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  1. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new Kamado Joe! Controlling the temperature will get easier with time. The Kamado is a big hunk of ceramic, when it gets hot it takes a lot of time to bring it back down so start shutting the vents down early, like 30F away from your target temperature. There are some good videos out there that show the technique. Best of luck and enjoy the new grill!
  2. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the KJ Classic III. Pictures of the first cook always appreciated!
  3. Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to get advice. I tend to look at gadgets with a critical eye, some seem to be more of a marketing tool to separate the consumer from their money. Keep the charcoal in the bag you bought it in, light the fire with a couple of alcohol soaked cotton balls stored in a small glass jar, and above all enjoy the experience of low and slow cooking. Best of luck finding the grill that exceeds your expectations!
  4. Welcome to the site and congratulations on the new Keg. Hopefully the cooks that come off the grill will win your wife over!
  5. Welcome to the forum, glad you joined. Can you share a few pictures of your 2007 Vision C? I'm curious and where you store it and how well the grill has held up.
  6. Welcome to the forum and good luck selecting the Kamado that's right for you! CSD recently asked for some advise to help decide between the two grills. Check out some of the responses there, they may help you decide. The good news is both are very good grills.
  7. Welcome to the forum, congratulations on the new grill and good luck on the first cook!
  8. Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the project
  9. Welcome to the forum, glad you came out of the shadows.
  10. Welcome to the forum sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with the new grill.
  11. Welcome to the forum Scott and congratulations on the new grill!
  12. Welcome to the forum CSD, the only reasons I'd go with the Classic over the Big Joe is 1) cost, and 2) if the Big Joe dominates the outdoor kitchen. All that red might be a bit overpowering in a small space. Best of luck and let us know how it turns out!
  13. Great write up and a good looking cooks! Spatchcock chicken was my first cook too, very forgiving and a great way to get acquainted with temperature control on a new grill. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it all looks delicious.
  14. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your retirement and the Kamado Big Joe III. Please post some pictures of the the new grill, it looks like a serious piece of ceramic in the sales procures, and I for one would love to see one in actual use.
  15. Welcome to the forum, lots of good advice to be found here.
  16. Welcome to the forum Davey and congratulations on the new Kamado Joe!
  17. BobE

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    Welcome to the forum Kyle and congratulations on your new grill! Watch some of the excellent videos on how to start the grill and hold constant temperature. I started with chicken because if everything goes right, it tastes great, and if everything goes wrong I didn't loose a bunch of money on poorly cooked meat.
  18. Welcome to the forum, buying a new grill can be a big decision. Here's what I did: There's a section on this forum called "TALK ABOUT YOUR COOKER". Look at the numbers associated with each brand and let that help guide you to a brand of Kamado grills in your price range. Narrow the selection down by reading some comments, paying attention to folks who live in cold area's. Then go buy a grill, fire it up, and enjoy the cooks! Let us know how you make our!
  19. Very nice maiden smoke! Kudos on the photography, hope it tasted as good as they looked
  20. Get the Joe because that's what I did Seriously though, either one will work just fine. I went with simple, functional, low maintenance, and well reviewed. The fact that my grill went on sale when I had extra cash in hand, and it was red, put it over the top.
  21. Welcome to the forum Joe, you've got quite the lineup of grills. I still have my Weber Genesis gas grill but gave up the Smokey Mountain because cleaning it was such a pain. Hope you enjoy the new addition to your cooking arsenal, let us know how it stacks up.
  22. Welcome to the forum, glad you joined! I've had good experience using the top and bottom vents to control temperature so so no recommendation for an ATC. Living in in FL insulates me from the wild MN temperature swings you have to deal with. Let us know what you go with and how it works out.
  23. BobE

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    Agree, start a small fire for a small temp cook. I start off with a full load of charcoal, heat deflectors and grills in place, and then light it with 2 alcohol soaked cotton balls in the center of the ash tray. Upper and lower vents wide open until the dome temp comes up to ~190F, then engage the daisy wheel at 75% and the lower vent to 50% until the dome reads 210F. Next, put the upper and lower to about 10-15% and let the grill stabilize, usually around 220F. After that, let it sit there to get everything heat soaked before putting the meat on. Usually takes 45ish minutes.
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