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  1. Looks great. I have a five pound flat from Costco in the freezer. This looks like a good use for it.
  2. ... or those marinated in tomato juice and vodka.
  3. Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of people here that are willing to help. I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm sure somebody will be by that will have an answer for you.
  4. Welcome Mark. Have you checked out John Setzler's book of Kamado knowledge that is posted in the new users start here discussion? It has a lot of useful knowledge that will help you get started with your new grill.
  5. Is that the same thing as Barkeepers Friend?
  6. I can get out for shopping, and to socially distance on the golf course.
  7. @CentralTexBBQ I went to Costco in NKY last Friday for a couple of things. I stopped and looked at the meat and bought a tomahawk and some chuck roast. The chuck roast that were about 3" thick with 2 roasts in the package. They were vacuum packed and frozen in two packages. I'm going to try and cook them low and slow later. We had the tomahawk last Saturday: And the leftovers as fajitas on Monday.
  8. @Highlander you might try posting this in the Accessories and Product Reviews section. There are several discussions about temperature controllers.
  9. Here is information on cleaning burns from @John Setzler's Kamado Book of Knowledge v1.1, page 39. "If your Kamado is used primarily for low-and-slow smoking, you may need to perform self-cleaning cycles on it occasionally to remove built up grease and residue from the interior. If your cooking habits are more balanced with low and high temperature cooking, this process may not be necessary with any frequency. To perform a self-cleaning cycle on your Kamado, build a fire in your firebox and open the vents fully. Let the grill come up to a dome temperature of 550°F. As the grill is
  10. 650 is plenty hot enough for anything I would cook on my grill, including pizza.
  11. Yes, it was acceptable. The only thing is that it was a little softer when I went to shred it with the micro-plane grater.
  12. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of helpful people here. Don't forget to post your cooks in the Kamado Cooking forum. John Setzler has a great book to help with your knowledge. Here is the link to get it.
  13. This was a challenging cook. I actually had to do some additional prep and make it look like I knew what I was doing. Here are the ingredients: I prepped the ingredients while two of the Italian sausages were being cooked on the grill. When the sausages were finished cooking on the grill, I cut them into bite size pieces to add to the soup. I then took the one sausage that I took the casing off and browned it in the dutch oven on the grill. It did not produce as much grease as I was wanting, so I added some olive
  14. Great looking entry. I bet that would be good on a cold Wyoming winter night.
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