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  1. Thanks. You saved me from purchasing this book. I've tried standard and reverse sear on thick steaks, like a tomahawk ribeye. I don't see how you can not appreciate the difference. Also, my BEST steaks have come off my kamado joe.
  2. My ash pan has warped, losing it's original shape and it's a real struggle to remove it. This happened not long after converting to a KAB. I should probably order a new one...but I'm worried it too will warp again.
  3. If you want smoke to penetrate the brisket, you need to smoke it first.
  4. I was disappointed to see that the Flameboss 400 doesn't work in "offline" or "standalone" mode, meaning, it requires an internet connection to configure and use. I hope the 500 doesn't have the same limitations. The physical buttons on the device lead me to believe it can operate without an internet connection.
  5. Yes, it comes with the divider. FWIW, I can say that I am very happy with my Big Joe. Would recommend.
  6. Correct. Smoking over charcoal and red oak in my KJBJ. Good to remember. Thank you.
  7. The last time I smoked a prime rib in my Kamado Big Joe, I quickly seared the prime rib on the Kamado and it turned out fine. I'm smoking a couple of prime ribs in my Kamado Big Joe tomorrow. I have a 6 burner Summit Weber gas grill with grillgrates. Would I notice any difference searing the prime rib on the gas grill instead of on charcoal? I plan to flip the grillgrates on the Weber upside down so I get a full coverage sear.
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