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  1. Golf Griller

    Kent Rollins

    I also like the beagel. When are they going to replace Frank the wonder dog?
  2. Golf Griller

    My First Kamado from UK Costco - Louisiana Grill

    Remember that after you cook with a full firebox of lump you shut the grill down and you can reuse the charcoal that is left next time. You will be amazed at how efficient these grills are on charcoal usage.
  3. Golf Griller

    New Classic Joe

    The meat loaf looks delicious. I was just talking to a friend at lunch today about wanting to cook meatloaf on my kamado.
  4. I agree. I was not going to spend 45 minutes looking at the whole thing. I think this is as far into the video I got before I stopped it.
  5. Golf Griller

    Boneless Beef Short Ribs

    Ribs look great. Reminds me that I have some in the freezer that I should cook.
  6. Golf Griller

    Convertible WFO

    And only $1,849 from pizzaovencompany.com
  7. Golf Griller

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    Looks like I need to get a scale so that I can start making my own pizza dough, and expand what I cook beyond meat.
  8. Golf Griller

    New Big Joe

    welcome to the forum. The kabobs look very tasty.
  9. Golf Griller

    S’mores Baklava

    Looks delicious. I would definitely have to have you send me only one square. It would be too tempting to eat all of it.
  10. Golf Griller

    Maintaining Temps

    I would also suggest that you put your heat deflector and cooking grate in while you are bringing your grill up to temperature. The cold heat deflector and cooking grate is going to cool off your grill.
  11. Golf Griller

    Costco 2019 Road Show Schedule

    I don't know the pricing, but I looked at the link and noticed that there is a roadshow coming up at the Costco near me. Time to stock up on KJ big block.
  12. Golf Griller

    iKamand v2

    As I was watching this video, a thought popped up in my mind -- Does the fan from the ikamand blow ash up into the area where you are cooking?
  13. Golf Griller

    Hello from Littleton, CO

    I always fill my firebox full, regardless of what I am cooking. The only time I don't fill it full is when I am using the joetissory, when I only fill the back half of the fire box full.
  14. Golf Griller

    Hello from Central Kentucky

    When I got my KJ my first cooks were steaks. I was able to hold the temp, but had problems with getting the steaks done to rare/medium rare. I was trying to do reverse sears and was using steaks that were too thin for a reverse sear.
  15. Golf Griller

    2019 Costco Pit Boss

    Also, look for the * on the price. That means that they are not going to have any more.
  16. Golf Griller

    Hello from Central Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum. I have found that a lot of tips that are offered for a specific grill can be applicable across a number of kamado grills. Also, anything you can cook in your oven can be cooked on a kamado grill; therefore, don't get hungup on how recipes are cooked.
  17. Golf Griller

    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Watched your video last night. I always like your videos. Your cooking looks like mine at times.
  18. Great looking dinner. Enjoy the beach.
  19. Golf Griller

    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    I'm not from Texas either. I grew up eating beans in my chili, and add them when I make chili. I also like to use a combination of chorizo and maybe some ground meat along with stew meat cut in to small chunks in my chili. I agree with MGoBBQ's comment about Cincinnati chili.
  20. Golf Griller

    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    I've seen that recipe somewhere on YouTube too. Just can't remember where. I just did a YouTube search and here are the videos that I found: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=over+the+top+chili
  21. Golf Griller

    Second Cook - Pizza

    Good looking pizza.
  22. Golf Griller

    New Saffire Platinum 19"

    Great first cook.
  23. Golf Griller

    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Cheers -- raising a single malt in toast.
  24. Golf Griller

    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Delicious looking meal. I just don't understand that green stuff that is on the plate with the wings and chips.