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  1. Glad to have you on board SmokyVol and thanks for stepping out of the shadows! No advice, just wanted to welcome you to the forum, best of luck to the Titans and your ribs!
  2. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome to the forum LJS, glad you joined and thanks for sharing the pictures of your cook! I'm not a huge fan of the reverse sear, but have enjoyed using a sous vide method to get the meat up to the desired temperature before searing. Best of luck finding what works best for you.
  4. Welcome to the Guru! Maybe you can catch us up on your 'greasy cap' problem, if it hasn't been solved already.
  5. Welcome to the forum and congrats on both the new house and Vision Pro S. Lots of folks on this site are using the same grill to turn out really good looking cooks. Best of luck with it!
  6. Welcome to the forum QDman and best of luck with the first cook! The learning curve isn't too steep, I've never heard of anyone that didn't figure it out after watching some online videos.
  7. Welcome to the forum GrampaJax and congratulations on your new Big Joe. Given your experience I doubt it will take you any time at all to master temperature control so you can continue to amaze and delight your friends and family. Best of luck with the grill.
  8. BobE


    Welcome to the forum, happy to have you and your array of cookers with us!
  9. Welcome to the forum and congrat's on your soon to be delivered KJ. I always suggest spatchcock chicken as the first cook. It's fun to do and a forgiving cook as you master temperature control. Best of luck with what ever you decide
  10. Thanks for joining rodny, welcome aboard!
  11. Welcome to the forum, you came to the right place for friendly advice. How much does your cast iron kamado weigh? I second the request for a couple of pictures.
  12. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new KJ Classic. Very nice job on the rib roast, I'll bet it was a big hit!
  13. Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you have a big decision to make. If it comes down to a Big Joe II vs a Classic III, I'd say go big, especially if you expect to cook on it a lot or feed a bunch of people. Whatever you decide you will end up with a very capable cooker that should serve you well for years to come. Best of luck, let us know which one you end up choosing.
  14. Welcome to the forum Big bear, happy you joined. Like you I also cooked on a bullet before getting a KJ, it was very capable cooker but was a PITA to clean, especially the water pan. Best of luck with the rotisserie, hope the first cook with it is a success.
  15. BobE

    New KJ owner

    Welcome to the Guru Rolls. You should be able to get some great advice here on how to keep fat fires from becoming an issue. Hope you enjoy your KJ
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