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  1. Been awhile and I have done a few birds on the Joetisserie. Here is how I do it in order to eliminate the burnt grease taste that you may get when doing chicken. First I bank all the charcoal to the back of the Kamado Joe. Light it up to get it hot and get rid of the white smoke. Next I take a small tin foil baking dish (the rectangular ones) and fill about 3/4 way full of water. Place this underneath where you figure your rotisserie chicken will be. You will likely need to move the charcoal around. My typical charcoal looks like a steep wall climbing the back of the Kamado. Nex
  2. I plan on doing some cooks in the coming months with chicken on the Joetisserie. I'll provide my honest feedback along with the recipe and notes I take during the cook for anyone who's interested. Regards.
  3. Hi Logan, My thoughts exactly. I just got my Joetisserie for Christmas and haven't tried it out yet. However, I have cooked chicken before on the Kamado and if any of that grease starts dripping and smoking it gives an awful taste. To the point I can't even eat it. I got around this by starting the cook off on a gasser high heat and crisping up the skin. Then moving over to the Kamado at low heat to finish the cook and add some good smoke. Very worried about the Joetisserie with the grease dripping down and burning and making the chicken taste bad. However, s
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