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  1. Ever since owning the Kamado I have wanted to do wings, but my wife is not a fan of wings. So as you can imagine the opportunity for wings has been limited. This recent opportunity arose when she sent me a message “I’ve bought you a tray of wings”. I literally had to read the message a couple of times, but I was like SWEET. Now the mission was to convert her, I have done it before so I knew I was up to the challenge. Once upon a time she never liked fresh fish. That was until I converted her after cooking some amazing flathead. She now loves fresh flathead. Surely chicken wings will be easy –
  2. Kamado Smoked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed With Couscous, Spinach, Feta And Dried Cranberries Looking for that vegetable side dish for your next BBQ, or have a vegetarian friend coming. (just omit the feta or replace with tofu) Wifey found this one on Pinterest and fell immediately in love. So much so, out of the 10,000 plus recipes, she has pinned this one stood out so much that we had to cook it straight away. I am glad she did as this one was amazing. I’m pretty sure this is meant to be a side dish, but we loved it so much this was a complete meal for us. Ingredients
  3. Kamado Apple Pie This dish is a near perfect way to finish off an evening. Taking a simple dessert like and apple pie and turning up the flavour by baking in the Kamado, the Kamado apple pie will not disappoint. The subtle addition of the charcoal and smoke wood flavours plays a trick on your mind. You can quite easily close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting by the campfire on a cold night surrounded by family and friends. That is the power of the senses. Ingredients 8 Granny smith apples or any suitable/available variety
  4. Nice work Pesto !!! Bugs are gonna be on the to-do list.
  5. Feta and Olive Bread – Kamado Joe I stumbled upon this recipe care of Pinterest and immediately knew that I needed to attempt to do it on the Kamado Joe. The recipe and link to the original content is below, the only changes I made to the recipe was to cook it in the Kamado, I aimed for a similar dome temperature 190c [375f] and the cooking duration. In the Kamado it went closer to 1hr 10 mins. Inspiration https://myfavouritepastime.com/2015/...art-bread/amp/ Feta and Olive Pull-Apart Bread Difficulty: easy Preparation: 30 minutes + 1½ hours standing time; Bak
  6. Joetisserie Pork Belly - Crackling to Die for !! Who doesn’t love crackling? With this method, it is almost guaranteed to be the best crackle you have had. Inspiration This one was inspired by Glen from “Glen’s Aussie BBQ Facebook” page. Now I have done pork belly before and have struggled with getting the crackling to perfection, sometimes I have done OK, but never perfect. With this method, I nailed it !! Kamado Setup We are setting up for a Joe
  7. Yep, Lamb is my dead seat number 1 preference, love it !! A couple of blog posts here : https://kamadolife.com/category/lamb/ My favourite is the one over Lychee smoke - amazing !
  8. Pork Belly on the Joetisserie is amazing. I just did my first on the weekend - turned out fantastic. Definitely going to be my goto for pork belly from now on. Did a write-up and video on my efforts here : https://kamadolife.com/joetisserie-pork-belly-crackling-to-die-for/
  9. That wins the internet !!! Ridiculously delicious looking !!
  10. BBQAdventures


    Welcome to the Guru. Fellow Aussie here ( brissie)
  11. Hi, I have seen them wrapped in foil, prevents them from getting oil and fat residue build up. Or cook with a tray underneath grill rack. While the deflectors are "dirty" you will see more flare-ups and it is likely that this sort of flare-up adds a nasty taste to your food. Suggest a high heat burn (cleaning) Here is what the manual for the KJ states : MAINTENANCE CLEANING 1 Add charcoal and light using one or two fire starters. 2 Install the Divide & Conquer® flexible cooking system rack with the accessory rack in the top position and
  12. I am still a "newbie" and already have learnt so much from here - enjoy !!
  13. Smashing feed - but you are missing the Mud Crab !!
  14. Personal preference I guess. I'm on the put it on the night before camp. I reckon it must impart at least a little bit extra flavour. I guess one of the main factors is what type of rub. I have heard that a vinegar style rub actually helps open the pores and let the flavour in. Most of the time the thing that guides me is how much time before the cook I have.
  15. That base !! Looks 110% perfect. Thanks for sharing. I might have to steal that one.
  16. Jack Daniel's Tennessee FIRE Infused Rotisserie Pineapple A super simple, super tasty treat that is just as ideal on a cold winter’s night as it is for a summer lunch. Take the quintessential summer ingredient – pineapple, soak it in whisky, add sugar, cinnamon and roast over charcoal. Like I said pretty darn simple. Ingredients: 2 whole ripe pineapples 1/2 750ml bottle of cinnamon whisky (I chose the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee FIRE, but there is a couple of versions available. Choose what is within your local area at a good price) 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup
  17. Lychee Smoked Pulled Lamb Well here is something that is a little out of the ordinary. Lychee Smoked Pulled Lamb. Using the trusty Kamado Joe Classic I take an ordinary square cut lamb shoulder and turn it into the most magnificent pulled lamb meals I have ever eaten. Pulled Lamb in over drive Ingredients: Lamb Shoulder Treebark Rub Olive oil Kamado Setup: As we are going to be pulling this lamb it will need a med-long cook, somewhere between 8 and 10 hours so fill the firebox with fresh lump charcoal
  18. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, but only mildly. Cause it was a pretty short cook I guess. Still damn yummy as something to tack onto the end of a cook and utilise the residual heat etc.
  19. Quick and easy post for a super tasty winter classic with a twist – smoked pumpkin soup. We had been given a large Queensland Blue Pumpkin and with the weather turning here in Qld (if you can call it that) it is a perfect time to create a classic but with a Kamado twist - Smoked pumpkin soup. The ingredients I used. 1 large pumpkin quartered and de-seeded 3 potatoes 2 brown onions 3-4 whole heads of garlic (tops chopped to expose the top of the individual cloves) 1 tub of cookin
  20. Something a little different today. Anzac biscuits on the Kamado Joe. After firing up the Kamado Joe for some lunchtime sausages, which were delicious, I took the opportunity to make some Anzac biscuits with my daughters. They were very excited! A quick google for a recipe and a check of the cupboard for all the ingredients and we are in luck. Here is the recipe that got the nod. No thought other than I had the ingredients and it was the first result I looked at from google Recipe Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats 2 cups flour 2 cup
  21. I keep ticking things off the wish list and I keep being inspired by the versatility of the Kamado Joe Classic. The Joetisserie got a call up this weekend for a Kamado Joe Joetisserie Chicken. Joetisserie cooks are pretty easy to set up, for this chicken I was aiming for a dome temp of around 350f and a likely duration of around 1.5hrs. However I wanted to cook some roast veggies (corn, pumpkin, potatoes) so I needed to be a little creative with the grill rack set up etc. The downside of the classic size, perhaps a Big Joe (or Joe Jr) is in order.
  22. Rosemary & Mint Butterflied Lamb Shoulder Seems to be a theme this week. Keeping it simple !! After the last couple of weeks, we have had, it is the only way possible. Nothing fun about having sick kids. My all-time favourite roast meat is Lamb, that is my weak spot. Rosemary & Mint Butterflied Lamb Shoulder from Woolworths was on the menu tonight, a reasonable quick cook and all the hard work (prep) had already been done. Just a case of firing up the joe which is quick and easy with my new lighter. (Ozito special from Bunnings - I did a review over at
  23. Experimenting with Kamado Dessert Apricot Puff Pastry Parcels. A last minute simple dessert that the kids loved. I had had a couple of bourbons and was feeling a little creative/experimental and was struck with an idea to make a dessert for the family to enjoy after the Shepard’s Pie. A quick search of the fridge, freezer and cupboard I was inspired. Apricot Puff Pastr
  24. Kamado Smoked Shepherd’s Pie When Your Wife Loves Kamado cooking as much as you. Kamado Smoked Shepherd’s Pie Due to a busy schedule, I wasn’t planning on firing up the Kamado this weekend, but my wife was really keen to do “something” When I say she w
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