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  1. Welcome to the forum. Your chicken looks delicious. There is a YouTuber in the UK ChilliChump (https://www.youtube.com/c/Chillichump/videos) who grows his own chillies and makes fermented hot sauce. He has several videos on the process for fermenting the hot sauce.
  2. Looks like a very tasty dish of beans. I was thinking that you might be a Miami Dolphins fan and was waiting to see what you would do with dolphin.
  3. I can't answer your questions about the changes in the KJjr temps. However, on my KJ Classic and my BGE I put the ceramic deflectors in when I am heating up the grill. This allows them to come up to temperature with the grill.
  4. @JayBee Welcome. Hav you made sure that you have your stainless steel grates positioned properly D&C rack? The curved edge of the grate should rest on the flat side of the D&C rack and the ends should sit on either side of the raised pin (for lack of a better term) on the D&C rack. See the picture below.
  5. And they will be good when they are finished.
  6. There is no such thing as overkill when grilling. I've been known to grill two Italian sausages when we are having spaghetti and sausage for dinner.
  7. Until the changes in the college football conferences it was always interesting in my house on the day after Thanksgiving when the Big 8 match up would be Colorado vs Nebraska. I grew up in Colorado and spent some time at the University of Colorado. My wife grew up in Nebraska and NU football is king there. Anyway, my sports team theme is a college match up. No, I'm not doing Ralphie on the Joetisserie. I was able to get some bison back ribs from Nebraska Bison. Here is one rack ready for the rub. I was almost out of BGE ancho chile and coffee rub, so I added some more ancho chile powder, some finely ground coffee, and some mustard powder to the BGE rub. The rub was enough to fully cover the ribs. I got the grill up to temp and it held a solid 240* for the 4 hour cook. After about 3 hours the ribs were starting to probe tender, so I wrapped them with some sauce for additional flavor. Mrs. GG went to a farmer's stand and purchased some fresh corn on the cob. With the corn home, she was the person to husk it. After half an hour wrapped, the ribs were unwrapped and put back on the grill to tack up. The ribs were taken off the grill and a heat deflector was removed so the grill's temperature could rise. When it was up to about 350* - 400* the corn was put on to roast. A red wine was chosen to go with the ribs And the plated shot . . . I also took over a rib and an ear of corn to our neighbor who enjoys what I grill. His son only does burgers on the grill. In my mind the star of the show were the ribs, but the corn had a strong back-up role.
  8. @asmir welcome to the Guru. Here is a good reference that will help you on your kamado cooking journey.
  9. Welcome @JamesH. Here is a good reference to help you on on your path towards using your kamado.
  10. Welcome @gadgetguy03 Here is a good reference to help you on your path towards smoking and using charcoal for cooking.
  11. I've seen some YouTube videos that have injected fat into meat. I think Pitmaster X or Allthingsbbq has a video on this.
  12. I always had good luck lining up the offset edges and then just placing the ring over the top.
  13. When I first got my KJ, I used a small log that I had from my previous grill. It gave too heavy of a smoke profile. Not only did my wife not like it, but I also found the food too smoky. I use one or two small chunks of wood not when I want additional smoke flavor. This gives me a good smoke profile. My wife does not complain about the food being too smoky any more.
  14. I still have not done spare ribs on my grill, but your ribs look a lot better than my first attempt at doing baby back ribs,
  15. Now that sounds like a good way to learn about your grill. Great looking meal.
  16. Harry Soo is a big proponent of finishing briskets in the oven after it is wrapped.
  17. @John Setzler I don't know if you saw this or not, or if you can even get some where you live. https://www.maxim.com/food-drink/jack-daniels-launches-10-year-old
  18. Welcome to the Guru ramyahoo. Here is a reference that will help you on your Kamado journey
  19. Welcome to the Guru cydisc. Here is a reference to help you with your new grill.
  20. Welcome to the Guru KomadoDragon. Here is a good reference to help you.
  21. I put my deflectors directly above the fire box if I want to keep low temperatures. If I'm cooking something indirect, but want a higher temperature then I put the heat deflectors on the bottom tier of the D&C rack.
  22. Delicious looking pizza. I could eat some slices.
  23. Great looking meal. A scotch fliiet is a ribeye roast.
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