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  1. I"m clear on answers to 2 & 3. On 1, I think you are saying, don't sweat overusing the coal. Kismet, I think you are saying I can even control it by using 1/2 the grill for normal cooking. No need to reply unless I misread. Thanks for confirmation. One more question: If I can get a Big Joe II for $1300 delivered, new, is that as smoking a deal as it looks?
  2. I am looking at Kamado Joe grills. A few questions: 1. I'm sold on the quality and the cooking benefits. Now to size. My thinking is the Big Joe will cover me for all cookouts, large and small. However, I don't need that capacity often, and a classic would probably cover 95% of my cooking. I don't mind going bigger, even think it might be smart. But I'm wondering if I do, will I be locking myself into using more coal cooking smaller quantities in the Big Joe? Example, if I'm cooking 4 nice steaks, will I have to burn more coal to cook them in a big Joe vs a classic? I'm leaning towards Big Joe, just trying to understand if I do, am I buying a gas guzzler (coal guzzler)? 2. These things seem to have very long lives. Outside of cracks and something hidden, is there really much downside to buying one a few years old second hand? Anything besides cracks to look out for? 3. I've been reading to see if BGE or KJ has a big enough edge to really matter. Looks to me like they are both incredible products and I can't go wrong either way. Seem right? Thanks, I hope to be contributing soon!
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