks show that the ashes don't stick to the meat if the fire is hot.
  10. Golf Griller

    Hello All, This is me.

    Welcome. I have not purchased a KJ from the Costco roadshows, but have purchased other KJ merchandise from the roadshows and I paid sales tax in both Ohio, and Kentucky.
  11. Golf Griller

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome. There are a lot of people on here that can help you with any questions you might have.
  12. Golf Griller

    Hello All

    Welcome. There are a lot of people who will help you with any questions you have. Enjoy your retirement. I know I am enjoying mine.
  13. Golf Griller

    Kamado Joe Big Joe / Joe Jr Combo table

    You might try contacting @txsteel. He seems to be doing this in a post here:
  14. Golf Griller

    Kick Ash Basket and Divide and cast iron divider

    If I remember correctly, when I got my KAB the information that came with it said to remove the cast iron fire grate and only use the fire grate for high temperature cleanings.
  15. Golf Griller

    hello from KY

    Welcome Id7009, I'm also from Kentucky and retired. I'm spending my time playing golf and getting ideas to cook on my KJ Classic.