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  1. Why not smash burgers? When I have to cook a lot of burgers, I use two of the cast iron griddles and smash away.
  2. Marbque, Thanks for the photos and video links. No plans to get rid of the Big Joe, just want to add a much larger grill. John
  3. Marbque, I am thinking of keeping my Big Joe and adding this grill. I tend to grill a lot more than doing long smokes. None of the dealers anywhere near Dallas have this grill so it has been hard to get information. Hope you don't mind a couple of questions. It appears to have a unique double hinged hood/top. What are the advantages or disadvantages of the unique lid? With the lid closed how much internal clearance do you have between the cooking grate and the lid? Do you have any photos with food on the grill? Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give.
  4. Will, I went thru the same set of questions as you prior to my purchase. I bought the Bij Joe and have been very happy with my purchase. The decision came down to the fact that the Big Joe is better suited for two zone cooking. I like to use the Big Joe as a smoker, but I actually use it more as a grill and the extra space is bette for a two zone setup. You can cook everything on a Big Joe that you can cook on a class is, but the reverse is not true due to the smaller size. Hope that helps and good luck with your decision. John
  5. How is it designed for 2 zone cooking? I understand how it can be used for direct grilling (without the deflector plate) and smoking (with the deflector plate), but I don't see any 2 zone options other than moving all the coals to just one side. I already have a Big Joe and was thinking about adding a second cooker and the Weber seems appealing since it would be easier to move and transport. I already have most of the Big Joe accessories, so I thought it would be nice if there was a way to use the half moon heat deflectors or cast iron griddle accessories in the Weber.
  6. Baby Back Maniac, Do you know if the Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer will fit in the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill? Since they both have a 24 inch cooking surface, I thought it was worth considering. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but my inquiry about the Yoder 24x48 is about the Yoder charcoal grill and not a pellet smoker. I will still give pelletfans.com a look.
  8. Marbque , I have been interested in the Yoder 24x48 or 24x36 grill for a while, but I have been having a difficult time finding any reviews, photo or videos. Do you use the Yoder just for grilling or do you also smoke on it? Any chance you have any additional photos? The links in the April 15th post don’t seem to be working. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give. Regards, John
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