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  1. 19 hours ago, John Setzler said:



    I have some good friends who are bourbon fans.  One of them gifted me this bottle yesterday..... I can't wait to try it.

    Do you know that there are 8 different corks for the bottles? Each one shows the rider and horse in a different stage of a race.

  2. @Yazfan Welcome to the Guru. Like @len440, I also let my grill settle in at the temp I want using the vents to control the temp. I will have a grape-based beverage, or a beverage from Scotland or Kentucky. while the grill is coming up to the temperature I want.


    Here is a good reference that will help you on your mastery of Kamado cooking.



  3. 23 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:


    Yikes, I've been doing this all wrong for the past 30+ years... :-D

    I've been doing it wrong too, although I do use a remote thermometer for low and slow cooks to give me an idea of when the meat is getting close to being done. I think that the remote thermometers for the grate temperature are trying to apply a digital solution to an analog source. Also, where does the thermometers in an oven measure the temperature? Could a thermometer in a different place give a different reading?

  4. 9 hours ago, gadgetguy03 said:

    I have charcoal leftover from my last cook. Advice on what to keep/what to toss and where it should go when starting my next fire?


    I've read a ton of stuff about managing the airflow so I'm just worried that my next cook will have a snuffed out fire because I didn't get out all of the small bits. So how small would be too small?

    I use a Kick Ash Basket. When I am getting ready to start a new cook, I just shake the basket. Any ashes and small bits of charcoal that fall out are cleaned out of the grill and I just add new charcoal on top. I've never had any problem with the fire being snuffed out.

  5. 10 hours ago, baltik said:

    Thanks John! Is the daisy wheel superior to the new style vent? Doesn’t rain a ton where I’m at but seems like a better design?

    I have the daisy wheel on my KJ and have not had any problems with it, including grilling in the rain. I never had any water get into the grill and ruin the food that I was cooking.

  6. @JayBee Welcome. Hav you made sure that you have your stainless steel grates positioned properly D&C rack? The curved edge of the grate should rest on the flat side of the D&C rack and the ends should sit on either side of the raised pin (for lack of a better term) on the D&C rack. See the picture below.



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