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  1. Update. Stopped at Ace today and bought a new pair of vice grips to replace my lost ones. This of course means I'll find them this week! Well, with the vice grips it took me just a couple of minutes to remove the dome nuts and get the handle on. Glad it was easy with the grips but still think KJ should make sure this doesn't happen. I would give my whole KJ experience so far at 100% if not for this rather annoying little SNAFU.
  2. Thanks for the replies gents. I tried with pliers before posting but could not find my vice-grips. Guess I'll head to Ace tomorrow and treat myself to a new pair. Hope this works but still thinking this is a design flaw on the part of Kamado and should be remedied at the factory level. When you're dropping the kind of cash the Big Joe is you'd not expect this SNAFU. Thanks again for the input and Merry Christmas!
  3. Hey all. I just got my first KJ, a Big Joe stand alone. I got it set up in my outdoor kitchen, installed the guts, then went to put on the handle as the last thing. Well, the two dome bolts obviously have blind nuts under the black metal band and the nuts just spin. I sent KJ customer service an email a few days ago but no response. The only way I can think of installing the handle is to loosen the top band enough I can get behind it with a wrench to hold the nut. Surely this has to be some sort of screw up and the handle should have been installed? Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, how did you get the handle installed? Any input appreciated.
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