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  1. Golf Griller

    Help with First Brisket Cook

    Here are a couple of links on how to cook a brisket.
  2. Golf Griller

    Smoked Cheez-Its

    Good idea for snacking on while watching the football games this weekend.
  3. Golf Griller

    Hello from Minnesota!

    @KismetKamado shows how I fill my KJ Classic. I empty out the ashes after every cook, and top off my grill with fresh charcoal. I use half of a fire starter on top in the middle for low and slow cooks and one cut in half placed in two places partway down in the charcoal for normal cooks.
  4. Golf Griller

    Kamado Joe @ Costco

    Thanks. Unfortunately there is not one at the Costco 10 minutes from my house. I need to drive 45 minutes to the Costco that is having the road show.
  5. Golf Griller

    BGE vs Kamado?

    I have found information on all the sub forums that help with my grilling. The sub forums have also given me an understanding of the different kamado style grills that are available.
  6. Golf Griller

    kamado joe roadshow in Cincinnnati

    Looks like I have a trip planned. This is the second one this year, I think. Wish they would have one at the Florence Costco.
  7. I don't think that you will get a consensus on the best brand. Different people are looking for different things in their grill and feel that their purchase meets their needs. Determine what your needs are until you retire to the lake. Review the comments on the grills and the specs and cost for the grill. That should give you an idea of which jr sized grill will work for you. Just like cars, what is the best car?
  8. Golf Griller

    BGE vs Kamado?

    I still miss DOS -based BBS platforms.
  9. Golf Griller

    Beef back ribs

    I have a slab of these in the freezer that I need to cook. Probably be next month. I have the challenge cook to do, and will be visiting my sister for her birthday and retirement.
  10. Golf Griller

    A Fish Without a Face

    I don't cook it to temperature. I cook it to where I start getting some white fat coming out in the thicker part. I take it off and that gives me rare to medium rare.
  11. Golf Griller

    A Fish Without a Face

    That is my standard fish cook. I bought a bag of salmon fillets at Costco. The longest part of the cook is thawing them out.
  12. Golf Griller

    Low n slow chicken wings?

    I'm looking for a way to do wings without sauce on the grill. I will have to give this a try.
  13. Golf Griller

    New knives

    Great looking knife.
  14. Golf Griller

    Birthday Bread and Pizza!

    Looks like you had some good eats on your birthday.
  15. Golf Griller

    How do you store your smoking wood?

    Out west, black widows also like dry wood, and dark places.