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  1. Great looking pizza. I'd love to try a slice of that.
  2. or, as a friend did, come out with a kayak, and have to call husband to come help get it home.
  3. When I do a low and slow cook, I use half of a KJ firestarter and start the fire in the middle of the charcoal. The fire spreads out from the middle after that. As others ahve noted on here your KJ may have a different burn pattern for the charcoal.
  4. Looks delicious. Everything's better with pepperoni, ham, red peppers, and cheese.
  5. Golf Griller


    Welcome from another Denver Bronco fan.
  6. Looks as good as some eye of round that I have done; although my wife and I like it a little more rare than that.
  7. I live in the Cincinnati area, and others live farther north than I do, and we use our grills year around too.
  8. Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of information here, along with people who are willing to help with any questions you might have about grilling.
  9. Right now I'm using KJ Big Block, that I stocked up on at the Costco roadshow.
  10. How clean were you trying to get the grates? I clean my grates with a grill brush when I am getting ready to cook again. I heat the grill up and then use the grill brush to clean it off before I put what I'm cooking on the grill. The grates have not looked shiny bright since about my fourth cook.
  11. I live in a townhouse. The HOA would not allow some of these great outdoor cooking areas.
  12. Welcome to the forum. We are a friendly and helpful bunch.
  13. That's interesting. I need to replace my gasket (look at my post in the last challenge -- Fajitas) I get some smoke leaking during my cooks, but I am still able to hold temperatures and shut the grill down without any problem.
  14. I leave the deflector plate in and when the top starts to look a little grungier than I prefer, I turn it over and the underside is white and clean. I don't know for sure, but even with a low and slow cook, the underside of the deflectors should get burned off so that they are clean . It's the fire underneath the deflectors that burn off the gunk and clean them.
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