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  1. BobE

    Hello from New England

    Welcome to the site and enjoy your new Akorn!
  2. BobE

    Rookie from Georgia!

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your new-to-you Vision. I agree with St1brew's and would suggest going hotter, like 600F, if you can get there, and hold it for 20 minute. After closing the vents it will take a while for the grill to cool down and when you finally open it up you should be greeted with lot of fine ash from old grease, and some leftover charcoal. Not only will your grill be clean, but you will have taken a practice run at getting hot enough to make neapolitan pizza!
  3. BobE

    New Kamado owner

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new-to-you Vision. This site has a section devoted to Vision grills, You might want to post your question about shelf replacement options there if you don't get a response here. https://www.kamadoguru.com/forum/32-vision-kamado/
  4. BobE

    Halifax, Nova Scotia is Smoke'n on the KJ

    Welcome aboard SailorDave and congrats on your new KJ!
  5. BobE

    Hello from Cincinnati!

    Welcome to the forum and Happy Wedding Anniversary! You've got a great setup for enjoying your back yard.
  6. BobE

    Greetings from New England

    Welcome and thanks for joining the forum. Looking forward to hearing about your cooks.
  7. BobE

    Getting started

    Welcome to the site Ed and congratulations on the new grill! Lots of videos out there on how the load and start your cooker, follow the one(s) that makes it look simple (because it really is). I adjust the vents on my Kamado like I'd drive a Goodyear Blimp, small tweaks and then wait 5-10 minutes to see what happens. Have fun and enjoy!
  8. BobE

    New kamado user in Oklahoma

    Welcome to the forum. Your going to love the versatility and ease of cleaning of your new grill compared to the WSM. I sold my 15 year old Smokey Mountain 2 weeks after getting a Kamado Joe. I had a lot of fun with the old grill, but the new one beat it in every respect. Best of luck with your new Vision!
  9. BobE

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the overnight brisket cook!
  10. BobE

    Hello from southern tier NY

    Welcome to the forum, grill/smoke 3-4 times a week, sounds like you are going to fit right in! Glad you joined.
  11. BobE

    Beef back ribs

    Looks very good, nice bark and smoke ring! What rub did you use to get the black crust?
  12. BobE

    Newcomer to the Kamado family

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Vision Grill. I would recommend getting a heat deflector and a good wireless thermometer. I've got one of these and it works well: https://www.amazon.com/ThermoPro-TP-08S-Wireless-Thermometer-Grilling/dp/B014DAVHSQ/ref=sr_1_8?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1537221827&sr=1-8&keywords=thermoworks+digital+thermometer First time cooked on my grill was chicken. It's cheap and forgiving, temperature wise, so you can get use to regulating the airflow without killing a great meal. Hope you enjoy your new grill.
  13. BobE

    Joe Jr in PA

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your Joe Jr! Enjoy the first cook.
  14. BobE

    Hello from PA

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy the first cook on your new grill.
  15. BobE

    Take that, Florence

    Play it safe and just use the dome thermometer, otherwise maybe put the base unit in a zip-loc bag or under a plastic container with a rock on it.