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  1. Very nice! Double bonus points for re-purposing palet lumber!
  2. The 'tread' on all four of the casters on my KJC1 have disintegrated. They have a stud that bolts into a welded nut on the stock frame. Does anyone know what size the threaded stud is? I'm assuming it's metric, like the rest of the bolted bits on the grill. I've reached out to KJ customer service, but was hoping someone here would get me a quicker answer. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the forum. Suggest you try posting to the Akorn section for answers to your questions.
  4. Welcome to the forum Scott, good luck with your selection.
  5. BobE

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking grill and a great looking first cook!
  6. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your new KJC1, it should serve you well. Best of luck with your first cook!
  7. Welcome to the Guru Clark, it sounds like your putting you new KJC2 to good use. Happy wife, happy life... sounds like a win win to me.
  8. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the repairs!
  9. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you'll fit right in here.
  10. BobE

    Pork Belly

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the pics, great looking cook!
  11. Welcome to the forum, your new grill has center stage! To reduce smoke try putting the chunks of smoking wood on the bottom and then charcoal on top. When the the grill gets up to temperature the gasses from the wood chunks will pass through the bed of hot coals allowing further combustion.
  12. Welcome to the forum, nice looking cooks!
  13. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your new-to-you grill! No advise on high altitude grilling, living in FL all of my experience is pretty close to sea level.
  14. Welcome to the forum, really like your build. Nicely done!
  15. Welcome to the forum, looks like it's a serviceable grill. Let us know how it works for you.
  16. BobE

    Reversed seared

    Very nice looking cook and welcome to the forum!
  17. Welcome to the forum! When I first started out with mine I would futz with the vents way too much trying to chase the 'perfect' temperature. Now that I've gotten less obsessive about the temperature, I can tell you that after an hour at 225 my KJC1 stays at 225 unless I, 1) open the grill up for a while to do something to the food or 2) adjust the vents. Stay away from the vents, +/- 10-15F isn't going to make a noticeable difference. Best of luck with it!
  18. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the new KJC3
  19. Welcome to the forum Rob, let us know how the pie turns out.
  20. Congratulations on your new KJC2. The Boston Butt is a very forgiving cook, you should do fine. Good luck and welcome aboard!
  21. Welcome to the forum. That's quite the grilling arsenal you've amassed!
  22. BobE

    Big Joe III

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your long wait.
  23. Welcome to the forum Sergio, looks like your putting your Akorn to good use!
  24. Hi Jgrana, welcome to the forum and congrat's on your new BGE, size large! Let us know how the first cook comes out.
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