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  1. Question for the calorie counters out there.....What are you guys/gals using for the calorie makeup of slow 'n' low pulled pork without sauce? I'm having trouble finding a consistent value as all the 'normal' sites seem to vary widely (I assume because they're either quoting raw meat, or ready made pulled pork with sauce added. The best I can find is from the USDA website but it's quoting raw meat "Boston butt), blade (steaks), separable lean and fat, raw", the values look a bit strange compared to the like of My fitness pal "Pork, Boston Butt roast", i'd expect raw meat to have more fat etc rather than less! USDA MFP Calories 211 270 Protein 20 23 Fat 14 19
  2. Rotisserie Ideas?

    I was particularly looking for something good to play with my Joetisserie with too
  3. Being new to these parts....I was hoping someone could introduce me to these 'unusual' large cuts that I keep seeing in the grocery store next to work that aren't in my Pat LaFrieda Meat book! Any particular favorite cooks or suggestions for each or any of them would be appreciated. Beef Shoulder Clod Beef Chuck roll Pork Cushion meat (poor photos i know, it was cold in the refrigerated section though!)
  4. Sea Bass in Thai Green Curry

    that looks awesome! I'm also loving the 'new' alternatives to noodles that are in the stores these days, had 'beetoodles" the other day with salmon and then some Edamame pasta with smoked meatballs last week
  5. Nine pound Super Trimmed Brisket

    Urg, I love getting up at 6am to take other people's lunch off the BBQ lol! Had some teething issues last night as I left the lid open for too long when lighting and overshot the temp by 50 degrees, took about two hours to get it to stabilize down where I wanted it. After that it was smooth sailing although I didn't realize quite how much these little guys shrink! I hope there's a lot of coleslaw!!
  6. Nine pound Super Trimmed Brisket

    That looks awesome! I've got an 8.5 pounder going on tonight that i'm hoping to have done and be able to put in the faux cambro (cooler!) at 6:30 tomorrow morning for a work pot luck lunch. I'm aiming to put it on a 7pm @225° (smartfire ATC) for 11hrs and hoping not to have to get up in the middle of the night to touch it at all! I need my beauty sleep! I hope it looks half as good when it's finished!!
  7. smoking cheese--A-Maze-N tube

    yup, been there, done that!
  8. Tomorrow's dinner

    Well that went better than I expected! Plugged the smartfire in 5min after lighting and it ramped up to 275 and held it rock steady for the entire 4 hrs. Pretty tasty half the first rack didn't even make it as far as the kitchen!
  9. Day off tomorrow, that's dinner prepped and ready to go, exhibit A rubbed with John Henry's Stockyard seasoning, exhibit B with good ol' freshly ground pepper and kosher salt Now here's hoping I can keep the keg temps down and get a nice slow smoke on them.
  10. Lump Replacement

    Put a few in the fire box......should raise a few eyebrows the next time the neighbors come round for dinner and look beyond the grill grate! https://www.amazon.com/Myard-Fireproof-Fireplace-Campfire-Halloween/dp/B00KBNIZDK/ref=pd_sim_86_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00KBNIZDK&pd_rd_r=501F739VVZ6JS18V1AK4&pd_rd_w=pPGi6&pd_rd_wg=SHHJg&psc=1&refRID=501F739VVZ6JS18V1AK4
  11. I had a smartfire auto temp controller installed on my KJ Classic before I moved back to the US and got used to the easy remote control for my overnight cooks. I finally got round to installing it on my new BKK5000 today, it's installed, but it was a heck of a lot easier on the KJ! My original plan was to just remove the ash drawer, put a piece of aluminum over the front, secure with the quick release tabs and mount straight to that. I got as far as taking the drawer apart and marking up the aluminum before I realized it wasn't going to work due to the curve in the front and the raised square mounts for the quick release tabs. Plan B was then to remove the drawer from the faceplate , drill a hole and and mount the smartfire adaptor next to the daisy wheel. The problem with that is there isn't much clearance around the daisywheel and the edge of the faceplate and the back of the faceplate has a load of webbing around where the screws to attach the drawer are located. That needed to be removed with a load of elbow grease and some filing prior to drilling the mounting hole for the smartfire adaptor. I wasn't going to bother replacing the ash drawer, my old KJ never had one and it's not a bother to me but I ended up performing another 'modification' to the drawer and it fits fine with the smartfire attached. and there we go, mounted and ready for some slow & low! Now here's hoping it's able to keep the temps lower than I seem to be able to!
  12. Sorry about the 'other' thread, I fat fingered it and posted by mistake and now can't find how to delete it :/ I Picked up a pork loin for $15 last week and my joetissetie arrived this week too so decided it was time to break it in yesterday. Went pretty well despite encountering a few teething problems! #1 The Joetisserie doesn't fit on the BSK5000 unless you remove one of the handles, otherwise the motor doesn't fit on the bracket properly! #2 My pork loin was about 6" longer than the spit! Had to cut it in two and do two separate cooks #3 I overshot my target temp again on the BSK by 100 degrees, had to wait an hour for it to cool back down to something close to what I wanted. Really having some issues getting the Keg lit and fired up without it screaming over the target temp if i'm looking for something low. Other than that, both the loins turned out pretty good, nice and juicy with a good crunchy bark in some spots. The extended cook time also resulted in a few neighbours coming past to ask about the Keg due to the tasty smells wafting around the complex all afternoon Now I just have to worry about what to do with all these leftovers!!
  13. Taking a loin for a spin

    Just picked up a whole pork loin today on special, a 8.5lb for less than $20. Just happened to get my joetisserie delivered this week too so will be breaking it in at the weekend When you say 'sauced' you mean you were mopping it with some sort of bbq sauce? I was going to try a Cajun rub but am a little worried about it drying out during the cook as it doesn't look like there's much fat on there.
  14. First Keg road trip

    I was out at this forwarding the cause of kamado cooking to everyone http://www.bakersfield.com/news/comrades-canopies-veterans-cross-skydiving-off-bucket-list/article_bea0f120-8525-11e7-bb02-3725cb215069.html
  15. I pulled the trigger and bought a BKK5000 a week ago instead of another KJ as I wanted to be able to take it on the road, well this weekend was the first actual outing and it went pretty well! 32 Bratwurst sandwiches 48 Brazilian Cheese puffs (pao de queijo) 12 Chocolate Lava cakes And 12 pizzas :- The pizza setup worked well, I used the Pizza 101 utube video dough and cold fermented it for 5 days, my only hiccup was forgetting that I'd left the 2nd batch in the cooler on top of the ice so it didn't get much chance to proove. I'm assuming that's why the crusts are pretty flat on the latter red sauce pizza than the first pesto one's All in all, pretty darn happy with it!!