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  1. I have a KAB. I place it in the firebox with the handles on the east-west sides to make it easier to remove the basket when needed.
  2. @Old man griller Welcome to the Guru. Here is a reference that might answer some of your questions:
  3. Welcome @hoolahee. There are a lot of people on here who will answer your questions and help you get better results. Here is a great reference to help you:
  4. I had a Kick Ash Basket on my KJC and it did not prevent my firebox from cracking.
  5. Do you know that there are 8 different corks for the bottles? Each one shows the rider and horse in a different stage of a race.
  6. Porter Road sells a beef neck roast here is their information on neck roasts. I would assume that the same would apply to a deer neck roast. https://porterroad.com/collections/beef/products/beef-neck-roast
  7. Welcome to the Guru @Bigwuf. Here is a good reference to help you on your Kamado cooking journey.
  8. @A.O. I used to have that problem with my KJ. I saw a suggestion somewhere on here is to change the direction of the daisy wheel so that it will not open fully, or close when opening the grill. It took a little bit of experimentation, but here is how my daisy wheel is set so that it stays where I have it when I open the grill.
  9. @Yazfan Welcome to the Guru. Like @len440, I also let my grill settle in at the temp I want using the vents to control the temp. I will have a grape-based beverage, or a beverage from Scotland or Kentucky. while the grill is coming up to the temperature I want. Here is a good reference that will help you on your mastery of Kamado cooking.
  10. @keeperovdeflame We have a turkey farm near by. We might get a turkey breast to cook. Not any reason to get a whole turkey for just me and the wife.
  11. I have used Porter Road in the past for beef, and am very pleased with their meat. If I want some bison I order from NebraskaBison https://www.nebraskabison.com/. They also have elk meat.
  12. @Chezbarry Welcome to the Guru. Here is a good reference to help you with the learning curve on your Acorn.
  13. Got a 1l bottle of a single barrel Woodford Reserve yesterday. The tasting notes are: a sharp medley of brown, savory, and green spices complimented by dark cherry and dried cranberry with light hints of caramel and vanilla.
  14. When I post multiple pictures, I leave a blank line below where I'm posting the picture, then post a picture, add the text below it, and then add 2 lines to post a picture and then another blank line for text.
  15. That's what I said when I saw the pictures from my high school 70th birthday party. There were too many old people there.
  16. I've been doing it wrong too, although I do use a remote thermometer for low and slow cooks to give me an idea of when the meat is getting close to being done. I think that the remote thermometers for the grate temperature are trying to apply a digital solution to an analog source. Also, where does the thermometers in an oven measure the temperature? Could a thermometer in a different place give a different reading?
  17. @djb21au You might also look at Harry Soo's YouTube channel. He has a lot of information on brisket. I also remember that once he wraps the brisket, he puts it in his oven to finish.
  18. Welcome to the Guru KCrossland. In your research did you see this great reference from John Setzler? It will help you on your journey of kamado cooking.
  19. I use a Kick Ash Basket. When I am getting ready to start a new cook, I just shake the basket. Any ashes and small bits of charcoal that fall out are cleaned out of the grill and I just add new charcoal on top. I've never had any problem with the fire being snuffed out.
  20. I have the daisy wheel on my KJ and have not had any problems with it, including grilling in the rain. I never had any water get into the grill and ruin the food that I was cooking.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Your chicken looks delicious. There is a YouTuber in the UK ChilliChump (https://www.youtube.com/c/Chillichump/videos) who grows his own chillies and makes fermented hot sauce. He has several videos on the process for fermenting the hot sauce.
  22. Looks like a very tasty dish of beans. I was thinking that you might be a Miami Dolphins fan and was waiting to see what you would do with dolphin.
  23. I can't answer your questions about the changes in the KJjr temps. However, on my KJ Classic and my BGE I put the ceramic deflectors in when I am heating up the grill. This allows them to come up to temperature with the grill.
  24. @JayBee Welcome. Hav you made sure that you have your stainless steel grates positioned properly D&C rack? The curved edge of the grate should rest on the flat side of the D&C rack and the ends should sit on either side of the raised pin (for lack of a better term) on the D&C rack. See the picture below.
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