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  1. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of people here that will be able to answer your question. Have you seen this source of great knowledge on Kamado cooking?
  2. I have my daisy wheel set so the the screw is at the 7:00 position.
  3. I set both by bottom vent and my daisy wheel vent at about a credit card width. I can get it stable at 200 when I put the meat on. It will over time rise to 250.
  4. So who are the two lovely ladies who are enjoying the sun?
  5. Great looking cook, and congratulations on the new member of the family.
  6. Yesterday I noticed that I have a small, but long crack in my base. I purchased my KJC in 2016 and it was the previous year's model. Do you think that if I file a warranty claim and get a new base I will have problems matching up the old parts with the new base? Although knowing how handy I am, I am looking at purchasing a new grill.
  7. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of people here who are willing to answer your questions. Some members would also be interested in seeing how you build your stand. Post pics in the Do it Yourself forum. Here is a great reference to help you move forward on your kamado cooking journey.
  8. I've never cooked a pork shoulder, but from what I have seen here each cooks on its own, so cooking two at a time should not affect the cooking time.
  9. I'm cooking some bison short ribs. Also going to do some corn on the cob on the grill.
  10. @JCASI Here is a YouTube video that @John Setzler made on this.
  11. I don't know the answer to your question, but I got some lump from my local Ace hardware. When I opened the bag it had a musty smell. My thought was that it might have got wet and then dried. I did try burning some, and it burned ok, but did not have the same smell as other charcoal. I was able to return the bag and am now using the B&B Competition blend charcoal Texas size lumps (from the bag).
  12. Welcome to the Guru @GotMeat. As @KismetKamado said there is a lot of great information and people here. Here is a great source of information on Kamados.
  13. @td5173 Welcome to the guru. This reference will help you branch out on your kamado.
  14. And we got one right after I got my grill started today. I'm not recommending that anybody do what I do, but just my experience.
  15. I have never had any issues with rain when I'm grilling. I haven't done a pork shoulder, but I've done some cooks where I've been cooking for 3 or 4 hours. I just set my grill where I can stay dry without the grill being under my awning. Here are a couple of pictures of my grill being used in the rain. This is when I was bringing the grill up to temperature.
  16. Welcome. I also got my KJ because I was looking for a grill that would last and not rust out. I'm looking forward to see what you cook on your grill.
  17. The inspiration for this cook came from Chef John This included a shaka shaka of cayenne. The marinade for the chicken thighs consisted of kosher salt, ground black pepper, dried rosmary, dried thyme, dried oregano, red pepper flakes, minced garlic cloves, lemon juice and olive oil. Here are the dry ingredients for the marinade: The dry ingredients and the wet ingredients were added to the chicken thighs in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator to rest for seven hours. When I got the grill up to temperature, I put the thighs in a cast iron skillet. After tossing the potatoes in the left over marinade I added them on top of the chicken. I mixed the salad dressing together. The thighs were removed from the grill and rested as the potatoes continued to cook and the sauce reduced. Here are the finished potatoes and chicken thighs. I took a chicken thigh, some potatoes and some tomatoes to my neighbor. . . . and here is my dinner:
  18. I'm letting the chef at Summit Hills CC do the cooking tomorrow. They are having a Memorial Day grill out. It will include: Marinated flank steak Honey chipotle chicken skewers Pulled pork Corn on the cob Green Beans Roasted red skin potatoes Coleslaw Loaded potato salad Watermelon salad Fruit display, and Ice cream sandwiches.
  19. It was a good livestream. YOu can always go to his YouTube channel and watch the replay.
  20. @Ricorocks Maybe I wasn't clear. I put my D&C and heat deflectors that I am using in while the grill is warming up, so that they warm up at the same time. I also do not have to play with moving hot heat deflectors.
  21. I start my fire and then put in the divide and conquer system with the deflector plates in place where I want them for my cook. I never have any yo yo issues with doing it this way. When the dome temperature gets to where I want it I put what I'm cooking on the grill.
  22. Welcome to the Guru. There are a lot of people here who are willing to help you with any questions you might have. Have you seen this?
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