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  1. Those tomatoes made my mouth water and I now have a hankering for some salsa. Care to share your method and recipe? Will you be smoking the ingredients?
  2. Could you also include said discounts for us Canadians that are a part of the guru crowd? We are a small percentage of total population but we are mighty. LOL
  3. packer01

    Harry Soo

    What I found interesting in his video is his insistance that the smoking wood be placed under the light charcoal. Have never tried it as I always saw it either placed on top or mixed into the charcoal. Has anyone tried his method? If so did you notice any difference in flavor, volume or length of time the chunks smoldered for?
  4. I had recently approached KJ about buying the motor and was told that they do not sell as a standalone piece.
  5. Would anyone be able to post the make and model of the motor? I Would like to order one and I am assuming that KJ reached out to a third party vendor to fulfil this need. Thanks in advance.
  6. Would anyone be able to post the make and model of the motor? I Would like to order one and I am assuming that KJ reached out to a third party vendor to fulfil this need. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah that's definitely a pass. I would be afraid to ask the price for the BJ cart.
  8. Can you outline the replacement instructions? My original hinge is ok but I fear that it will slam on me one day, have come close a few times. Was considering this until it was mentioned before that it would not work and they were not developing it any longer. Seems that they had a change of heart. From what I see in the box it appears that it is a simple bolt on replacement. No straps to remove etc. Very interested again. Thanks
  9. I can hear the tumblers closing on this thread as I type. LOL Seriously though, the CS delays faced by the two of you should not be acceptable. In Canada, we are usually slower than the CS received in the US but nothing like that. I would be very upset if I was in your situation as well.
  10. I agree as well as I will never use the social media part either. When this was initially announced it was supposed to be a superior WIFI thermometer/controller that would come in (dollar wise) under the current offerings on the market (summarizing Bobby words on his initial FB post). Well it seems that scope creep has come up and bite this product by trying to be all things to all people. I was on board to buy one once it was released simply for the fact of being able to control my pit and check in on my cooks when I was away from my house. This is quickly becoming pr
  11. I am interested. I would just need to know the shipping cost. I am in Ontario, just outside of Toronto. In order to figure out shipping can you provide the dimensions and weight or whatever I would need to figure it out. Or if you could just provide about how much it may be. Thanks
  12. I bought a BJ and do not regret it one bit. I started with an Akorn but when I decided to go ceramic I could not justify going down in size (from a 19" grate to 18"). The majority of my cooks are also dual zone so once you split the Classic in half it does not leave a lot of room to work with. I am typically cooking for 3 adults and two growing girls and find I have enough space. If I would have went with a Classic I would have regretted not getting the BJ for my cooking style.
  13. We had a pretty bad ice storm here a couple of year ago. We had some downed branches from our Red (or Sugar) Maple tree so they became my smoking wood. I think the best description I could give Maple is it is a little stronger than apple but not as intense as hickory. 5698k nailed it in that I also use it for everything but beef, I just do not think it has a strong enough flavor.
  14. An old welders trick my dad taught me was to apply heat back to the burn. The heat source actually seems to absorb the heat from the skin. You do need to do this right after the burn takes place. I will say it hurts a lot to add heat back to a burn. I usually hold the affected area close to the heat for as long as I can stand it. It sounds crazy and the rest of my family thinks I am nuts whenever I do it. It does take away (or at least lessen) the stinging that usually takes place after you remove the heat source. I think the concept is the same as using ice trying to r
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