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  1. 17 hours ago, Brick Pig said:

    I thought of this thread when I was preparing my Big Joe for a cook on Sunday afternoon, and took a couple pics of my gasket. I'm still cooking with the same felt gasket --or more precisely, what's left of it-- that came on it when I bought it in 2016. A couple times a year I think to myself that I need to order a new one, but then I cook something again and the grill still works like a champ, so I never quite get around to replacing it.





    That's more gasket than I have on my KJC of the same age. Looks like you also have the original firebox.

  2. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of people on here who will help you with any questions you may have. Here is a good reference to get you started on your kamado cooking:



  3. @CentralTexBBQ I finally got the pictures uploaded from my phone from this weekend's cook.


    Last January I purchased a package of dino ribs at Costco.




    I was trying to decide what to grill Sunday. My wife suggested that I do the dino ribs in the freezer.


    Here are the ribs seasoned up and put on the grill.





    Ready to come off the grill after about six hours at a solid 250*.




    And of the grill. Probed super tender. They might have been ready at five or five and a half hours.




    Plated up on the fine china. I also gave my neighbor a plate like this.




    Monday night I cubed up the third rib and and heated it up in the microwave with a carne asada marinade. The street tacos came out great, sorry no pics.

  4. On 2/8/2015 at 7:58 AM, Just_Curious said:




    I have an initial draft for vertical and bottom frame assembly. Top frame portion and tabletop we had to improvise on the go. We were going for a compact solution, but the table could be extended on either side.


    Kamado Joe Table.pdf.    


    11 hours ago, Boater said:

    Welcome, @Brian Dilitto.  I don't think the original poster is still active here, so you might not get a direct answer.  Hopefully that DIY forum has enough ideas to get you going, anyway.


    Edit: I saw that parts of the design were posted as an attachment further up the discussion, but I could not get that to download.  Perhaps @John Setzler could let us know if that file is still extant.



    I was able to download the pdf file from this post, which is on this page of the discussion.

  5. What are you using to access this site? Is the device logged on to a Google account? If so, that might be why you are getting the ads. Like @adm, I am on a Mac. I do not stay logged in to my google account.

  6. This is just my opinion, so take it as you wish. It looks like your grill is sitting on a wood deck. I would not start a fire in the grill if there are cracks that go all the way through. Even at a low and slow temperature, if one of those cracks gives way and drops burning coals on the wooden deck, you will have bigger problems than a cracked grill.

  7. 16 hours ago, fotoflux said:

    grilling some chicken because the coals were still hot late at night

    ... and one of the advantages of the ceramic grills is the capability to shut down the fire and have left over coals to use for your next cook. Welcome to the Guru.

  8. Welcome to the Guru. Since you have been reading this forum for a while you probably came across this great reference. If not this explains Kamado cooking and moves you along the path to mastering your unique grill (every Kamado style grill cooks slightly different from other grills).



  9. Welcome @Stuart Hill to the Guru. I got my start with a Kamado grill when my gas/charcoal combo grill rusted out and I needed a new grill. There is a lot of good information here to help you on your path of cooking on a Kamado grill.

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