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  1. Well done video. I myself used a cotton ball soaked in alcohol .
  2. That looks like one Juicy and tender filet.
  3. Very nice grates. I also loves those legs.Great idea.
  4. I also only clean out my Akorn's ash build up when it"s filled.
  5. Blusmoke

    Peach and Pork Belly Pizza

    Great idea! Sounds delicious!
  6. Blusmoke

    Quick NY Strip on the Junior

    Now that"s a steak!
  7. Blusmoke

    Pork loin stuffed with Apple

    Yes, I agree! That looks marvelous! Very juicy and the bark looks wonderful. Got to give this a try.
  8. I'm giving it a smile and a thumbs up as well.
  9. Blusmoke

    40 day Umia bag

    Those are beautiful.
  10. Blusmoke

    Hot smoked ham

    Fantastic looking hams.
  11. Blusmoke

    El pastel del Diablo (pizza)

    That's 2nd Fantastic looking pizzas you have done recently.
  12. Blusmoke

    Quick lunch tritip

    That tri tip looks fantastic! I never had that cut before. You can"t really find it near my house.
  13. Beautiful summer meal.