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  1. Blusmoke

    Honey mustard chicken

    Looks wonderful.
  2. Blusmoke

    Pork Butt Burnt End Tacos

    Looks like a winner to me.
  3. Wonderful cook. And I really enjoyed your video.
  4. Blusmoke

    Bird on the Boss

    nicely cooked yardbird .
  5. Blusmoke

    Awesome pizza cook

    Nice to see you have good help in the kitchen. Nice pizza.
  6. Blusmoke

    Digital thermometer choices

    I use a cheap one myself which is a pain to set up. I going to go for the smoke myself now.
  7. Blusmoke

    Wing night

    Those wings look fantastic.
  8. nice color on that salmon
  9. Blusmoke

    Wing party

    Love a good wing party.
  10. Blusmoke

    Chef’s prime pork steak

    Love that Devils food cake. My 10 year old would demolish that!
  11. Blusmoke

    Baby back ribs

    Nice looking ribs. very meaty.
  12. WOW! that bark looks fantastic!!!
  13. Blusmoke

    Taco Challenge test cooks...

    Very nice looking