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  1. That is usually how long it takes me to get my grill up to cooking temperatures, and I've had mine for 3 years.
  2. Delicious looking ham. Something I need to consider cooking.
  3. I'm no expert, but I would use maybe 2 or 3 chunks of that size. I would put them in different places.
  4. Just fill the firebox full with lump and light in one place to get a low fire started. You should have more than enough for the cook.
  5. That sounds like a good way to secure the KJ, but you will have to wait until the fire dies out and the grill cools down before putting the chain back in.
  6. Great looking burgers. I may have to try that myself.
  7. You're ready. Looking forward to seeing your first cook.
  8. Just goes to show that it is not that hard to light lump charcoal. How many sixths do you use at a time?
  9. Your steak looks great, and a great use of the leftovers.
  10. Welcome to the forum. A ceramic grill never crossed my mind until I had my 3rd grill in 10 years rust out. Delicious looking short ribs.
  11. Nice looking knife collection.
  12. When I first purchased my KJC, I got a box of the KJ starters. When I was getting low on them I ordered starters that are the same, but less expensive on Amazon. I cut them in half and use two halves in separate places for most of my cooks. If I am doing a low and slow, I use one half in the middle of the charcoal.
  13. Delicious looking cook. I'm looking forward to the YouTube post.
  14. I'm right across the river from Cincinnati. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Looking delicious. I'll take the pepperoni.
  16. Welcome back. The rain should not affect your grill. I've grilled in rain and snow. Don't worry about getting wet, or use an umbrella to keep yourself dry.
  17. I do not soak my wood chunks. I just work them into the charcoal, and light as usual. The amount of wood chunks I use is at most 4 small chunks. This provides plenty of smoke flavor for me, and does not provide e3xcessive smoke flavor for the wife.
  18. That looks like a fish my wife would like to eat.
  19. I agree. That is why I became a site supporter.
  20. I'll take 2 slices and a single malt on the rocks.
  21. Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of information here, but it looks like you have made a great start using your KJC. There is also a member here who also brews his own beer. Here is a link to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BEERNBBQBYLARRY
  22. I'm retired and, as my user name says, I play a lot of golf. Usually I will play 5 days a week during the summer. When it is too cold, wet, or snowy out I may go to the driving range, or to the mall to walk. I've lost 25 pounds since I retired. I cut down to two meals, and maybe a snack a day, and try to get some sort of exercise on a daily basis.
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