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  1. Blusmoke

    Grill Fried Hot Wings

    Your wings look perfect. My son made fried chicken with Lefty's once when we were at his home. He also covered them with wing sauce. They were delicious!
  2. Blusmoke

    Acorn ceramic

    I would love to know myself. I'm in need to put my old rusted akorn to rest. And at that price. It's just what I'm I'm looking for.
  3. Blusmoke

    1st Time ABT'S

    Never had those before. I would love to try them. Yours look very good.
  4. Blusmoke

    38 degrees and grilling

    I'm not at cold cooker at all. My akorn goes into the garage for the winter. Maybe it's my old senior body that can't take it.
  5. Blusmoke

    Same Day Olive Bread

    That bread look so good.I've never tried that before. It sounds and looks tasty.
  6. Blusmoke

    Grilled Chicken Pesto

    What a tasty looking plate.
  7. Blusmoke

    1st time ribs In forever

    Looks like you had a good meal.
  8. Blusmoke

    Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome to the forum .
  9. I do put my akorn in the garage for the winter. But that is only to try to extend its life. It is rusting through now.
  10. Blusmoke

    Husky Bucket Jockey

    Great way to keep thing organized.
  11. You guys did a wonderful job on those hens.
  12. Blusmoke

    2 Easy Pizzas

    Wow looks amazing.
  13. Blusmoke

    Beef back ribs

    Those ribs look amazing.
  14. Blusmoke

    Kamado Joe Smoked Meatloaf

    That meatloaf looks wonderful.