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  1. My local Lowe's has one in stock. It looks pretty good. The wheels on the nest are a bit on the cheap side and the spring system for the lid didn't seem to aid lifting much. Additionally, the ash pan didn't seem to fit air tight which could be a concern. The firebox also seemed to be much shallower than KJ, BGE and Visions. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice and I would take it and love it, those are just things I noticed while messing with it. It does come with a nice cast iron grate but the model I looked at didn't have a deflector with it and the store rep didn't seem to think one came with it either so that may be an additional purchase.
  2. I don't have an Akorn, just curious about the dimensions of the CI cooking grate. Wonder if it could be used in other applications.
  3. Found this looking at the char griller website. Wondering if it will would serve as a less expensive version of the kick Ash basket. I wonder if it will work for my Vision B series. Anyone besides Akorn owners tried to utilize this? https://www.chargriller.com/akorn-kamado-06620/adjustable-fire-grate-6214
  4. Due to lack of response I am beginning to think you are correct Bachman 5. Thanks, I did contact them and they are sold out for now. Looks like a waiting game for the time being. The bright side is my current vent is still adequate so I have some time.
  5. Good evening, my chimney vent on my B series is getting pretty beat up. Anyone got any ideas on replacement vents? I would like cast iron, but looks like the Vision accessories site is sold out. Do any other manufacturer vent tops fit? Thanks... Dylan
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