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  1. Also, has anyone tried out those Traeger pellets that Costco carries? Great deal on a 30lb bag...
  2. This is all awesome! 1) Any particular reason to go with the tube, rather than the tray? 2) How do you light it? Which pellets work well for you? Have you tried sawdust? 3) why are using the x-rack (thanks so much for expanding that!) for the deflectors, as opposed to the rim of the firebox, per usual? Thanks again! This is all super helpful!
  3. Can I ask a couple of dumb noob questions? 1) What is the X-rack? I feel like my deflectors are pretty close to the grate... 2) How do you regulate temp and smoke, with your setup? I’m super paranoid about the BJ retaining too much heat for this. Also, I feel like my FireBoard Drive Fan would be great for pumping smoke, but I’m kinda nervous about what it will do for temp... Thanks so much!!!
  4. Anyone have thoughts/ideas/suggestions/experience with cold smoking? I want get started, but am not sure if I should go with a tray, smoke daddy kinda deal, coffee can with a dryer vent, or some other brilliant option I don't know about yet. I don't have a jr that I could use to generate smoke, so thats kinda out. But I do have a beautiful wild salmon fillet freezing a hole in my freezer, and have been thinking about doing some other stuff for a vegan Wellington recipe for some weird vegans I know. Thanks, geniuses. You guys are all The Best!!
  5. I totally understand, and support your vision - even though I will be insanely jealous when of you and your ship, when that happens! How has the blowin' been goin? Any new thoughts?
  6. You mean their instant read thermometer, correct?
  7. Hi Kismet! Thanks! I don't believe you about the not being smart enough. I do believe you about the display though! I got the one from FireBoard, cause they cover it with a warranty, and because their customer service was so excellent. It turns out that they don't make it. But they 1) admit they don't make it, 2) recommend it quite highly, 3) say nice things about the manufacturer, 4) make a point of telling customers that it is not the only option, and they are sure lots of other blowers will work well too, and 5) charge the same amount as the actual manufacturer and not more... All of which made me feel even better about it as a choice, and about their advice in general. Very excited about cooking with it this weekend!
  8. I have a Fireboard that I love. Kismet, did you get the Smoke after your Fireboard? How do you find they compare? I am setting up my blower with the FB this weekend.
  9. Are you hiding the meat temps in that main view ?
  10. Wow. This is sooooo cool. 1) I love your headings. 2) That Black KJ is one sexy sexy beast. Having some serious ceramic envy over here. 3) Even though there seem to be gaps, it doesn’t look like any smoke comes through. Looks like it does bump up a bit over the set points... seems to correct too though. Super interesting to see how it regulates itself as you go. Thanks so much for this! SUPER RAD!!
  11. Yeah... I *think* I know what you mean - like you’d figure the plate would be curved a bit, to match the shape of the cooker, and the intake door/rail. Or flexible enough to bend to fit it... I guess with that cap in there, you could still use the intake, pretty much as normal, with the adaptor in, if, for some reason you wanted to cook without the fan. But, as you point out... there isn’t really much reason to do that.
  12. Hahahaha. You’re right - that was a stupid comment. Im super stoked for you, and really excited to hear/see how it goes, and how it comes out! This is really fun... Does the adaptor sit in there really snug? I’m curious to see if anything vents out around it, or whatnot. Thanks for having me along for the ride!!!
  13. Actually that looks pretty good! It’s a pretty decent/tight fit? If you’re using the blower for your cook, I wouldn’t mind seeing how it looks, sitting in there. I mean if it’s easy - I know I’m drifting into gratuitous jealousy and vicarious experience here. It looks super cool though!!
  14. Kismet, you’re seriously *the best,* you know that?
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