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  1. Golf Griller

    Best Smash Burgers: Soapstone Halfmoon

    Looks good. I see a soapstone in my future.
  2. Golf Griller

    pork ribs on akorn

    Great looking ribs.
  3. Golf Griller

    Discussion: Smoked Ham Glazes

    I'm not sure if this is waht you are looking for, but All Things BBQ just posted a Old Fashioned Glaed Ham video.
  4. Golf Griller

    The random pictures thread...

    Living in Wyoming, you must not drive that car very much, or too far outside your neighborhood to only have 61K miles on it.
  5. Golf Griller

    Deflector plates

    I also don't wrap my deflectors. While I don't flip them every cook, I will flip them when they are looking particularly dirty on top. I also rotate my deflectors. Most of my cooks are done with only one deflector in.
  6. Golf Griller

    First Low-And-Slow Cook on Akorn Jr a Success!

    Great looking turkey breast. Sounds like you learned a lot about controlling temperatures on your akorn.
  7. A brisket is something that I have not attempted yet. It seems like a whole lot of meat for my wife and myself. I need to have a neighborhood party for that much meat.
  8. Great looking ribs. I need to find a source for those ribs where I live.
  9. Golf Griller

    Yang-ling & sides....super easy cook

    Great looking meal. I like how you measured the time for the cook. One Ying ling at a time.
  10. Golf Griller

    KK’s First KK Spin - Pork Loin 2 Ways

    Cooking should be fun.
  11. Golf Griller

    1st Time ABT'S

    Looking great. I need to make some of my own. I've only done the ones that are in the butcher case at Krogers.
  12. Golf Griller


    Great looking breast. Should make some good sandwiches.
  13. Golf Griller

    Gday from the Blue Mountains Australia

    Welcome to the forum. Those look like some tasty ribs.
  14. Golf Griller

    Here's an interesting TURKEY project...

    Great find. Although for the wife and myself, I just do a turkey breast on the grill.
  15. Golf Griller

    Unspun Chicken Enchiladas

    Didn’t get the tortilla soup today and now rethinking my game plan..... I always like how you adjust your game plan on the fly. It always looks good.