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  1. I'm showing my age now. I remember when you could get dog bones for free from the butcher.
  2. Great looking cook. I would like to do more lamb, but i would be cooking it for myself only; therefore, I tend to stick to small lamb chops.
  3. I try to make sure that my KJC is cool and then I cover it. I do this because I have a grate holder on the base and usually one of my deflector plates is in the holder. Is there a problem with the deflector plate getting wet and then using it before it may not be totally dried out?
  4. I just saw spring merchandise at my Costco. Traeger is having a road show. I'm waiting for the KJ roadshow so I can stock up on KJ Big Block Lump.
  5. I used to make a pizza roll that was similar to this. I used Pillsbury hot roll mix for the bread.
  6. The deflector plate should be under warranty, Submit a warranty claim to KJ. They may send you a new deflector plate.
  7. It used to take me a long time to get my grill up to the temperature that I wanted, until I started leaving the top up for 10-15 minutes. I then close the top and allow it to heat up the ceramics and come up to the temperature that I want. Usually, I have already poured an adult beverage to enjoy.
  8. I have seen some YouTube videos for beer can burgers. They look like they would be good. Something I need to try. I thing @John Setzler has this on the Kamado Joe YouTube channel.
  9. @Ron5850 How long did you cook the artichokes on the grill? Did you use direct or indirect heat?
  10. Enjoy your retirement, everyday is Saturday . I've been retired for 4 years, and have not wiped the smile off my face yet.
  11. Welcome. I also got my KJ at an end of year closeout at a good price. Based on some of the posts here, it looks like if your timing is right you can get a great deal on a KJ. I enjoy cooking on the grill, although my cooks are not as interesting as some of the cooks that I see on here. I am cooking for just my wife and myself, so that limits the amount of meat that I cook on the grill.
  12. I have the same problem with my wife. I seem to have problems keeping the chili mild enough for her.
  13. Received the following accessories as Christmas presents. Still waiting for a bag of oak chunks to make its way across the country to me. Th eonly wood chunks available locally for smoking are mesquite, hickory, apple, and cherry. If you want to use anything else, it needs to be ordered.
  14. I just watched the video and did not have any problems with the audio. The cook looks great.
  15. Looks delicious. I'm looking to get a dutch oven, but this would be enough to feed me, my wife, and half the neighborhood. I may have to find another way to season the dutch oven, but could make this for a neighborhood party.
  16. Welcome, I found the Kamado Joe YouTube channel, hosted by John Setzler has a lot of good information to help you with your grill.
  17. I am also in the minority. If a product requires me to connect it via blue tooth to my phone I will not but the product. I would rather own three products that did one thing that they are designed to do and not share information on what they are being used for, than own one product that did all three functions. If one breaks, you have to replace the entire unit to regain full functionality (think printers taht are also fax machines, copiers, and scanners).
  18. I found a 2016 KJ in Feb 2017. Dealer had knocked off $100 because of it being last year's model. They did not have any in back, so I had to take the floor model. They knocked an additional $100 off.
  19. Welcome Jason. I look forward to seeing your cooks and getting ideas of what to cook myself.
  20. Great cooks. I enjoyed reading your adventures. I have had my KJ Classic for about 10 months, , but have not been as adventurous as you in my cooking. Mostly steaks, burgers, brats, and pork chops. Had a few failures with some roasts and baby back ribs. Wife seems to back off on my experimenting when I have a setback. She also is not as adventurous about what she will eat. We did a couple of pizzas on the grill that came out good. I would also do a take and bake loaf of bread on the grill.
  21. Keep us updated on the challenge and show us pictures of your cook.
  22. I had a Brinkmann grill with a side burner, gas grill and charcoal grill. I had added a smoker firebox to the grill. I liked the gas grill for grilling after work and used the charcoal grill on the weekend and for smoking. After several years, the grill started rusting out. At that time, I began looking for a replacement grill and came across the kamado grills. I did research on the grills that I would see in stores. Based on price, features, and flexibility I chose the Kamado Joe. As I stated in another post I got a good deal on the grill. I was using the Kamado Joe forum as a source of information before it went down. I then I then began following John’s Kamado Joe YouTube channel for a source of information. I then did some more research and found this site. Now I can ask questions as I have them. My wife is not a big fan of smoked food, or a lot of different foods cooked on the grill (I’m still trying to get her to try different foods). This summer I cooked mostly steaks, pork chops, burgers, brats, hot dogs, and take and bake bread from Krogers. I smoked a turkey breast yesterday and it came out delicious. I used a Stubb’s chicken rub, and red oak for the smoke. It came out super moist and very tasty. My wife thought it was good. I'm looking forward to getting new ideas for cooking on the grill and expanding my skills.
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