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  1. I do put my akorn in the garage for the winter. But that is only to try to extend its life. It is rusting through now.
  2. Blusmoke

    Husky Bucket Jockey

    Great way to keep thing organized.
  3. You guys did a wonderful job on those hens.
  4. Blusmoke

    2 Easy Pizzas

    Wow looks amazing.
  5. Blusmoke

    Beef back ribs

    Those ribs look amazing.
  6. Blusmoke

    Kamado Joe Smoked Meatloaf

    That meatloaf looks wonderful.
  7. I have my Akorn about 5 years. It has seen better days. its rusting through. i keep it in the garage when not in use and all winter.And still only lasted 5 years. I want to get a kamado joe myself.
  8. Blusmoke

    Grilled Sofrito Swordfish

    those swordfish and grilled veggies look outsstanding
  9. Blusmoke

    SRF Wagyu Gold Brisket

    great job. Never had any products from SRF. Looks wonderful.
  10. Blusmoke


    Wonderful looking fajita. That meat looks so tender.
  11. Blusmoke


    Wonderful looking steak.
  12. Blusmoke

    Keep it simple ribeye

    Looks perfect to me