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  1. I have a KJC I and I need to replace the gasket. It has been about a year or a little more that the gasket has needed replacement. It is getting more and more in need of replacing. I do not have any problem holding temps, or shutting down my grill. I may replace it when I get my replacement firebox, but not sure.
  2. I don't use a drip pan. I just cook the ribs indirect.
  3. Golf Griller

    First fire

    And lately, with the cooks I have been doing, I am able to get 2 or 3 cooks before I need to refill the lump.
  4. Great looking meal. How strong was the licorice taste? I like licorice, but my wife doesn't.
  5. I agree. Wish they would start selling 4 packs of hamburger and hotdog buns.
  6. Did you add smoking wood to the charcoal? Did everything come off at the same time, and was the juicy and did everybody like it?
  7. Here is the post where @ckreef makes the fried provolone.
  8. That looks like a great birthday dinner.
  9. I cooked brats on Friday, a tenderloin steak on Saturday, and I'm going to do chicken thighs today.
  10. I cooked bb ribs on the 4th. Ribs seasoned and ready for the grill I used BGE savory pecan seasoning: I added a few chunks of pecan, apple and cherry wood and brought the grill up to 225* and put the ribs on: After 2 hours, I sauced my wife's ribs (small ribs) and wrapped in foil for an hour. After the hour I took them out and added some more sauce, and sauced my ribs. Here is the finished product: These were not my best ribs, but they were among the best. I would give them a B+. My wife ate all 4 bones of her ribs. I was only able to finish about half of my ribs. The neighbor always appreciates what we don't finish. I was just getting ready to take them over when she brought us some peach crumble cake for desert.
  11. One of these days I am going to baked brie on the KJ. Seems like we get the brie, but before we get the dough to wrap it, I will eat the brie by itself.
  12. I use a deflector stone on only one half of my grill, and then when I am ready to raise the temp for searing, I just remove the meat to rest and open the vents. That gets the other side of the grill to searing temps, and no need to remove a hot deflector plate. My normal setup is a deflector plat eon the lower level and a grill grate on the lower level, another grill grate on the upper level above the deflector plate.
  13. Golf Griller


    Congratulations on your Big Joe III.
  14. Not sure of my cooking plans for the entire holiday weekend, but I'm planning on baby back ribs on Thursday.
  15. Looks like a beer I would like. I have had their Bourbon Barrel Ale, but not this one. Also, the salmon look delicious.
  16. I can't wait to see what you come up with for a fish cook and how you like it.
  17. Great looking cook. I feel it was a real stretch cook with de-boning the chicken.
  18. Delicious looking meals. I could eat that, and I'm not even on a diet.
  19. I did not have any problem getting the stuffing up to temp. Maybe I got lucky?
  20. I have read that the membrane should be left on beef ribs since there is not enough meat to keep the bones attached.
  21. My grandfather and father liked fried oysters. I did not like the taste. My mom also made oyster stuffing at Thanksgiving. This was put in the turkey's small cavity. Sausage stuffing in the large cavity.
  22. Originally, I was going to do stuffed pork chops, but I got beat to that.
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