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  1. I'm not sure about prime flats at my Costco, but the butcher told me that the put out mostly all prime on weekends. You are more likely to find choice meet during the week.
  2. I will be interested to see your results.
  3. Golf Griller

    Securing your Joe?

    But remember your deductible. The higher the deductible the lower the insurance. You may have to pay the deductible and only get part of the value of the kamado from the insurance company. You will have to pay the rest of the cost to replace it
  4. Golf Griller

    Kamado Joe Charcoal Baskets

    Also easier to clean out the ash
  5. Golf Griller

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies

    Those cookies look great. It is also great that you have a daughter that shares your love of cooking on the kamado.
  6. Golf Griller

    Hello from Vancouver

    Welcome to the forum. I have used whiskey barrel chunks in the past. The most recent that I used on my KJC were from older barrels that had dried out, so I did not get the same whisky flavor with the smoke that I got in the past.
  7. Golf Griller

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if I will make it or not, but it is on my radar.
  8. Golf Griller

    Looking for Table Plans

    Sent you a PM
  9. Golf Griller

    Hello from the Bluff City

    Have fun with your new grill. This is a good place for information.
  10. Golf Griller

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    Where is it. I'm just across the river.
  11. Golf Griller

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum. This is a good place to get answers to any kamado cooking questions that you might have.
  12. I have used sugar maple before and noticed a definite sweeter taste to the food, along with a sweet smelling smoke.
  13. My Costco does not have any left.
  14. Golf Griller

    Happy 4th of July Check out this Food City add

    And then there are those of us who went to enlist and were told that we had a physical disability and could not be accepted. My eyes were so bad that a waver would be needed for me to enlist. I ended up with a 4F draft deferment.
  15. Golf Griller

    Happy 4th of July Check out this Food City add

    Thanks for sharing.