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  1. Beautiful looking meal and view. Looks like a wonder place to live.
  2. Welcome. I agree with Inarngr. You will need to tighten the latch and caulk the lower vent. If you can keep it dry it will last for years to come. Mine rusted out. But it is a really good kamado for a good price.
  3. Fresh fish on the grill. Doesn't get much better than that. Marvelous looking meal.
  4. That went though my mind as well. Do those striped peppers taste like the yellow and orange peppers? Never seen them before either. They look very appetizing.
  5. Back when I was in the army and stationed in Texas I could eat those beef ribs everyday. They look like money to me. Happy Birthday to you !
  6. My wife & myself just loves fish on the grill. Looks marvelous.
  7. Funny how something as simple as food can bring back memories from our youth. I guess food has more than just nutritional power. Thanks for you story. Your meal also looks scrumptious.
  8. A well packed Akorn. Love the extended rack.
  9. The chuck roast looks very tender and delicious.
  10. Your rotisserie ribs look nice. Never would I'd think that a two hour rib cook would be tender.
  11. That has to be the most portable table i have ever seen. Wonderful job.
  12. This happened to my Akorn. It has rusted pretty bad now. I think this is the last season for it. I tried to keep it out of the rain and put it in the garage when its not hot.
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