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  1. Could try the Alton Brown wing method..... it's a bit of a pain to do but works pretty well https://altonbrown.com/buffalo-wings/
  2. I usually do mine up at 700 until about 15min after it stops smoking, then shut the vents, let it cool and brush it out
  3. All the tasty things from home! https://www.scottishgourmetusa.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhrbk_fGc2gIV0YqzCh2Z4AWiEAAYASAAEgKEJfD_BwE
  4. Well I wasn't too impressed with my attempt at Sirloin tip, I had a heck of a time keeping the Keg temps down where I wanted it (350°) as it just kept climbing to 400-450° even with the vents closed. I'm going to have to investigate my joetisserie ring and run some felt gasket around it to try and stop so much air leaking in (I could see smoke escaping from multiple spots around the lid as well as the actual spit entry). So it cooked way too quickly and turned out a bit chewy for my liking, everyone else said it was awesome but you know what it's like when you're the cook!
  5. Lies! how can you argue with delights such as these!
  6. lol I guess that's some sort of liability thing as it's part of his vehicle rather than part of their property? I might try something similar but i'm not holding out much hope...
  7. I grabbed a 'sirloin tip' that was on special tonight and am planning to give it a go on the jotisserie tomorrow. Now being a rotisserie newb.....is there any particularly 'better' way to skewer your meat as long as it's counterbalanced? I'm wondering if I should skewer it slightly off center across the grain which is going to be the 'long' edge and would keep the roast a more uniform distance from the fire. It's kinda triangular and I suspect most of the weight is on the bottom edge, hence the off centre spear. Or if spearing it through the short edge, along the grain would be better. Any thoughts?? I'm going to rub it with horseradish and then some black pepper and let it sit in the fridge overnight tonight first....
  8. Well.....it's a GOOD job I went with the Keg and trailer hitch and not a ceramic as I received this in the mailbox this morning.... "As the weather warms up and outdoor cooking is on the menu, we'd like to remind all of you that BBQing, Slow Cooking, Smoking, or any other type of meat cooking is strictly prohibited on site. The only BBQing allowed is at the courtyard BBQ." The 'courtyard bbq' is a crappy cheap gas grill :/ Time to look for somewhere else to live!
  9. haven't seen it active since i bought mine....
  10. well...... it was certainly different and actually was quite floral. I'm not sure what it really goes with though, maybe fish would have been a better idea than chicken breasts, not something i'm going to go running back to every week but i'm sure i'll find something that I can use it for!
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