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  1. Anyone have any experience with a bison brisket? Worth the extra cost? I suspect it might be difficult to get right with the lower fat content but wondering if it's worth the trouble if the end result is good.
  2. The Panini / toasted sandwich sounds good!
  3. a 'little' garlic lolol That actually looks really good! *update*……. 4 hours later.... That was pretty darn good, thanks for the link Jaxxq! Chopped, tossed in some mayo mustard dressing and sprinkled with some chopped brisket....ate the lot! Not too sure how the wife is going to cope later on tonight though after half a cabbage for dinner!!
  4. I have a ton of smoked brisket in the freezer, I'm bored of brisket chilli and tacos and I couldn't find much using a search. What's everyone's favourite way to use up their brisket leftovers??
  5. Sounds like a gap in the market!! Must get writing!
  6. Well that didn't go so well! The thinner rack had basically nothing on it, the larger one had some meat at the end of the ribs but the bones are curved and tapering so it was hard to work out what exactly was going on! Once I separated them, they were kinda like a lamb chop but the meat was SUPER chewy. Not quite sure how you should approach cooking those, they cooked super fast even at 225 and were inedibly chewy so ended up in the neighbors dog! He was super appreciative though! Uber eats for dinner tonight then! All the steaks / burgers and ground Ostrich meat I got was pretty good but I don't think i'd bother with the rib rack again!!
  7. Well after an hour....at 225 it's apparently already @160 and ready, the meat is obviously VERY thin if it's done already. I'm not too sure about how this is going to taste though, if it's cooked already and similar to beef rib, then i'm suspecting it's cooked waaay too fast and it's going to be all chewy or Ostrich rib isn't really designed for smoking and should have been grilled instead!
  8. Ok so this should be interesting! The last of the meat I got from the ostrich farm was a 'rib rack' which I am going to attempt today! First impressions out of the pack is that there is a LOT of 'silver skin' type membrane all over everything, it is NOT easy to remove and Ostrich ribs are sharp! The pack actually had 2 'slabs' in there, one has a reasonable amount of meat on it the other....not so much, it's very thin. Had a 'best attempt' at trimming membrane etc off, sprinkled with John Henry Stockyard seasoning and into the Keg at 225......
  9. all this 'debate' about pineapple...one of my favourite pizzas back in the day when I was at college was a "Chicken Joe" that had bacon, chicken and banana on it. People used to balk at it but the banana worked surprisingly well!
  10. Well you inspired me to attempt a pizza cook tonight ....which the wheels fell off pretty quickly lol. I read through John's "this is why...." Thread and decided to do the 24hr dough, got all my ingredients yesterday, made my dough and as it was sitting out in 3 balls for 3hrs on its plates covered in cling wrap...... I realized it was supposed to be In the fridge lol. Couldn't be bothered starting again so just kept it in the fridge until tonight and went ahead with it anyway. Made mistake #2 overworking attempt #1 which ended up like a giant rubber band on the pizza peel and more like an inch think cracker when it was cooked By the time I got to #3 it was pretty edible, but not exactly light and puffy like Pesto3's alligator! Lots of lessons learned there for next time!
  11. I got a 20% coupon code from the Ostrich farm for writing a review on google for them, PM me if anyone's interested
  12. Slowly working my way through the box of Ostrich that I got online,"Top Strip " for dinner tonight which is supposed to be one of the better cuts. Couldn't be bothered going to the store so threw together a catch all 'dark fluid' pantry marinade with balsamic, soy and Worcester sauce for a few hours. Fired up the keg with all vents open as this is supposed to be very easy to overcook so I wanted a fast sear and had the instant read thermometer ready to go. 4min each side and pulled at 130°, recommended range is 125-150 and my last attempt was a little overdone so I was not gonna make the same mistake again! Threw on some Halloumi to add to the salad that I had to go with it, can't go wrong with squeaky cheese! Turned out pretty darn good! It's Ostrich so keeping with the theme, we cracked a bottle of S.African red which was pretty tasty too! The wife was very impressed, didn't know it was ostrich until I told her either.... Overall, I'm pretty impressed with Ostrich and the selection of cuts I got (burgers, thigh, loin, ribs and ground). The whole ostrich order was sparked by my cardiologist telling me my cholesterol levels were bad and I need to cut down on saturated fats/red meats. I find it to be an excellent substitute for beef and will probably keep it in rotation in some form and I'm keeping the ostrich ribs for next weekend and my big bird finale!
  13. I just read this from start to finish.....Soo much information! I think I'm going to go lie down now!
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